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A Brief HiccupMeathead1995
A Riot On Eastbourne PierRevolution Now1989
A Trip To CornwallThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
Aliens Of The LordMeathead1995
Aliens We Are The AliensMeathead1995
Back To School (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Bare Arm SituationsMeathead1995
Bob's Brown NoseMad Cows And Englishmen1996
Brenda, Pt. 1 + 2Women And Captains First1982
Bruce ForsytheMeathead1995
Business Trip To SaturnMeathead1995
Can You Hear MeMeathead1995
Come On Geoffrey BrownThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
Come On Geoffrey Brown (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Crazy FishMeathead1995
CroydenWomen And Captains First1982
Elephant DungMeathead1995
Eric Clapton's WalletMeathead1995
Exploding Heads And TeapotsRevolution Now1989
Exploding Heads And Teapots (Past Their Prime) (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Festival Radio JinglesMeathead1995
Flip Top WorldMeathead1995
Geoff Loosens His TieThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
Getting To MeThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
Gimme A UniformWomen And Captains First1982
Glad It's All OverThe Power Of Love1983
Glad It's All Over (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Govt. Dirty Tricks Dept. WC1The Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
Green LightRevolution Now1989
Hammond SoloMeathead1995
Happy TalkWomen And Captains First1982
Happy Talk (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Hey Joe (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Holiday In My HeartThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
HomeThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
Honeymoon In AculpulcoMeathead1995
I Get So ExcitedRevolution Now1989
I Love HerThe Power Of Love1983
I Love YouWomen And Captains First1982
I Love YouThe Power Of Love1983
I'm A SpiderThe Power Of Love1983
Interstella Overcoat (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Inventing The WheelMeathead1995
It Would Be So NiceThe Power Of Love1983
It's Hard To Believe I'm NotThe Power Of Love1983
Jet Boy, Jet Girl (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Lib 2 - 3Revolution Now1989
Life Up In The StarsThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
Lookin' At You (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Love Song (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Love ThingMeathead1995
Martha the MouthWomen And Captains First1982
Missing The BoatRevolution Now1989
Monty's RevengeMad Cows And Englishmen1996
Mr. Brown's Exploding WalletMad Cows And Englishmen1996
Mr. FarmerMad Cows And Englishmen1996
Neat Neat Neat (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
NeverlandMad Cows And Englishmen1996
New Rose (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Nice Cup of TeaWomen And Captains First1982
Nobody's SweetheartWomen And Captains First1982
One Hit WonderMad Cows And Englishmen1996
Phone InRevolution Now1989
Plastic ArcadeMeathead1995
Pompous OvertureMeathead1995
Power Of LoveThe Power Of Love1983
Revolution NowRevolution Now1989
Rough JusticeMeathead1995
Royal Rave UpThe Power Of Love1983
S.2Revolution Now1989
Sally Blue ShoesMeathead1995
SecretsThe Power Of Love1983
Sir Donald's SongThe Power Of Love1983
Smash It Up (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Smash It Up (Pt. 4)Revolution Now1989
Smashing The ChainsMad Cows And Englishmen1996
Space ShuttleMeathead1995
Stabilizer JamMeathead1995
Stop The WorldThe Power Of Love1983
Street Of ShameThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
Thanks For The NightThe Power Of Love1983
The Coward Of Treason CoveRevolution Now1989
The Kamikaze MillionaireRevolution Now1989
The Kamikaze Millionaire (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
The Last TrainMeathead1995
The Lottery Love RatMad Cows And Englishmen1996
The Love PolicemanMeathead1995
The Man Who's Gotten EverythingWomen And Captains First1982
The MessageThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
The Snow Queen (Exerpt)Meathead1995
The Stately Homes Of EnglandMad Cows And Englishmen1996
The Toys Take OverRevolution Now1989
The Universe Of Geoffrey BrownThe Universe Of Geoffrey Brown1993
The World Of Matilda FreeMad Cows And Englishmen1996
VoseneRevolution Now1989
Wake Up (You're Only Dreaming)Revolution Now1989
While Wrecking The CarMad Cows And Englishmen1996
Who Is Melody Lee, SidWomen And Captains First1982
WotWomen And Captains First1982
WotMad Cows And Englishmen1996
Wot (live)Live At The Milky Way1993
Yanks With GunsWomen And Captains First1982
Zarbo Nebula Part 1Meathead1995
Zarbo Nebula Part 2Meathead1995
Zarbo Nebula Part 3Meathead1995
Zarbo Nebula Part 4Meathead1995

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