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A Different PlaceWilderness2008
ActorsBlack Rainbows2011
Ashes Of UsSlow Attack2009
Back To You (feat. Emmanuelle Seigner)Wilderness2008
Brittle HeartBlack Rainbows2011
Chinese WhispersWilderness2008
Colour Of The NightBrett Anderson2007
Crash About To HappenBlack Rainbows2011
Dust And RainBrett Anderson2007
EbonyBrett Anderson2007
Frozen RoadsSlow Attack2009
Funeral MantraWilderness2008
HymnSlow Attack2009
I Count The TimesBlack Rainbows2011
In The House Of NumbersBlack Rainbows2011
IntimacyBrett Anderson2007
Julian's EyesSlow Attack2009
Knife EdgeWilderness2008
Leave Me SleepingSlow Attack2009
Love Is DeadBrett Anderson2007
One Lazy MorningBrett Anderson2007
P. MariusWilderness2008
PossessionBlack Rainbows2011
Pretty WidowsSlow Attack2009
Scarecrows And LilacsSlow Attack2009
Scorpio RisingBrett Anderson2007
Song For My FatherBrett Anderson2007
SummerSlow Attack2009
The EmpressWilderness2008
The ExilesBlack Rainbows2011
The HuntedSlow Attack2009
The Infinite KissBrett Anderson2007
The More We Possess The Less We Own Of OurselvesBrett Anderson2007
The SwansSlow Attack2009
Thin Men DancingBlack Rainbows2011
This Must Be Where It EndsBlack Rainbows2011
To The WinterBrett Anderson2007
UnsungBlack Rainbows2011
WheatfieldsSlow Attack2009

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