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AdvertModern Life Is Rubbish1993
AdvertMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Advert (live)Parklive2012
AmbulanceThink Tank2003
AvalonThe Ballad Of Darren2023
Bad DayLeisure1991
Bad HeadMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Bank HolidayParklife1994
BarbaricThe Ballad Of Darren2023
Battery In Your LegThink Tank2003
Battery In Your LegMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
BeetlebumBest Of2000
BeetlebumMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Beetlebum (live)Parklive2012
Beetlebum (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
Best DaysThe Great Escape1995
Blue JeansModern Life Is Rubbish1993
Blue JeansMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Brothers And SistersThink Tank2003
BugmanMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Caramel (live)Parklive2012
CaravanThink Tank2003
Charmless ManThe Great Escape1995
Charmless ManBest Of2000
Charmless Man (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
Chemical WorldModern Life Is Rubbish1993
Chemical WorldMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Chinese BombsBlur1997
Clover Over DoverParklife1994
Coffee And TV131999
Coffee And TVBest Of2000
Coffee And TVMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Coffee And TV (live)Parklive2012
Colin ZealModern Life Is Rubbish1993
Colin Zeal (live)Parklive2012
Come TogetherLeisure1991
Commercial BreakModern Life Is Rubbish1993
CopingModern Life Is Rubbish1993
Country HouseThe Great Escape1995
Country HouseBest Of2000
Country House (live)Parklive2012
Country Sad Ballad ManBlur1997
Crazy BeatThink Tank2003
Dan AbnormalThe Great Escape1995
Death Of A PartyBlur1997
Death Of A PartyMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
End Of A CenturyParklife1994
End Of A CenturyBest Of2000
End Of A Century (live)Parklive2012
End Of A Century (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
Entertain MeThe Great Escape1995
Ernold SameThe Great Escape1995
Fade AwayThe Great Escape1995
Far Away IslandThe Ballad Of Darren2023
Far OutParklife1994
For TomorrowModern Life Is Rubbish1993
For TomorrowBest Of2000
For TomorrowMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
For Tomorrow (live)Parklive2012
Gene By GeneThink Tank2003
Ghost ShipThe Magic Whip2015
Girls And BoysParklife1994
Girls And BoysBest Of2000
Girls And BoysMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Girls And Boys (live)Parklive2012
Girls And Boys (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
Globe AloneThe Great Escape1995
Go OutThe Magic Whip2015
Good SongThink Tank2003
Good SongMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Goodbye AlbertThe Ballad Of Darren2023
He Thought Of CarsThe Great Escape1995
He Thought Of CarsMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
High CoolLeisure1991
I BroadcastThe Magic Whip2015
I'm Just A Killer For Your LoveBlur1997
Ice Cream ManThe Magic Whip2015
IntermissionModern Life Is Rubbish1993
It Could Be YouThe Great Escape1995
JetsThink Tank2003
Jubilee (live)Parklive2012
London LovesParklife1994
London Loves (live)Parklive2012
Lonesome StreetThe Magic Whip2015
Look Inside AmericaBlur1997
Lot 105Parklife1994
M.O.R. (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
Magic AmericaParklife1994
Me, White Noise (Hidden Track)Think Tank2003
Mellow Song131999
MirrorballThe Magic Whip2015
Miss AmericaModern Life Is Rubbish1993
Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls ClubThink Tank2003
Movin' OnBlur1997
Mr. Robinson's QuangoThe Great Escape1995
Music Is My RadarBest Of2000
My Terracotta HeartThe Magic Whip2015
New World TowersThe Magic Whip2015
No Distance Left To Run131999
No Distance Left To RunBest Of2000
No Distance Left to Run (live)Parklive2012
No Distance Left To Run (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
Oily WaterModern Life Is Rubbish1993
On The Way To The ClubThink Tank2003
On Your OwnBlur1997
On Your OwnBest Of2000
Ong OngThe Magic Whip2015
Optigan 1131999
Out Of TimeThink Tank2003
Out Of TimeMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Out Of Time (live)Parklive2012
ParklifeBest Of2000
ParklifeMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Parklife (feat. Phil Daniels) (live)Parklive2012
PopsceneMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Popscene (live)Parklive2012
Pressure On JulianModern Life Is Rubbish1993
PyongyangThe Magic Whip2015
ResignedModern Life Is Rubbish1993
Russian StringsThe Ballad Of Darren2023
She's So HighLeisure1991
She's So HighBest Of2000
She's So HighMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
She's So High (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
SingMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Sing (live)Parklive2012
Slow DownLeisure1991
Song 2Blur1997
Song 2Best Of2000
Song 2Midlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Song 2 (live)Parklive2012
St. Charles SquareThe Ballad Of Darren2023
Star ShapedModern Life Is Rubbish1993
StereotypesThe Great Escape1995
StereotypesMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Stereotypes (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
Strange News From Another StarBlur1997
Strange News From Another StarMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Sunday SundayModern Life Is Rubbish1993
Sunday Sunday (live)Parklive2012
Swamp Song131999
Sweet SongThink Tank2003
TenderBest Of2000
TenderMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Tender (live)Parklive2012
Tender (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
The Debt CollectorParklife1994
The Everglades (For Leonard)The Ballad Of Darren2023
The HeightsThe Ballad Of Darren2023
The NarcissistThe Ballad Of Darren2023
The UniversalThe Great Escape1995
The UniversalBest Of2000
The UniversalMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
The Universal (Live)Parklive2012
Theme From RetroBlur1997
There Are Too Many Of UsThe Magic Whip2015
There's No Other WayLeisure1991
There's No Other WayBest Of2000
This Is A LowParklife1994
This Is A LowBest Of2000
This Is A LowMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
This Is A Low (live)Parklive2012
Thought I Was A SpacemanThe Magic Whip2015
To The EndParklife1994
To The EndBest Of2000
To The End (live) (Bonus Track)Best Of2000
Top ManThe Great Escape1995
Tracy JacksParklife1994
Tracy Jacks (live)Parklive2012
Trimm Trabb131999
Trimm TrabbMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur2009
Trimm Trabb (live)Parklive2012
Trouble In The Message CentreParklife1994
Turn It UpModern Life Is Rubbish1993
Under The Westway - Commercial Break (live)Parklive2012
Villa RosieModern Life Is Rubbish1993
We've Got A File On YouThink Tank2003
Wear Me DownLeisure1991
You're So GreatBlur1997
Young And Lovely (live)Parklive2012
Yuko And HiroThe Great Escape1995

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