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100 SunsThe Opposite From Within2004
24 YearsSay Hello To Tragedy2009
A Piece Of My LifeShadow Hearts2003
A Summer Dream (Caliban)The Split Program II2005
A Summerdream (Caliban)The Split Program2000
About Time And DecisionsVent2001
All I GaveSay Hello To Tragedy2009
Always Following LifeA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Another Cold DayThe Awakening2007
Arena Of ConcealmentA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Arena Of Concealment (Caliban)The Split Program II2005
Army Of MeThe Undying Darkness2006
Ascent Of The BlessedDystopia2022
Assassin To Love (Caliban)The Split Program2000
Ausbruch nach InnenZeitgeister2021
Bad DreamsShadow Hearts2003
Before Later Becomes NeverElements2018
Beloved And The HatredThe Opposite From Within2004
Between The WorldsShadow Hearts2003
Broadcast To DamnationI Am Nemesis2012
Caliban's RevengeSay Hello To Tragedy2009
Carry OnElements2018
CertaintyThe Opposite From Within2004
Chaos - CreationGhost Empire2014
ComaSay Hello To Tragedy2009
Cries And WhispersGhost Empire2014
Crystal SkiesGravity2016
Dark ShadowsShadow Hearts2003
Dark ShadowsElements2018
Darkness I BecameDystopia2022
Davy JonesI Am Nemesis2012
De Rebus Que GreunterA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Deadly DreamI Am Nemesis2012
Dein R3.ichI Am Nemesis2012
Destroy Fascism (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program II2005
DestructionA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Detect Your LibertyShadow Hearts2003
Devil's NightGhost Empire2014
Diary Of An AddictThe Opposite From Within2004
Downfall Of Christ (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program II2005
Edge Of BlackI Am Nemesis2012
End This SicknessSay Hello To Tragedy2009
Erase The EnemyVent2001
Faint Moment Of FortuneA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane (Bonus Track)I Am Nemesis2012
Feuer, zieh mit mirZeitgeister2021
Fire Is My WitnessShadow Hearts2003
Fire Of NightVent2001
For We Are ForeverGravity2016
Forsaken HorizonShadow Hearts2003
Forsaken HorizonElements2018
Give Me A ReasonThe Awakening2007
Good ManGhost Empire2014
GoodbyeThe Opposite From Within2004
Happiness In SlaveryVent2001
I Am FearElements2018
I Am GhostGhost Empire2014
I Am RebellionGhost Empire2014
I BelieveThe Awakening2007
I Rape MyselfThe Undying Darkness2006
I Refuse To Keep On LivingThe Undying Darkness2006
I Will Never Let You DownThe Awakening2007
I'll Show No FearThe Awakening2007
I've Sold MyselfThe Opposite From Within2004
Ich blute für dichElements2018
If This Is A Man (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program II2005
In My HeartA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
In The Eye Of The StormVent2001
In The Name of ProgressionSay Hello To Tragedy2009
Intolerance (Ignorance Ii)A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
IntroA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
IntroThe Undying Darkness2006
Intro (Caliban)The Split Program2000
It's Our Burden To BleedThe Undying Darkness2006
KingGhost Empire2014
Left For DeadGravity2016
Let GoThe Awakening2007
LiarSay Hello To Tragedy2009
Life Is Too ShortThe Awakening2007
Love SongSay Hello To Tragedy2009
Love Taken AwayVent2001
Mein InfernoZeitgeister2021
Mein schwarzes HerzGravity2016
MemorialI Am Nemesis2012
Modern WarfareI Am Nemesis2012
Moment Of ClarityThe Undying Darkness2006
My Fiction BeautyThe Undying Darkness2006
My Last BeautyVent2001
My Little SecretThe Opposite From Within2004
My MadnessElements2018
My Time Has ComeThe Awakening2007
My VertigoGhost Empire2014
nebeLGhost Empire2014
New Kind Of FreedomVent2001
Nichts ist für immerZeitgeister2021
No Dream Without A SacrificeGravity2016
No More 2nd ChancesThe Undying Darkness2006
No One Is SafeSay Hello To Tragedy2009
No One Will Shed A Tear (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program II2005
No Single Inch (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program2000
No TomorrowI Am Nemesis2012
Nothing Is ForeverThe Undying Darkness2006
Nowhere To Run, No Place To HideThe Awakening2007
Nyfaedd Von (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program II2005
One Day (Caliban)The Split Program II2005
One More Lie (Caliban)The Split Program II2005
One More Lie (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program2000
One Of These DaysThe Opposite From Within2004
Open LetterI Am Nemesis2012
OutroA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Outro (Caliban)The Split Program2000
Partisan (Caliban)The Split Program2000
Phantom PainDystopia2022
PollutionA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Rise And FightThe Awakening2007
Room Of NowhereThe Undying Darkness2006
Roots Of PainVent2001
SalvationThe Opposite From Within2004
Scream For The AbyssShadow Hearts2003
Senseless FlightThe Opposite From Within2004
Set Me FreeElements2018
Shout At The Devil (Bonus Track)I Am Nemesis2012
Sick Of Running AwayThe Undying Darkness2006
Skit 1A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Skit IIA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Sleepers AwakeElements2018
Small Boy And A Grey HeavenA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Song About KillingThe Undying Darkness2006
Sonne (Bonus Track)I Am Nemesis2012
Stand UpThe Opposite From Within2004
StigmataThe Opposite From Within2004
Stop RunningThe Awakening2007
Storm Of RageShadow Hearts2003
Suffocated In The Exhaust Of Our Machines (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program2000
Sunday's Words (Caliban)The Split Program2000
Supervision Until DeathA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
Sycamore DreamsVent2001
SylcaA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven1999
The AwakeningThe Awakening2007
The BogeymanI Am Nemesis2012
The Denegation Of HumanitySay Hello To Tragedy2009
The Great UnknownElements2018
The Ocean's HeartGravity2016
The Revenge (Caliban)The Split Program II2005
The Seventh Cross (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program2000
The Seventh SoulShadow Hearts2003
The World Breaks EveryoneDystopia2022
This Is WarElements2018
This OathI Am Nemesis2012
Together AloneThe Undying Darkness2006
Trapped In Time (Bonus Track)The Opposite From Within2004
Trauma (+ Matthi)Zeitgeister2021
Tyranny Of Small MiseryVent2001
Unleash Enlightment (Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program II2005
Unleash Your VoiceSay Hello To Tragedy2009
Vicious CircleShadow Hearts2003
Walk AloneGravity2016
Walk Like The DeadSay Hello To Tragedy2009
We Are The ManyI Am Nemesis2012
Who I AmGravity2016
Who We AreGhost Empire2014
Wolves And RatsGhost Empire2014
yOUR SongGhost Empire2014

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