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18th Floor BalconyFoiled2006
2 A.M. LovesickThe Anwers1998
3 Weeks, She SleepsHistory For Sale2003
78Triple6 (Bonus Track)Approaching Normal2009
A Quiet MindHistory For Sale2003
AmazingHistory For Sale2003
Amazing (live)Argue With A Tree2004
AmnesiaConsent To Treatment2000
AngelConsent To Treatment2000
Angels In EverythingSway2013
Any Man in AmericaAny Man In America2011
Balance BeamConsent To Treatment2000
Balance Beam (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Been DownApproaching Normal2009
Big LoveSpinning The Truth Around2022
Black OrchidThe Anwers1998
Black Orchid (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Bleed OutSway2013
Bleed Out (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Blue DoesApproaching Normal2009
Blue SkiesApproaching Normal2009
Blue SunshineThe Anwers1998
Blue Sunshine (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Break GroundHome2016
Breakfast After 10The Anwers1998
Breakfast After 10Consent To Treatment2000
Breakfast After 10 (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Breathe, It's OverSway2013
Calling You (for Mamie)History For Sale2003
Calling You (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Chameleon BoyHistory For Sale2003
Chameleon BoyFoiled2006
Chameleon Boy (live)Argue With A Tree2004
ChangeSpinning The Truth Around2022
Clumsy Card HouseHistory For Sale2003
Clumsy Card House (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Coal Makes DiamondsHome2016
Come in CloserHistory For Sale2003
Come In Closer (live)Argue With A Tree2004
CompletelyThis Is What I Live For2020
Congratulations (feat. Imogen Heap)Foiled2006
Congratulations (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Conversation Via Radio (Do You Ever Wonder)Consent To Treatment2000
Darkest Side Of Houston's Finest DayThe Anwers1998
Debris (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Dirt RoomApproaching Normal2009
Dirt Room (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Don't Say It Wasn't LoveSpinning The Truth Around2022
Drama EverythingAny Man In America2011
Drilled A Wire Through My CheekFoiled2006
DropConsent To Treatment2000
Drop (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Everlasting FriendFoiled2006
Everything (A.M. Limbo)Any Man In America2011
Fear (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Fight For Love (+ Blue Reed)This Is What I Live For2020
For My BrotherThe Anwers1998
For My Brother (live)Argue With A Tree2004
For The LoveAny Man In America2011
Graceful Dancing (Bonus Track)Approaching Normal2009
H.R.S.A. (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Hard CandySway2013
Hate MeFoiled2006
Hate Me (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Heart Go BangHome2016
Heart Go Bang (Night Mix) (+ Egg)Home2016
HollerConsent To Treatment2000
Home (Tim Palmer Mix)Home2016
Houston HeightsHome2016
How Can You Love Me If You Don't Even Like MeSpinning The Truth Around2022
HRSAConsent To Treatment2000
I Laugh At MyselfThis Is What I Live For2020
I Want ItHome2016
I Will Follow YouThis Is What I Live For2020
Independently HappyConsent To Treatment2000
Independently HappyFoiled2006
Independently Happy (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Inner GlowHistory For Sale2003
Inner Glow (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Into The OceanFoiled2006
Into The Ocean (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Italian RadioThe Anwers1998
Italian Radio (live)Argue With A Tree2004
JamesConsent To Treatment2000
James (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Jump RopeApproaching Normal2009
Kangaroo CryApproaching Normal2009
Leave It in the Dressing Room (Shake It Up)Home2016
Let It GoFoiled2006
Libby, I'm ListeningConsent To Treatment2000
Light You UpSway2013
Light You Up (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Love Stupid (+ Karen Hover)This Is What I Live For2020
Moving On (So Long)This Is What I Live For2020
Mr. Blue's MenuThe Anwers1998
My NeverApproaching Normal2009
No One's Listening (Bonus Track)Approaching Normal2009
Not Broken AnymoreSway2013
Not Broken Anymore (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Oh My MyThis Is What I Live For2020
Only Lost Is FoundThis Is What I Live For2020
Picking Up PiecesApproaching Normal2009
PRN (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Put It InSway2013
Quiet Mind (live)Argue With A Tree2004
RazorbladeHistory For Sale2003
Razorblade (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Retarded Disfigured Clown (Intro)Consent To Treatment2000
Retarded Disfigured Clown (Intro) - Amnesia (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Say ItApproaching Normal2009
Say It (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
SchizophreniaConsent To Treatment2000
Sexual Power Trip (One Big Lie) Bla BlaHistory For Sale2003
Sexual Powertrip (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Shape Of Your HeartSpinning The Truth Around2022
She's My Ride HomeFoiled2006
She's My Ride Home (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Should Be LovedApproaching Normal2009
Should Be Loved (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Shut Up I Want You To Love MeSpinning The Truth Around2022
SomebodyHistory For Sale2003
Somebody (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Sound Of Pulling Heaven DownFoiled2006
Spinning The Truth AroundSpinning The Truth Around2022
Stay With MeThis Is What I Live For2020
Sway (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Sweet And Somber Pigeon WingsThe Anwers1998
The 21stThe Anwers1998
The AnswerThe Anwers1998
The AnswerConsent To Treatment2000
The ChillsAny Man In America2011
The End (Bonus Track)Approaching Normal2009
The End (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
The Feel Again (Stay)Any Man In America2011
The Feel Again (Stay) (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
The Flight (Lincoln To Minneapolis)Any Man In America2011
The Follow ThroughAny Man In America2011
The Getting Over It PartAny Man In America2011
The Getting Over It Part (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
The Girl Who Stole My HeartSpinning The Truth Around2022
The HonestyAny Man In America2011
The Kitchen DrawerSpinning The Truth Around2022
The Lucky OneHome2016
The Money TreeAny Man In America2011
The Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down (live)Argue With A Tree2004
The StillHome2016
The Way I Used To Love YouThis Is What I Live For2020
The WeathermanThis Is What I Live For2020
The Worry ListAny Man In America2011
The Worry List (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Things We Do At NightSway2013
Things We Do At Night (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
Things We Don't Know AboutSway2013
This Is What I Live For (+ Steve Schiltz)This Is What I Live For2020
Time Changes EverythingHome2016
To BeSway2013
To Be (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
TomorrowThe Anwers1998
Trust YouSpinning The Truth Around2022
Ugly SideHistory For Sale2003
Ugly Side (live)Argue With A Tree2004
Voice Of A Friend (Bonus Track)Approaching Normal2009
We Know Where You GoHome2016
WeaknessesThe Anwers1998
Weight Of The WorldApproaching Normal2009
Weight Of The World (live)Argue With A Tree2004
What If We CouldFoiled2006
When Love Isn't Good EnoughSpinning The Truth Around2022
Where Did You Go I'm Less Of A Mess These DaysSpinning The Truth Around2022
Who Do You Run FromThis Is What I Live For2020
X Amount Of Words (live)Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)2015
X-Amount Of WordsFoiled2006
You Make Me SmileFoiled2006
You Waited Too LongAny Man In America2011

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