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A Beautiful Night For LoveLegends1999
Against The WindMiddle Earth2001
Beautiful MindSpirit Of Man2006
Blinded By A LieSpirit Of Man2006
Carpe DiemLegends1999
Children Of The CircleWhen Empires Burn2003
City WallsMiddle Earth2001
Deep WinterThe Tower1998
Deep Winter (live)Live At The Gods1999
Dreamers UniteThe Immortal2008
DreamsThe Tower1998
Dreams (live)Live At The Gods1999
EmissaryMiddle Earth2001
End Of The StorySpirit Of Man2006
End Of The WorldThe Immortal2008
EpilogueThe Tower1998
Every Beat Of My HeartWhen Empires Burn2003
Far AwayThe Tower1998
Far Away (live)Live At The Gods1999
Fear Of The DarkThe Tower1998
Fear Of The Dark (live)Live At The Gods1999
Fire And IceThe Tower1998
Fire And Ice (live)Live At The Gods1999
Gonna Live ForeverWhen Empires Burn2003
HauntedThe Immortal2008
Heart Of StoneSpirit Of Man2006
Heat Of PassionThe Immortal2008
Heaven Can Wait (Bonus Track)When Empires Burn2003
I'll Be Your FoolWhen Empires Burn2003
In The Name Of The CauseSpirit Of Man2006
Judgement DaySpirit Of Man2006
Just Like An Arrow (live)Live At The Gods1999
Last Snows Of WinterSpirit Of Man2006
Light Up My WayThe Immortal2008
Lonely Night (live)Live At The Gods1999
Lost To The NightSpirit Of Man2006
MadrigalThe Tower1998
Meaning Of LoveWhen Empires Burn2003
Moment Of TruthSpirit Of Man2006
My AmericaWhen Empires Burn2003
On A Storyteller's Night (live)Live At The Gods1999
One More NightThe Immortal2008
Open Your EyesThe Immortal2008
Return Of The Mountain KingMiddle Earth2001
ScreamThe Tower1998
Scream (live)Live At The Gods1999
Shelter From The NightLegends1999
Someday UtopiaWhen Empires Burn2003
Spirit Of ManSpirit Of Man2006
SteelThe Tower1998
Stormcrow And PilgrimMiddle Earth2001
Tender Is The NightLegends1999
The End Of Summer (Galadriel's Theme)Middle Earth2001
The FellowshipMiddle Earth2001
The Fields That I RecallMiddle Earth2001
The Fields That I Recall (Reprise)Middle Earth2001
The Fire Within MeSpirit Of Man2006
The LightLegends1999
The PainLegends1999
The ProphecyWhen Empires Burn2003
The SearcherThe Immortal2008
The TormentWhen Empires Burn2003
The TowerThe Tower1998
The Tower (live)Live At The Gods1999
The Wraith Of The RingsMiddle Earth2001
This Gallant Band Of Manic StrangersMiddle Earth2001
This Is The DayWhen Empires Burn2003
Too LateLegends1999
Walk On WaterSpirit Of Man2006
War In HeavenThe Immortal2008
We Are ImmortalThe Immortal2008
When Empires BurnWhen Empires Burn2003
When The Earth Lies Still (Demo) (Bonus Track)When Empires Burn2003
Where The Heart IsLegends1999
Where You Lead I'll FollowMiddle Earth2001
Where You Lead I'll Follow (Reprise)Middle Earth2001
Win The ThroneThe Immortal2008
You Are My StarThe Immortal2008

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