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A Lasting JoyStaring At The Sea2011
A Momentary FallDevil's Tavern2008
Aeroplane City LovesongAnimal Magic1986
All Blown DownStaring At The Sea2011
Animal MagicAnimal Magic1986
As The Dust SettlesSpringtime For The World1990
Atomic LullabyLimping For A Generation1984
Atomic LullabyChoices - The Singles Collection1989
Be Not AfraidSpringtime For The World1990
Beautiful ChildShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
Bombed Into The StoneageWhoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
Burn The RichAnimal Magic1986
CashShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
CelebrateChoices - The Singles Collection1989
ChainedFeels Like A New Morning2013
Checking OutShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
Checking Out (Bonus Track)Springtime For The World1990
ChoiceChoices - The Singles Collection1989
ChoiceFeels Like A New Morning2013
Choice (Long)Choices - The Singles Collection1989
Come On DownWhoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
Come On DownFeels Like A New Morning2013
Cover MeFeels Like A New Morning2013
Digging Your SceneAnimal Magic1986
Digging Your SceneChoices - The Singles Collection1989
Digging Your SceneFeels Like A New Morning2013
Don't Be Scared Of MeAnimal Magic1986
Don't Give It UpShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
Face In The RockStaring At The Sea2011
Fat Cat BelushaLimping For A Generation1984
Feels Like A New MorningFeels Like A New Morning2013
Forbidden FruitAnimal Magic1986
Forbidden FruitChoices - The Singles Collection1989
FrontlineDevil's Tavern2008
Fruits Of The EarthSpringtime For The World1990
Go PublicLimping For A Generation1984
Hanging On The Hurt (Let It Go Now)Staring At The Sea2011
He's Shedding SkinLimping For A Generation1984
Heaven Is A PlaceFeels Like A New Morning2013
Heaven Is A Place I'm Moving ToAnimal Magic1986
Hold Everything DearFeels Like A New Morning2013
How Long Can A Bad Thing LastShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
I Backed A Winner (In You)Animal Magic1986
I Don't MindDevil's Tavern2008
I Dream Of YouDevil's Tavern2008
I Nearly Died LaughingAnimal Magic1986
Icarus In FlamesFeels Like A New Morning2013
If You Love SomebodySpringtime For The World1990
In No Time At AllFeels Like A New Morning2013
In Too DeepSpringtime For The World1990
It Doesn't Have To Be This WayShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
It Doesn't Have To Be This WayChoices - The Singles Collection1989
It Doesn't Have To Be This WayFeels Like A New Morning2013
It Pays To BelongWhoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
It Pays To BelongChoices - The Singles Collection1989
It Pays To BelongFeels Like A New Morning2013
La PassionaraSpringtime For The World1990
Let The People DanceSpringtime For The World1990
Let's EmigrateWhoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
Limping For A GenerationLimping For A Generation1984
Limping For A GenerationFeels Like A New Morning2013
Man At The End Of His TetherShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
Man From RussiaLimping For A Generation1984
Man From RussiaChoices - The Singles Collection1989
Man From RussiaFeels Like A New Morning2013
Mercy, Pity, Peace And LoveWhoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
No Woman Is An IslandWhoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
Oh MyFeels Like A New Morning2013
One Of Us Is LyingStaring At The Sea2011
Only JokingDevil's Tavern2008
Out With HerShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
Out With HerChoices - The Singles Collection1989
Prayin' For RainStaring At The Sea2011
Professor SupercoolLimping For A Generation1984
Reflections '89Springtime For The World1990
Rise AboveShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
Said Too MuchFeels Like A New Morning2013
Save MeDevil's Tavern2008
Seventh DayStaring At The Sea2011
Shake It OffFeels Like A New Morning2013
Slaves No MoreChoices - The Singles Collection1989
Slaves No MoreFeels Like A New Morning2013
Some Kind Of WonderfulShe Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
Springtime For The WorldSpringtime For The World1990
Springtime For The WorldFeels Like A New Morning2013
SquaresvilleWhoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
Squaresville (Longer) (Bonus Track)Whoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
Staring At The SeaStaring At The Sea2011
Steppin' DownStaring At The Sea2011
Sweet MurderAnimal Magic1986
Sweet Talking Rapist At HomeWhoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
That's Not RightFeels Like A New Morning2013
The Bullet TrainDevil's Tavern2008
The Day After You (Celebrate)She Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
The Grantham Grizzler (Bonus Track)She Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
The Killing BreezeStaring At The Sea2011
The Love Of Which I Dare Not Speak (Cd Only)Whoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
The Other Side Of You (Bonus Track)Springtime For The World1990
The World Can WaitDevil's Tavern2008
This Is The Way It Has To Be (Bonus Track)She Was Only A Grocer's Daughter1987
This Is Your LifeWhoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
This Is Your LifeChoices - The Singles Collection1989
This Is Your Life ('88) (Bonus Track)Whoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
Trashtown IncidentLimping For A Generation1984
Travelin' SoulDevil's Tavern2008
Vibe AliveSpringtime For The World1990
Wait (Long)Choices - The Singles Collection1989
Wait (Robert Howard + Kym Mazelle)Whoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood1989
Wait (Robert Howard + Kym Mazelle)Choices - The Singles Collection1989
Waiting For Mr. MoonlightLimping For A Generation1984
Walking The Blue Beat (Bonus Track)Animal Magic1986
We Can WinDevil's Tavern2008
What It TakesStaring At The Sea2011
When Love's In BloomDevil's Tavern2008
When We Fall Out Of LoveStaring At The Sea2011
Wicked WaysAnimal Magic1986
Wicked WaysChoices - The Singles Collection1989
WildflowerLimping For A Generation1984
WildflowerChoices - The Singles Collection1989

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