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100 I DreamForeigner1973
18th AvenueCatch Bull At Four1972
A Bad Night (Bonus Track)New Masters1967
A Bad PennyBuddha And The Chocolate Box1974
A Bad Penny (live)Saturnight1974
All Kinds Of RosesRoadsinger2009
All Nights, All DaysKing Of A Land2023
AngelseaCatch Bull At Four1972
Another Night In The RainKing Of A Land2023
Another Saturday NightGreatest Hits1975
Another Saturday NightThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Another Saturday Night (live)Saturnight1974
Another Saturday Night (live)Majikat2004
Baby Get Your Head Screwed OnMatthew And Son1967
Bad BrakesBack To Earth1978
Banapple GasNumbers1975
Banapple Gas (live)Majikat2004
Big Boss ManTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
BitterblueTeaser And The Firecat1971
Bitterblue (live)Saturnight1974
Blackness Of The NightNew Masters1967
Blackness Of The NightThe Laughing Apple2017
Bring Another Bottle BabyMatthew And Son1967
But I Might Die TonightTea For The Tillerman1970
But I Might Die Tonight (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
C79 (live)Majikat2004
Can't Keep It InCatch Bull At Four1972
Can't Keep It InGreatest Hits1975
Can't Keep It InThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Cat And the Dog TrapTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
Ceylon CityNew Masters1967
Changes IVTeaser And The Firecat1971
Child For A DayIzitso1977
Come On And DanceMatthew And Son1967
Come On Baby (Shift That Log)New Masters1967
DaytimeBack To Earth1978
Don't Blame ThemThe Laughing Apple2017
Don't Let Me Be MisunderstoodAn Other Cup2006
DoorsTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
Dream OnRoadsinger2009
Dying To LiveTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
Editing Floor BluesTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
Everytime I DreamRoadsinger2009
FatherBack To Earth1978
Father And SonTea For The Tillerman1970
Father And SonGreatest Hits1975
Father And SonThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Father And Son (live)Saturnight1974
Father And Son (live)Majikat2004
Father And Son (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
Fill My EyesMona Bone Jakon1970
Fill My Eyes (live)Majikat2004
Foreigner SuiteForeigner1973
Freezing SteelCatch Bull At Four1972
Ghost TownBuddha And The Chocolate Box1974
Gold DiggerTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
GrandsonsThe Laughing Apple2017
GrannyMatthew And Son1967
Greenfields, Golden SandsAn Other Cup2006
Hard Headed WomanTea For The Tillerman1970
Hard Headed WomanGreatest Hits1975
Hard Headed WomanThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Hard Headed Woman (live)Saturnight1974
Hard Headed Woman (live)Majikat2004
Hard Headed Woman (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
He Is TrueKing Of A Land2023
Heaven - Where True Love GoesAn Other Cup2006
Here Comes My BabyMatthew And Son1967
Here Comes My Wife (Bonus Track)New Masters1967
HighnessKing Of A Land2023
Home In The SkyBuddha And The Chocolate Box1974
How Can I Tell YouTeaser And The Firecat1971
How Can I Tell You (live)Majikat2004
How Good It FeelsKing Of A Land2023
How Many TimesForeigner1973
HummingbirdMatthew And Son1967
I Love My DogMatthew And Son1967
I Love My DogThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
I Love Them AllNew Masters1967
I See A RoadMatthew And Son1967
I Think I See The LightMona Bone Jakon1970
I Think I See The LightAn Other Cup2006
I Was Raised in BabylonTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
I Wish, I WishMona Bone Jakon1970
I'm Gonna Be KingNew Masters1967
I'm So SleepyNew Masters1967
I'm So SleepyThe Laughing Apple2017
I've Found A LoveMatthew And Son1967
If I LaughTeaser And The Firecat1971
Image Of Hell (Bonus Track)New Masters1967
In The EndAn Other Cup2006
Into WhiteTea For The Tillerman1970
Into White (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
It's A Super (Dupa) Life (Bonus Track)New Masters1967
JesusBuddha And The Chocolate Box1974
Just Another NightBack To Earth1978
KatmanduMona Bone Jakon1970
Killin' TimeIzitso1977
King Of A LandKing Of A Land2023
King Of TreesBuddha And The Chocolate Box1974
King Of Trees (live)Saturnight1974
King Of Trees (live)Majikat2004
KittyNew Masters1967
LadyMatthew And Son1967
Lady D' ArbanvbilleThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Lady D'ArbanvilleMona Bone Jakon1970
Lady D'Arbanville (live)Saturnight1974
Lady D'Arbanville (live)Majikat2004
Land O' Free Love And GoodbyeNumbers1975
Last Love SongBack To Earth1978
LilywhiteMona Bone Jakon1970
Longer BoatsTea For The Tillerman1970
Longer Boats (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
Lovely City (Bonus Track)New Masters1967
Majik Of MajiksNumbers1975
Majik Of Majiks (live)Majikat2004
Mary And The Little LambThe Laughing Apple2017
Matthew And SonMatthew And Son1967
Matthew And SonThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Maybe There's A WorldAn Other Cup2006
Maybe You're RightMona Bone Jakon1970
Midday (Avoid City After Dark)An Other Cup2006
Mighty PeaceThe Laughing Apple2017
Miles From NowhereTea For The Tillerman1970
Miles From Nowhere (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
Mona Bone JakonMona Bone Jakon1970
Monad's AnthemNumbers1975
MoonshadowTeaser And The Firecat1971
MoonshadowGreatest Hits1975
MoonshadowThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Moonshadow (live)Majikat2004
MoonstoneNew Masters1967
Morning Has BrokenTeaser And The Firecat1971
Morning Has BrokenGreatest Hits1975
Morning Has BrokenThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
MusicBuddha And The Chocolate Box1974
NascimentoBack To Earth1978
NeverBack To Earth1978
New York TimesBack To Earth1978
Northern WindNew Masters1967
Northern Wind (Death Of Billy The Kid)The Laughing Apple2017
Novim's NightmareNumbers1975
O' CaritasCatch Bull At Four1972
Oh Very YoungBuddha And The Chocolate Box1974
Oh Very YoungGreatest Hits1975
Oh Very YoungThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Oh Very Young (live)Saturnight1974
Oh Very Young (live)Majikat2004
Old School YardThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Old SchoolyardIzitso1977
Olive HillThe Laughing Apple2017
On The Road To Find OutTea For The Tillerman1970
On The Road To Find Out (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
One Day At A TimeAn Other Cup2006
Pagan RunKing Of A Land2023
Peace TrainTeaser And The Firecat1971
Peace TrainGreatest Hits1975
Peace TrainThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Peace Train (live)Saturnight1974
Peace Train (live)Majikat2004
Pop StarMona Bone Jakon1970
Portobello RoadMatthew And Son1967
RandyBack To Earth1978
ReadyBuddha And The Chocolate Box1974
ReadyGreatest Hits1975
RubyloveTeaser And The Firecat1971
RubyloveThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
RuinsCatch Bull At Four1972
Sad LisaTea For The Tillerman1970
Sad LisaThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Sad Lisa (live)Majikat2004
Sad Lisa (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
See What Love Did To MeThe Laughing Apple2017
Silent SunlightCatch Bull At Four1972
SittingCatch Bull At Four1972
SittingGreatest Hits1975
Sitting (live)Saturnight1974
Smash Your HeartNew Masters1967
Son Of MaryKing Of A Land2023
Sun - C79Buddha And The Chocolate Box1974
Sweet JamaicaIzitso1977
Sweet ScarletCatch Bull At Four1972
Take The World ApartKing Of A Land2023
Tea For The TillermanTea For The Tillerman1970
Tea For The Tillerman (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
Tell 'Em I'm GoneTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
The ArtistBack To Earth1978
The BelovedAn Other Cup2006
The Boy Who Knew How To Climb WallsKing Of A Land2023
The Boy With A Moon And Star On His HeadCatch Bull At Four1972
The Devil Came From KansasTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
The First Cut Is The DeepestNew Masters1967
The First Cut Is The DeepestThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
The HurtForeigner1973
The Hurt (live)Majikat2004
The Laughing AppleNew Masters1967
The Laughing AppleThe Laughing Apple2017
The RainRoadsinger2009
The TrampMatthew And Son1967
The View From The Top (Bonus Track)New Masters1967
The WindTeaser And The Firecat1971
The Wind (live)Majikat2004
There Is Peace (Bonus Track)An Other Cup2006
ThingsKing Of A Land2023
Thinkin' Bout YouRoadsinger2009
This Glass WorldRoadsinger2009
TimeMona Bone Jakon1970
To Be A StarIzitso1977
To Be What You MustRoadsinger2009
Train On A HillKing Of A Land2023
TroubleMona Bone Jakon1970
Tuesday's DeadTeaser And The Firecat1971
Tuesday's DeadThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Tuesday's Dead (live)Majikat2004
Two Fine PeopleGreatest Hits1975
Two Fine People (live)Majikat2004
Was Dog A DoughnutIzitso1977
Welcome HomeRoadsinger2009
When Butterflies LeaveAn Other Cup2006
When I Speak To The FlowersMatthew And Son1967
Where Are You (Bonus Track)New Masters1967
Where Do The Childreen PlayThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Where Do The Children PlayTea For The Tillerman1970
Where Do The Children Play (live)Saturnight1974
Where Do The Children Play (live)Majikat2004
Where Do The Children Play (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
Whispers From A Spiritual GardenAn Other Cup2006
Wild WorldTea For The Tillerman1970
Wild WorldGreatest Hits1975
Wild WorldThe Very Best Of Cat Stevens1990
Wild World (live)Saturnight1974
Wild World (live)Majikat2004
Wild World (Version 2020)Tea For The Tillerman 22020
World O' DarknessRoadsinger2009
You Are My SunshineTell 'Em I'm Gone2014
You Can Do (Whatever)The Laughing Apple2017

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