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1001 NachtFreudenfeuer1996
21 Guns Salute (Goes Boom)Glorious2015
Ain't Got No WomanBad Widow1983
All We GotKnock Out1991
Alt wie ein BaumLegends2018
American NightsFire Works1987
American NightsThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
American Nights (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
American Nights (live)Live... The Best1993
American Nights (live)Live Over Europe2002
American Nights (live)One Acoustic Night2005
American Nights (live)Double X Vision2007
American Nights (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
American Nights (live)Live In Wacken2013
American Nights (Version 2015)Glorious2015
American Nights (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Anytime You CryStrike Ten2001
Back To YouFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Back To YouThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Bad WidowBad Widow1983
Bad Widow (live)Bad Widow1983
Bandit Of LoveFuel To The Flames1999
Bang Down The DoorPoint Blank1989
Bang Down The Door (live)Live Over Europe2002
Bang Down The Door (live)Double X Vision2007
Bang Down The Floor (live)Live... The Best1993
Because It's Christmas TimeThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Before We Say Good ByeYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Before We Say GoodbyeRebel Soul1997
Bells Of FreedomThe Räuber2008
Bells Of Freedom (live)Live In Wacken2013
Berlin GirlsCacumen1981
Bet Your Bottom DollarDouble X2006
Better DaysBranded2011
Bis wir uns wiedersehenFreudenfeuer1996
Black MasqueradeLegends2018
Black NightThe Räuber2008
Black Night (live)Live In Wacken2013
Blink Of An EyeDouble X2006
Blink Of An EyeYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Blink Of An Eye (Extended Version)Double X2006
Blut und TodtThe Räuber2008
Break Down The WallsFuel To The Flames1999
Breaking OutFistful Of Fire2020
Broken ManBad Widow1983
Burning HeartLegends2018
But We Still RockDouble X2006
But We Still Rock (live)Double X Vision2007
Byte The BulletByte The Bullet2017
Can't Break AwayGlorious2015
Can't Stop Rockin (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Can't Stop Rockin'Fuel To The Flames1999
Can't WaitFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Caught In The GameLegends2018
ChampionFire Works1987
Champion (live)Live... The Best1993
Champion (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Champion (live)Live In Wacken2013
Charlie und LouiseYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Child In TimeLegends2018
Close To The EdgeBranded2011
Cold DaysFire Works1987
Cold DaysHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Comin' HomeTemple Of Lies2018
Comin' Home (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Comin' Home (Extended Acoustic Version)Temple Of Lies2018
Crazy Over YouTemple Of Lies2018
Cry For HelpDouble X2006
Damn YouThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Damn YouStrike Ten2001
Day 911Double X2006
Day 911 (live)Double X Vision2007
Daytona NightsFuel To The Flames1999
Daytona NightsThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Daytona Nights (live)Live Over Europe2002
Deadly ContradictionBranded2011
Death Alley DriverLegends2018
DesireRebel Soul1997
Diamonds In The RoughStrike Ten2001
Diamonds In The Rough (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Dirty LoveKnock Out1991
DixieRebel Soul1997
Do Or DieBranded2011
Do You Still Love MeThe Räuber2008
Doctor DoctorLegends2018
Domo ArigatoYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Don't Get Me Wrong (live)Live... The Best1993
Don't Get Me Wrong (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Don't Go Changin' Me (live)Live Over Europe2002
Don't Go Changing MeFuel To The Flames1999
Don't Go Changing Me (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Don't Touch The LightDon't Touch The Light1986
Don't Touch The LightHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Don't Touch The Light (live)Live Over Europe2002
Don't Touch The Light (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Don't Touch The Light (live)Double X Vision2007
Dont't Get Me WrongFire Works1987
Down And OutKnock Out1991
Down To AtlantaThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Down To AtlantaStrike Ten2001
Down To Atlanta (live)Live Over Europe2002
Down To Atlanta (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Down To HellDown To Hell1984
Dr. LoveLegends2018
Drum-Solo (live)Live In Wacken2013
Easy Come, Easy GoFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Eye Of The TigerLegends2018
Eyes Of A StrangerLegends2018
Fallin' Outta LoveGlorious2015
FantasyFire Works1987
FantasyHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Fantasy (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Fantasy (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Feed The Fire (Like The Bonfire)Temple Of Lies2018
Feel?s Like Comin? Home (Piano Version)You Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Feels Like Comin' HomeFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Feels Like Comin' HomeHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Feels Like Comin' Home (Piano Version)Feels Like Comin' Home1996
Feels Like Comin? HomeYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Fight For LoveKnock Out1991
Fight For LoveHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Fire And IceFistful Of Fire2020
Fire EtudeFistful Of Fire2020
Fistful Of FireFistful Of Fire2020
Fly AwayTemple Of Lies2018
Free (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Free Wind DesperadoGlorious2015
Freedom Is My BeliefPoint Blank1989
Frei wie die GeierLegends2018
FriedensreichByte The Bullet2017
Friedensreich II - The Return Of The Zünsler Into The T.O.L.Temple Of Lies2018
FriendsDon't Touch The Light1986
FriendsYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Friends (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Für DichFreudenfeuer1996
Games Of LonelynessBad Widow1983
Geld macht sexyFreudenfeuer1996
Gimme SomePoint Blank1989
Give A Little (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Give A Little LoveFree2003
Give It A TryFire Works1987
Give It A TryHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Give It A TryThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Give It A TryYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Give It A Try (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Give It A Try (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Give It A Try (live)Double X Vision2007
Give It A Try (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Give It A Try (Version 2016)Pearls2016
GlorylandFistful Of Fire2020
Good Night AmandaYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Good Night Amanda (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Good Or BadRebel Soul1997
Good Time Rock 'n' Roll (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Good Time Rock'n' RollStrike Ten2001
Good Time Rock'n' Roll (live)Live Over Europe2002
Goodnight AmandaFuel To The Flames1999
Goodnight AmandaThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Goodnight Amanda (live)Live Over Europe2002
Gotta Get AwayFistful Of Fire2020
Hard On MePoint Blank1989
Hard On MeThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Hard On Me (live)Live... The Best1993
Hard On Me (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Hard On Me (live)Double X Vision2007
Hard To SayDouble X2006
Hearts Bleed Their Own BloodRebel Soul1997
Hearts Bleed Their Own BloodYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Heat In The GlowFuel To The Flames1999
Heat In The GlowThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Heat In The Glow (live)Live Over Europe2002
Heat In The Glow (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Heavy Metal BreakdownLegends2018
Highway To Your DreamsFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Hip Hip HurrayThe Räuber2008
Hip Hip Hurray (The Räuber Song)The Räuber2008
Hold Me NowBranded2011
Hold Me Now 2013 (live)Live In Wacken2013
Hold the LineLegends2018
Hold YouKnock Out1991
Home BabeKnock Out1991
Hot CherieLegends2018
Hot To RockDon't Touch The Light1986
Hot To Rock (live)Live Over Europe2002
Hot To Rock (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Hot To Rock (live)Double X Vision2007
I Don't Want YouFeels Like Comin' Home1996
I Don?t Want YouYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
I Need YouThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
I Need YouStrike Ten2001
I Need YouYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
I Need YouBranded2011
I Need You (live)One Acoustic Night2005
I Need You (Version 2016)Pearls2016
I Still Need YouDown To Hell1984
I SurrenderLegends2018
I Wanna Be LovedLegends2018
I Would Do Anything 4 UFree2003
I'd Love You To Want MeFeels Like Comin' Home1996
I'll Never Be Loved By YouTemple Of Lies2018
I'm Gonna Make It (live)Down To Hell1984
I'm Gonna Make It SomedayBad Widow1983
I'm On My Way (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
I?d Love You To Want MeYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
If It Wasn't For YouFuel To The Flames1999
If It Wasn't For You (Version 2016)Pearls2016
If It Wasn?t For YouYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
In Zaire (live)Live In Wacken2013
InstruMetalByte The Bullet2017
IntroDon't Touch The Light1986
It Must Be You (live)Down To Hell1984
Jet City WomanLegends2018
Jungle CallPoint Blank1989
Just Follow The RainbowBranded2011
Just Follow The Rainbow (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Just To Say We DidRebel Soul1997
King Of DreamsLegends2018
Know Right NowPoint Blank1989
Know Right Now (live)Live... The Best1993
Komm herFreudenfeuer1996
Komm herYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
L.A.Don't Touch The Light1986
Laß die Toten schlafenThe Räuber2008
Lay Your Heart On The LineRebel Soul1997
Let It GrowBranded2011
Let It Grow (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Let Me Be Your WaterThe Räuber2008
Let Me Be Your WaterYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Let Me Be Your Water (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Let Me Be Your Water (live)Live In Wacken2013
Let's Fly Away (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Life After LoveFuel To The Flames1999
Lights OutLegends2018
Loaded Gun (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Locomotive BreathByte The Bullet2017
Lonely NightsByte The Bullet2017
Lonely Nights (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Long WayCacumen1981
Longing For YouDown To Hell1984
Longing For YouDon't Touch The Light1986
Look Of LovePoint Blank1989
Look Of LoveHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Look Of Love (live)Live... The Best1993
Looser's LaneBranded2011
Love Can Conquer AllFree2003
Love Don't LieThe Räuber2008
Love Don't LieLegends2018
Love Don't Lie (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Love Don?t LieYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Love Don?t Lie (Acoustic Mix)You Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Love The Way You Hate MeTemple Of Lies2018
Magic SpellCacumen1981
MamaFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Man On The Silver MountainLegends2018
MinestronePoint Blank1989
Never MindFire Works1987
Never Mind (live)Double X Vision2007
Never Mind (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Never Mind (live)Live In Wacken2013
Never SurrenderPoint Blank1989
Night To RockDown To Hell1984
No MoreDown To Hell1984
No MoreDon't Touch The Light1986
No More (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
No Reason To FightCacumen1981
Noch 'n BierFreudenfeuer1996
Nothin' At AllGlorious2015
Notion Of LoveDouble X2006
Obsessive Introduction (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Obsessive Prelude (live)Live In Wacken2013
Ode An Die FreudeFuel To The Flames1999
On And OnFree2003
On The RocksCacumen1981
On The Rocks (Demo)Cacumen1981
On The Wings Of An AngelTemple Of Lies2018
One Night LoverBad Widow1983
Our Hearts Don't Feel the SameRoots2021
Patrik's Groove (live)Live... The Best1993
Piece Of My HeartRoots2021
Power TrainByte The Bullet2017
Praying 4 A MiracleByte The Bullet2017
Preachers And WhoresFree2003
Proud Of My CountryFuel To The Flames1999
Proud Of My CountryThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Proud Of My Country (Acoustic Version)You Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Proud Of My Country (live)Live Over Europe2002
Proud Of My Country (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Proud Of My Country (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Put Out The FlamesGlorious2015
Queen Of The TownCacumen1981
Rady 4 Reaction (live)Double X Vision2007
Rap Is CrapDouble X2006
Reach For The SkyByte The Bullet2017
Ready 4 ReactionFire Works1987
Ready 4 ReactionThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Ready 4 Reaction (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Ready 4 Reaction (live)Live... The Best1993
Ready 4 Reaction (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Ready For Reaction (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Ready4reaction (live)Live In Wacken2013
Rebel PrideFuel To The Flames1999
Refugee Of FateThe Räuber2008
Rescue MeBad Widow1983
Revelation DayStrike Ten2001
Ride The BladeFistful Of Fire2020
Riding AwayCacumen1981
Riding Away (Single 1979)Cacumen1981
Right NowFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Right NowYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Right Things RightDouble X2006
Rivers Of GloryKnock Out1991
Rivers Of GloryHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Rivers Of GloryYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Rivers Of GloryBranded2011
Rock BottomLegends2018
Rock Me 'til I DieRebel Soul1997
Rock Me NowFire Works1987
Rock Me Now (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Rock'n' Roll CowboyFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Rock'n' Roll CowboyHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Rock'n' Roll CowboyThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Rock'n' Roll Cowboy (deutsch)Freudenfeuer1996
Rock'n' Roll Cowboy (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Rock'n' Roll Star (Born To Rock)Free2003
Rock'n'roll SurvivorsFistful Of Fire2020
Rock?n? Roll CowboyYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Rock?n? Roll CowboyYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Rock?n? Roll Cowboy (Spanish Version)You Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
S.D.I. (live)Live In Wacken2013
Save MeBranded2011
Save Up All Your TearsLegends2018
SayFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Say GoodbyePoint Blank1989
SDIDon't Touch The Light1986
SDIHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
SDIThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
SDI (live)Live... The Best1993
SDI (live)One Acoustic Night2005
September On My MindFree2003
Shake DownKnock Out1991
Shooting StarGlorious2015
Silent LucidityLegends2018
Sleeping All AloneFire Works1987
Sleeping All AloneHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Sleeping All AloneThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Sleeping All Alone (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Sleeping All Alone (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
So WhatDouble X2006
Some Kinda EvilByte The Bullet2017
Somebody's WaitingRebel Soul1997
Song For Asia (Rock'n' Roll Cowboy '05) (englische Version)One Acoustic Night2005
Song For Asia (Rock'n' Roll Cowboy '05) (englische Version)One Acoustic Night2005
Song For Asia (Rock'n' Roll Cowboy '05) (spanische Version)One Acoustic Night2005
Southern WindsStrike Ten2001
Southern WindsYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Southern Winds (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Stand Or FallTemple Of Lies2018
Stand Up 4 RockByte The Bullet2017
Starey EyesDown To Hell1984
Starin' EyesDon't Touch The Light1986
Starin' Eyes (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Stone ColdLegends2018
Streets Of FreedomKnock Out1991
Strike BackThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Strike BackStrike Ten2001
Strike Back (live)Live Over Europe2002
Strike Back (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Strong DesireBad Widow1983
Supernatural DisguiseGlorious2015
Sweet Home AlabamaFuel To The Flames1999
Sweet Home AlabamaThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Sweet Home Alabama (live)Live Over Europe2002
Sweet Home Alabama (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Sweet Home Alabama (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Sweet ObsessionFire Works1987
Sweet ObsessionHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Sweet ObsessionThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Sweet ObsessionByte The Bullet2017
Sweet Obsession (live)Live... The Best1993
Sweet Obsession (live)Live Over Europe2002
Sweet Obsession (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Sweet Obsession (live)Double X Vision2007
Sweet Obsession (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Sweet Obsession (live)Live In Wacken2013
Sweet Obsession (Version 2015)Glorious2015
Sweet Obsession (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Sweet SurrenderByte The Bullet2017
Sword And StoneThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Sword And Stone (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
Sword And Stone (live)Live In Wacken2013
Take Me By The HandThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Take My Heart And RunKnock Out1991
Take My Heart And RunHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Tears In The RainLegends2018
Thank You (live)Live In Wacken2013
The Day BeforeDown To Hell1984
The Devil Made Me Do ItFistful Of Fire2020
The Devil Made Me Do It (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
The First Cut Is The DeepestRebel Soul1997
The First Cut Is The DeepestYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
The First TimeLegends2018
The Good Die YoungThe Räuber2008
The JokerFistful Of Fire2020
The Price Of Loving YouPoint Blank1989
The Price Of Loving You (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
The StrokeKnock Out1991
The StrokeHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
The StrokeThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
The Stroke (live)Live In Wacken2013
The SurgeFistful Of Fire2020
Thumbs Up For EuropeFuel To The Flames1999
TimeThe Räuber2008
TonightBad Widow1983
TonmeisterKnock Out1991
Tony's RoulettePoint Blank1989
Tony's RouletteThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Tony's Roulette (live)Double X Vision2007
Too Far From HeavenByte The Bullet2017
Too Much HollywoodThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Too Much HollywoodStrike Ten2001
Too Old To RockBad Widow1983
Under Blue SkiesThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Under Blue SkiesStrike Ten2001
Under Blue Skies (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Under Blue Skies (live)Live Over Europe2002
Under Blue Skies (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Under Blue Skies (live)Double X Vision2007
Under Blue Skies (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Until The Last GoodbyeThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Until The Last GoodbyeStrike Ten2001
Until The Last Goodbye (live)Live Over Europe2002
Verdammt was will ichFreudenfeuer1996
Verdammt was will ichYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Wach aufFreudenfeuer1996
Wake UpRebel Soul1997
Wake Up (live)Live In Wacken2013
WarriorFistful Of Fire2020
Waste No TimePoint Blank1989
Waste No Time (live)Live... The Best1993
What About LoveFree2003
What About Love (live)One Acoustic Night2005
What's On Your MindDouble X2006
When An Old Man CriesFistful Of Fire2020
When An Old Man Cries (Acoustic Version)Fistful Of Fire2020
When An Old Man Cries (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Whenever You CryFeels Like Comin' Home1996
Who's Foolin' WhoPoint Blank1989
Who's Foolin' WhoHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Who's Foolin' WhoThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Who's Foolin' Who (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Who's Foolin' Who (live)Live... The Best1993
Who's Foolin' Who (live)Live Over Europe2002
Who's Foolin' Who (live)One Acoustic Night2005
Who's Foolin' Who (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Who?s Foolin? WhoYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Why Is It Never EnoughPoint Blank1989
Why Is It Never EnoughHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
Why Is It Never EnoughYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
Why Is It Never Enough (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
Why Is It Never Enough (Version 2016)Pearls2016
Wild DixieRebel Soul1997
Wild DixieThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
Wings To FlyDouble X2006
With A Little Help From My FriendsGlorious2015
Without YouByte The Bullet2017
Without You (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
WomanDown To Hell1984
You Are AllFeels Like Comin' Home1996
You Are AllYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
You Are My DestinyBad Widow1983
You Are NearCacumen1981
You Make Me FeelDon't Touch The Light1986
You Make Me FeelHot And Slow - The Best Of The Ballads1997
You Make Me FeelThe Very Best Of Bonfire2001
You Make Me FeelYou Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
You Make Me Feel (Almost Unplugged)Roots2021
You Make Me Feel (live)Live... The Best1993
You Make Me Feel (live)One Acoustic Night2005
You Make Me Feel (live)Fireworks... Still Alive!!!2011
You Make Me Feel (New Version 2008)You Make Me Feel - The Ballads2009
You Make Me Feel (Version 2016)Pearls2016
You'll Be AlrightRebel Soul1997
You're BackPoint Blank1989
You're Back (live)Live... The Best1993
Your Love Is Heaven To MeRoots2021
Youth Patrol (20th Century)Point Blank1989
Youth Patrol (20th Century) (live)Live... The Best1993

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