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Ain't No GoodMotorcade Of Generosity1994
Alpha Beta Parking LotProlonging The Magic1998
Arco ArenaComfort Eagle2001
Bound AwayShowroom Of Compassion2011
Carbon MonoxidePressure Chief2004
ComancheMotorcade Of Generosity1994
Comfort EagleComfort Eagle2001
Commissioning A Symphony In CComfort Eagle2001
Cool Blue ReasonProlonging The Magic1998
DariaFashion Nugget1996
DimePressure Chief2004
Easy To CrashShowroom Of Compassion2011
End Of The MoviePressure Chief2004
Federal FundingShowroom Of Compassion2011
Frank SinatraFashion Nugget1996
Friend Is A Four Letter WordFashion Nugget1996
Go To MoveShowroom Of Compassion2011
GuitarProlonging The Magic1998
Haze Of LoveMotorcade Of Generosity1994
Hem Of Your GarmentProlonging The Magic1998
I Bombed KoreaMotorcade Of Generosity1994
I Will SurviveFashion Nugget1996
Is This LoveMotorcade Of Generosity1994
It's Coming DownFashion Nugget1996
Italian GuyShowroom Of Compassion2011
Italian Leather SofaFashion Nugget1996
Jesus Wrote A Blank CheckMotorcade Of Generosity1994
JoleneMotorcade Of Generosity1994
Let Me GoProlonging The Magic1998
Long Line Of CarsComfort Eagle2001
Long TimeShowroom Of Compassion2011
Love You MadlyComfort Eagle2001
Meanwhile, Rick James...Comfort Eagle2001
MexicoProlonging The Magic1998
Mr. Mastodon FarmMotorcade Of Generosity1994
Mustache Man (Wasted)Showroom Of Compassion2011
Never ThereProlonging The Magic1998
No PhonePressure Chief2004
NuggetFashion Nugget1996
Open BookFashion Nugget1996
Opera SingerComfort Eagle2001
Palm Of Your HandPressure Chief2004
PentagramMotorcade Of Generosity1994
Perhaps, Perhaps, PerhapsFashion Nugget1996
Pretty Pink RibbonComfort Eagle2001
Race Car Ya-YasFashion Nugget1996
Rock'n' Roll LifestyleMotorcade Of Generosity1994
Ruby Sees AllMotorcade Of Generosity1994
Sad Songs And WaltzesFashion Nugget1996
Satan Is My MotorProlonging The Magic1998
Shadow StabbingComfort Eagle2001
She'll Come Back To MeFashion Nugget1996
She'll Hang The BasketsPressure Chief2004
Sheep Go To HeavenProlonging The Magic1998
Short Skirt - Long JacketComfort Eagle2001
Sick Of YouShowroom Of Compassion2011
Stickshifts And SafetybeltsFashion Nugget1996
Take It All AwayPressure Chief2004
Teenage PregnancyShowroom Of Compassion2011
The DistanceFashion Nugget1996
The Federal Funding March (Bonus Track)Showroom Of Compassion2011
The Guitar ManPressure Chief2004
The WinterShowroom Of Compassion2011
Tougher Than It IsPressure Chief2004
Up So CloseMotorcade Of Generosity1994
WaitingPressure Chief2004
Walk On ByProlonging The Magic1998
What's Now Is NowShowroom Of Compassion2011
WheelsPressure Chief2004
When You SleepProlonging The Magic1998
Where Would I BeProlonging The Magic1998
World Of TwoComfort Eagle2001
You Part The WatersMotorcade Of Generosity1994
You Turn The ScrewsProlonging The Magic1998

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