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Accidental SoulLie Lover Lie2006
All My Love SongsTurn And Face Me2011
AngelaLie Lover Lie2006
Can I UnwindBomb Romantics2004
D-D-D-D-D-DementiaTurn And Face Me2011
Do I Have Your AttentionBomb Romantics2004
Do I Have Your AttentionLie Lover Lie2006
Dolores Delivers A Glorious DeathLie Lover Lie2006
Don't Let Him Break Your HeartTurn And Face Me2011
Forever Is StrangeTurn And Face Me2011
Friends For NowTurn And Face Me2011
Going To ArizonaLie Lover Lie2006
Heir To MisfortuneBomb Romantics2004
Hey Girl!Bomb Romantics2004
How We Were Eaten By Wild AnimalsBomb Romantics2004
I Need YouTurn And Face Me2011
In FictionBomb Romantics2004
Introducing Randy NewmanTurn And Face Me2011
Mass MurderLie Lover Lie2006
O Passionate OneBomb Romantics2004
Opportunity KnockBomb Romantics2004
P.S. I Love You But Don't Miss YouLie Lover Lie2006
Relentless LoveTurn And Face Me2011
Say YesBomb Romantics2004
ShannonBomb Romantics2004
She's A GuillotineTurn And Face Me2011
Starved For AffectionTurn And Face Me2011
Stay Put!Lie Lover Lie2006
Suspicious CharacterLie Lover Lie2006
Temporary WomanTurn And Face Me2011
The ChasersLie Lover Lie2006
The CreditorsTurn And Face Me2011
Untoward BehaviourBomb Romantics2004
VisionariesLie Lover Lie2006
Want X 3Bomb Romantics2004
World Class TravelerBomb Romantics2004

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