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A Body FarmThe Harvest Floor2009
A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating MeatMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
Absolute DestituteDeath Atlas2019
Anthropogenic: End TransmissionDeath Atlas2019
Apex BlasphemyThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
Ave ExitiumThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
Be Still And Our Bleeding HeartsDeath Atlas2019
Bring Back The PlagueDeath Atlas2019
Circo InhumanitasThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)The Anthropocene Extinction2015
Dead Set On SuicideMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
Death AtlasDeath Atlas2019
Do Not ResuscitateMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
Finish ThemDeath Atlas2019
Forced Gender ReassignmentMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
Gristle LickerMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
In AxestacyThe Harvest Floor2009
In The Kingdom Of The Blind, The One-Eyed Are KingsDeath Atlas2019
Into The Public BathThe Harvest Floor2009
Kingdom Of TyrantsMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
LifestalkerMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
Mammals In BabylonThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
Manufactured ExtinctThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
Mutual Assured DestructionThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
Not Suitable For LifeThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
One Day Closer To The End Of The WorldDeath Atlas2019
Pacific GrimThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
PlagueborneThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
Projectile OvulationMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
Regret And The GraveThe Harvest Floor2009
The Burden Of Seven BillionThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
The Carbon StampedeMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
The Gardeners Of EdenThe Harvest Floor2009
The GeocideDeath Atlas2019
The Great DyingDeath Atlas2019
The Great Dying IIDeath Atlas2019
The Harvest FloorThe Harvest Floor2009
The MonolithMonolith Of Inhumanity2012
The Product AliveThe Harvest Floor2009
The Prophets Of LossThe Anthropocene Extinction2015
The Ripe Beneath The RindThe Harvest Floor2009
The Unerasable PastDeath Atlas2019
Time's Cruel CurtainDeath Atlas2019
Tooth Enamel And ConcreteThe Harvest Floor2009
VulturousDeath Atlas2019
We Are Horrible PeopleThe Harvest Floor2009
With All DisrespectDeath Atlas2019
Your DisposalMonolith Of Inhumanity2012

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