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772477Things Change1995
AloneThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
Another MadeleineCuckoo Hill2006
Bad For MeThings Change1995
Captain Of IndustryCuckoo Hill2006
CartoonSleep All Day And Other Stories2004
Desert BluesThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
Didn't I Tell YouListen!1981
Dirt Makes Excellent ToothpasteSleep All Day And Other Stories2004
Disremember MeSleep All Day And Other Stories2004
Do Me A FavorListen!1981
Don't Say NoListen!1981
Dreaming In ClassThings Change1995
Everybody Does It In HawaiiThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
FallingWhere To Now1979
Fear Of FlyingWhere To Now1979
Five Minutes LaterCuckoo Hill2006
Hula ValleyWhere To Now1979
I'm Over HereListen!1981
InchwormThings Change1995
Is Everybody HappyThings Change1995
It's Me Who Can't SleepThings Change1995
Kind Of AnimalsThings Change1995
Kiss My InnocenceThings Change1995
Last Night You SaidSleep All Day And Other Stories2004
Learn To CroonThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
Learning To BreatheSleep All Day And Other Stories2004
LeftSleep All Day And Other Stories2004
Like They Do It In AmericaListen!1981
Listen (I Just Want You)Listen!1981
Looking For My Own Lone RangerCuckoo Hill2006
Love In BloomThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
Maximum BobSleep All Day And Other Stories2004
Mr WilliamsCuckoo Hill2006
My Wayward FriendCuckoo Hill2006
OptimistSleep All Day And Other Stories2004
Pickin' Apples O-SweetheartWhere To Now1979
Pilot Of The AirwavesWhere To Now1979
Prairie LullabyeThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
Radio BoogieThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
Refuse To DanceThings Change1995
Roll Along Kentucky MoonThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
Running Out Of HeroesThings Change1995
Sad Old WorldWhere To Now1979
ShoelessCuckoo Hill2006
Sister RevengeListen!1981
Sleep All DaySleep All Day And Other Stories2004
SleeplessWhere To Now1979
Someone OtherCuckoo Hill2006
SweetheartWhere To Now1979
The Object Of My AffectionThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
Things ChangeThings Change1995
Time Goes ByThings Change1995
Treasure UntoldThe Hula Valley Songbook2008
VodkaSleep All Day And Other Stories2004
When Bill Hicks DiedCuckoo Hill2006
When We FallCuckoo Hill2006
Where To NowWhere To Now1979
Wise OwlWhere To Now1979
Wise To The LinesListen!1981
You Should HearListen!1981
Your Lover CalledCuckoo Hill2006

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