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1618 OuvertureLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
A Dark PassageNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
A New BeginningLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
A Past And Future SecretImaginations From The Other Side1995
A Past And Future SecretThe Forgotten Tales1996
A Past And Future Secret (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
A Secret SocietyLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
A Voice In The DarkAt The Edge Of Time2010
Age Of False InnocenceA Night At The Opera2002
All The King's Horses (Bonus Track)A Twist In The Myth2006
Altair 4Tales From The Twilight World1990
And The Story EndsImaginations From The Other Side1995
And The Story Ends (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
And Then There Was SilenceA Night At The Opera2002
And Then There Was Silence (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
And Then There Was Silence (Remix 2011)Memories Of A Time To Come2012
Another Holy WarImaginations From The Other Side1995
Another Stranger MeA Twist In The Myth2006
Architects Of DoomThe God Machine2022
Ashes Of EternityBeyond The Red Mirror2015
Ashes To AshesSomewhere Far Beyond1992
At The Edge Of TimeBeyond The Red Mirror2015
Banish From SanctuaryFollow The Blind1989
Banish From Sanctuary (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
Barbara AnnFollow The Blind1989
Barbara Ann - Long Tall SallyThe Forgotten Tales1996
Bard Song - ForestMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Bard Song - HobbitMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Battalions Of FearBattalions Of Fear1988
Battle Of Sudden FlameNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
BattlefieldA Night At The Opera2002
Between The RealmsLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
Beyond The IceFollow The Blind1989
Beyond The WallLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
BezLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
Black ChamberSomewhere Far Beyond1992
Black Chamber (Orchestral Version)The Forgotten Tales1996
Blood Of The ElvesThe God Machine2022
Blood TearsNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Born In A Mourning HallImaginations From The Other Side1995
Bright EyesImaginations From The Other Side1995
Bright EyesMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Bright Eyes (Acoustic Version)The Forgotten Tales1996
Bright Eyes (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
By The Gates Of MoriaBattalions Of Fear1988
CapturedNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Carry The Blessed HomeA Twist In The Myth2006
Comets And PropheciesLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
Conquest Is OverLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
Control The DivineAt The Edge Of Time2010
Curse My NameAt The Edge Of Time2010
DamnationThe God Machine2022
Damned For All TimeFollow The Blind1989
Dark Cloud's RisingLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
Dead Sound Of Misery (Bonus Track)A Twist In The Myth2006
Deliver Us From EvilThe God Machine2022
DestinyThe God Machine2022
Don't Break The Circle (Bonus Track)Follow The Blind1989
Face The TruthNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Fast To MadnessFollow The Blind1989
Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)Nightfall In Middle-Earth1998
FlyA Twist In The Myth2006
Fly (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
Follow The BlindFollow The Blind1989
Follow The BlindMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Gandalf's Rebirth (Bonus Track)Battalions Of Fear1988
Goodbye My FriendTales From The Twilight World1990
Grand ParadeBeyond The Red Mirror2015
Guardian Of The BlindBattalions Of Fear1988
Hall Of The KingFollow The Blind1989
Harvester Of SoulsLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
I'm AliveImaginations From The Other Side1995
Imaginations From The Other SideImaginations From The Other Side1995
Imaginations From The Other SideMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Imaginations From The Other Side (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
In The Red Dwarf's TowerLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
In The UnderworldLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
InquisitionFollow The Blind1989
Into The BattleLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
Into The StormNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Into The Storm (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
Journey Through The DarkSomewhere Far Beyond1992
LammothNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Let It Be No MoreThe God Machine2022
Life Beyond The SpheresThe God Machine2022
LionheartA Twist In The Myth2006
Lord Of The RingsTales From The Twilight World1990
Lord Of The Rings (Orchestral Version)The Forgotten Tales1996
Lost In The Twilight HallTales From The Twilight World1990
Lost In The Twilight Hall (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
MajestyBattalions Of Fear1988
MajestyMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Majesty (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
Miracle MachineBeyond The Red Mirror2015
Mirror MirrorNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Mirror MirrorMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Mirror Mirror (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
Mordred's SongImaginations From The Other Side1995
Mordred's Song (Acoustic Version)The Forgotten Tales1996
Mr. SandmanThe Forgotten Tales1996
NephilimLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
NightfallNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
NightfallMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Nightfall (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)Nightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Nom The WiseNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
OtherlandA Twist In The Myth2006
Out On The WaterNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Point Of No ReturnLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
Precious JerusalemA Night At The Opera2002
PropheciesBeyond The Red Mirror2015
Prophecies (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
Punishment DivineA Night At The Opera2002
Ride Into ObsessionAt The Edge Of Time2010
Ride Into ObsessionMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Road Of No ReleaseAt The Edge Of Time2010
Run For The NightBattalions Of Fear1988
Sacred MindBeyond The Red Mirror2015
Sacred WorldsAt The Edge Of Time2010
Sacred WorldsMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Sacred Worlds (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
Sadly Sings DestinyA Night At The Opera2002
Secrets Of The American GodsThe God Machine2022
Skalds And ShadowsA Twist In The Myth2006
Somewhere Far BeyondSomewhere Far Beyond1992
Somewhere Far BeyondMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Spread Your WingsThe Forgotten Tales1996
Spread Your Wings (Bonus Track)Somewhere Far Beyond1992
Straight Through The MirrorA Twist In The Myth2006
Surfin' USAThe Forgotten Tales1996
TanelornAt The Edge Of Time2010
Tanelorn (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
The Bard's Song (In The Forest)Somewhere Far Beyond1992
The Bard's Song (In The Forest) (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
The Bard's Song (live)The Forgotten Tales1996
The Bard's Song (The Hobbit)Somewhere Far Beyond1992
The Curse Of FeanorNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
The Dark ElfNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
The EdgeA Twist In The Myth2006
The EldarNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
The GatheringLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
The Great AssaultLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
The Great OrdealLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
The Holy GrailBeyond The Red Mirror2015
The Last CandleTales From The Twilight World1990
The Last Candle (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
The Last Candle (Remix 2011)Memories Of A Time To Come2012
The Lord Of The Rings (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
The Maiden And The Minstrel KnightA Night At The Opera2002
The MartyrBattalions Of Fear1988
The MinstrelNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
The New OrderA Twist In The Myth2006
The Ninth WaveBeyond The Red Mirror2015
The Ninth Wave (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
The Piper's CallingSomewhere Far Beyond1992
The Quest For TanelornSomewhere Far Beyond1992
The RitualLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
The Script For My RequiemImaginations From The Other Side1995
The SoulforgedA Night At The Opera2002
The SteadfastNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
The ThroneBeyond The Red Mirror2015
The White HorsemanLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
The WizardThe Forgotten Tales1996
Theatre Of PainSomewhere Far Beyond1992
Theatre Of Pain (Classic Version) (Bonus Track)Somewhere Far Beyond1992
Theatre Of Pain (Orchestral Version)The Forgotten Tales1996
This StormLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
This Will Never EndA Twist In The Myth2006
This Will Never EndMemories Of A Time To Come2012
ThornNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)Nightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Time What Is TimeSomewhere Far Beyond1992
To FranceThe Forgotten Tales1996
TommyknockersTales From The Twilight World1990
Traveler In TimeTales From The Twilight World1990
Traveler In TimeMemories Of A Time To Come2012
TreasonLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
Trial And CoronationLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
Trial By Fire (Bonus Track)Somewhere Far Beyond1992
Trial By The ArchonBattalions Of Fear1988
Turn The PageA Twist In The Myth2006
Twilight Of The GodsBeyond The Red Mirror2015
Twilight Of The Gods (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
Under The IceA Night At The Opera2002
ValhallaFollow The Blind1989
ValhallaMemories Of A Time To Come2012
Valhalla (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
ValkyriesAt The Edge Of Time2010
Violent ShadowsThe God Machine2022
Wait For An AnswerA Night At The Opera2002
War Feeds WarLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019
War Of The ThronesAt The Edge Of Time2010
War Of WrathNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Weird DreamsTales From The Twilight World1990
Welcome To DyingTales From The Twilight World1990
Wheel Of TimeAt The Edge Of Time2010
Wheel Of Time (live)Live Beyond The Spheres2017
When Sorrow SangNightfall In Middle-Earth1998
Wizard's CrownBattalions Of Fear1988

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