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A Cry From The CryptAncient Dreams1988
A Cup Of Coffin (Outro)Sweet Evil Sun2022
A Sorcerer's PledgeEpicus Doomicus Metallicus1986
A Sorcerer's Pledge (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
A Sorcerer's Pledge (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
A Sorceror's Pledge (live)Live1990
A Tale Of CreationTales Of Creation1989
Abstract SunDactylis Glomerata1998
AftermathChapter VI1992
Ancient DreamsAncient Dreams1988
Ancient Dreams (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Ancient Dreams (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
Angel BattleSweet Evil Sun2022
ApathyDactylis Glomerata1998
Arx - Ng 891From The 13th Sun1999
Assassin Of The LightCandlemass2005
Astorolus (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
Astorolus - The Great OctopusThe Door To Doom2019
At The Gallows EndNightfall1987
At The Gallows End (Bonus Track)King Of The Grey Islands2007
At The Gallows End (live)Live1990
At The Gallows End (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
At The Gallows End (live)Lucifer Rising2008
Bearer Of PainAncient Dreams1988
Bearer Of Pain (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Bewitched (live)Live1990
Bewitched (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Bewitched (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
Black As TimePsalms For The Dead2012
Black ButterflySweet Evil Sun2022
Black CandlesNightfall1987
Black DwarfCandlemass2005
Black Dwarf (live)Lucifer Rising2008
Black EyesChapter VI1992
Black Sabbath MedleyAncient Dreams1988
Black Stone WielderEpicus Doomicus Metallicus1986
Black Stone Wielder (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Black TrinityThe Door To Doom2019
Blumma AptFrom The 13th Sun1999
Born In A TankCandlemass2005
Bridge Of The BlindThe Door To Doom2019
ClearsightKing Of The Grey Islands2007
Clouds Of DementiaDeath Magic Doom2009
Codex GigasNightfall1987
CrucifiedSweet Evil Sun2022
Crystal BallEpicus Doomicus Metallicus1986
Crystal Ball (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Cyclo-FFrom The 13th Sun1999
CylinderDactylis Glomerata1998
Dancing In The TemplePsalms For The Dead2012
Dark Are The Veils Of DeathNightfall1987
Dark Are The Veils Of Death (live)Live1990
Dark Are The Veils Of Death (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Dark Are The Veils Of Death (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
Dark ReflectionsTales Of Creation1989
Dark Reflections (live)Live1990
Dark Reflections (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Dark Reflections (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
Darkness In ParadiseAncient Dreams1988
DawnTales Of Creation1989
Dead AngelDeath Magic Doom2009
Death's WheelThe Door To Doom2019
Demon Of The DeepDeath Magic Doom2009
Demon's Gate (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
Demonia 6King Of The Grey Islands2007
Demons GateEpicus Doomicus Metallicus1986
Demons Gate (live)Live1990
Demons Gate (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Demons Gate (Re-Recorded)Lucifer Rising2008
DestroyerKing Of The Grey Islands2007
Devil SeedKing Of The Grey Islands2007
Devil Seed (live)Lucifer Rising2008
Devil VoodooSweet Evil Sun2022
Doom Jam (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
DroidFrom The 13th Sun1999
DustflowDactylis Glomerata1998
Elephant StarFrom The 13th Sun1999
Embracing The StyxKing Of The Grey Islands2007
Emperor Of The VoidKing Of The Grey Islands2007
Emperor Of The Void (live)Lucifer Rising2008
Epistle No. 81Ancient Dreams1988
GalateaFrom The 13th Sun1999
GoddessSweet Evil Sun2022
Gothic StoneNightfall1987
Hammer Of DoomDeath Magic Doom2009
House Of 1000 VoicesDeath Magic Doom2009
House Of DoomThe Door To Doom2019
I Still See The BlackDactylis Glomerata1998
If I Ever DieDeath Magic Doom2009
Incarnation Of EvilAncient Dreams1988
Into The Unfathomed TowerTales Of Creation1989
Julie Laughs No MoreChapter VI1992
KarthagoDactylis Glomerata1998
Lidocain GodDactylis Glomerata1998
Lucifer RisingLucifer Rising2008
Man Of ShadowsKing Of The Grey Islands2007
Marche FunebreNightfall1987
Mars And Volcanos (Bonus Track)Candlemass2005
Mirror MirrorAncient Dreams1988
Mirror Mirror (live)Live1990
Mirror Mirror (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Mirror Mirror (live)Lucifer Rising2008
Mirror Mirror (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
MolotovDactylis Glomerata1998
Mourner's Lament (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Mourners LamentNightfall1987
My Funeral DreamsDeath Magic Doom2009
MythosFrom The 13th Sun1999
Of Stars And SmokeKing Of The Grey Islands2007
Of Stars And Smoke (live)Lucifer Rising2008
Of The Mad Queen BeePsalms For The Dead2012
PrologueKing Of The Grey Islands2007
ProphetPsalms For The Dead2012
Psalms For The DeadPsalms For The Dead2012
Samarithan (live)Live1990
Samarithan (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Samarithan (live)Lucifer Rising2008
Scandinavian GodsSweet Evil Sun2022
Seven Silver KeysCandlemass2005
Siren SongPsalms For The Dead2012
SolitudeEpicus Doomicus Metallicus1986
Solitude (Bonus Track)King Of The Grey Islands2007
Solitude (live)Live1990
Solitude (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Solitude (live)Lucifer Rising2008
Solitude (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
Somewhere In NowhereTales Of Creation1989
Somewhere In Nowhere (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Splendor Demon MajestyThe Door To Doom2019
Sweet Evil SunSweet Evil Sun2022
TearsTales Of Creation1989
Temple Of The DeadChapter VI1992
The Bells Of AcheronAncient Dreams1988
The Bleeding BaronessDeath Magic Doom2009
The Day And The NightCandlemass2005
The Dying IllusionChapter VI1992
The Ebony ThroneChapter VI1992
The Edge Of HeavenTales Of Creation1989
The End Of PainChapter VI1992
The Killing Of The SunPsalms For The Dead2012
The Lights Of TherePsalms For The Dead2012
The Man Who Fell From The SkyCandlemass2005
The Omega CircleThe Door To Doom2019
The Opal CityKing Of The Grey Islands2007
The ProphecyTales Of Creation1989
The Sound Of Dying DemonsPsalms For The Dead2012
The Well Of SoulsNightfall1987
The Well Of Souls (live)Live1990
The Well Of Souls (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Through The Infinitive Halls Of DeathTales Of Creation1989
Through The Infinitive Halls Of Death (live)Live1990
TotFrom The 13th Sun1999
Under The OakEpicus Doomicus Metallicus1986
Under The OakTales Of Creation1989
Under The Oak (live)Live1990
Under The Oak (live)Doomed For Live - Reunion 20022003
Under The Oak (live)Lucifer Rising2008
Under The Oak (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
Under The OceanThe Door To Doom2019
Voices In The WindTales Of Creation1989
WaterwitchPsalms For The Dead2012
Well Of Souls (Lockdown Session) (live)Green Valley - live2021
When Death SighsSweet Evil Sun2022
Where The Runes Still SpeakChapter VI1992
White GodLucifer Rising2008
WizDactylis Glomerata1998
Wizard Of The VortexSweet Evil Sun2022
ZogFrom The 13th Sun1999

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