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39 - Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
AaronFuria (Soundtrack)2000
All The Way From MemphisAnother World1998
Amazing GraceGolden Days2017
Another WorldAnother World1998
ApparitionFuria (Soundtrack)2000
ArrestFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Back To The LightBack To The Light1992
Blues BreakerStar Fleet Project (EP)1983
Born FreeGolden Days2017
BusinessAnother World1998
Can't Help Falling In LoveGolden Days2017
China BelleAnother World1998
CyborgAnother World1998
DinerFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Dream Of TheeFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Driven By YouBack To The Light1992
Driven By You (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
EscapeFuria (Soundtrack)2000
F.B.IAnother World1998
Father And SonFuria (Soundtrack)2000
FireFuria (Soundtrack)2000
First GlanceFuria (Soundtrack)2000
First KissFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Furia Theme - Opening TitlesFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Go OnFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Golden DaysGolden Days2017
Guitar Extravagance (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
GunFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Hammer To Fall (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
Headlong (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
Hot PatootieAnother World1998
I Who Have NothingGolden Days2017
I'm ScaredBack To The Light1992
If I Loved YouGolden Days2017
It's Gonna Be All Right (The Panic Attack Song)Golden Days2017
Just One LifeBack To The Light1992
KillingFuria (Soundtrack)2000
LandscapeFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Last HorizonBack To The Light1992
Last Horizon (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
Let Me OutStar Fleet Project (EP)1983
Let Your Heart Rule Your HeadBack To The Light1992
Love In A RainbowGolden Days2017
Love Of My Life (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
Love TokeBack To The Light1992
Love Token (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
Nothin' But BlueBack To The Light1992
Now I'm Here (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
On My Way UpAnother World1998
One Rainy WishAnother World1998
One VoiceGolden Days2017
Parisienne WalkwaysGolden Days2017
PhoneFuria (Soundtrack)2000
PursuitFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Reggae: Bird In HandFuria (Soundtrack)2000
ResurrectionBack To The Light1992
Resurrection (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
Roll With YouGolden Days2017
Rollin' OverBack To The Light1992
Since You've Been Gone (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
Slow DownAnother World1998
SpaceAnother World1998
Star FleetStar Fleet Project (EP)1983
StormFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Story Of A HeartGolden Days2017
Tango: Cuesta AbajoFuria (Soundtrack)2000
The DarkBack To The Light1992
The Dark - Back To The Light (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
The Guv'norAnother World1998
The Kissing Me SongGolden Days2017
The MeetingFuria (Soundtrack)2000
Tie Your Mother Down (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
Too Much Love Will Kill YouBack To The Light1992
Too Much Love Will Kill You (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
We Will Rock You (live)Live At The Brixton Academy1993
Why Don't We Try AgainAnother World1998
WildernessAnother World1998

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