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13 Scars (Bonus Track)The Truth2006
A ResurrectionBleeding Through2010
Anti-HeroBleeding Through2010
Beneath The GreyDeclaration2008
Breathing In The WrathBleeding Through2010
BuriedLove Will Kill All2018
City Of The CondemnedThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
Cold WorldLove Will Kill All2018
ConfessionThe Truth2006
Darkness, A Feeling I KnowLove Will Kill All2018
Dead EyesLove Will Kill All2018
Dead Like MeThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
Dearly Demented (feat. Tiger Army's Nick 13)The Truth2006
Death AnxietyDeclaration2008
Declaration (You Can?t Destroy What You Can Not Replace)Declaration2008
Distortion, DevotionBleeding Through2010
Divide The ArmiesBleeding Through2010
Drag Me To The OceanBleeding Through2010
End UsLove Will Kill All2018
Fade Into The AshLove Will Kill All2018
Fall On Proverb (Bonus Track)The Truth2006
Fifteen MinutesBleeding Through2010
Finnis Fatalis SpeiDeclaration2008
For Love And FailingThe Truth2006
French InquisitionDeclaration2008
Hemlock SocietyDust To Ashes2001
Hollywood PrisonThe Truth2006
I Dream of JulyDust To Ashes2001
I Dream Of JulyPortrait Of The Goddess2002
Ill Part 2Dust To Ashes2001
Ill Part 2Portrait Of The Goddess2002
InsomniacPortrait Of The Goddess2002
Just Another Pretty FaceDust To Ashes2001
Just Another Pretty FacePortrait Of The Goddess2002
Kill To BelieveThe Truth2006
Lay On The Train TracksDust To Ashes2001
LifeLove Will Kill All2018
Light My EyesBleeding Through2010
Line In The SandThe Truth2006
Line In The Sand (Scrap 60 Remix) (Bonus Track)The Truth2006
Love In Slow MotionThe Truth2006
Love Lost In A Hail Of Gun FireThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
Murder By NumbersThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
MutilationThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
My War (Bonus Track)The Truth2006
No FriendsLove Will Kill All2018
No One From NowhereLove Will Kill All2018
Number Seven With A BulletThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
Oedipus ComplexDust To Ashes2001
On Wings Of LeadThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
One Last Second (Bonus Track)The Truth2006
Orange County Blonde And BlueDeclaration2008
Our EnemiesPortrait Of The Goddess2002
Portrait Of The GoddessPortrait Of The Goddess2002
Reborn From IsolationDeclaration2008
ReflectionDust To Ashes2001
RemainsLove Will Kill All2018
Return To SenderThe Truth2006
Revenge I SeekThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
Rise (feat. John Pettibone Of Himsa)Portrait Of The Goddess2002
Salvation Never FoundBleeding Through2010
Savior, Saint, Salvation (feat. M. Shadows Of Avenged Sevenfold)Portrait Of The Goddess2002
Seller?s MarketDeclaration2008
Set Me FreeLove Will Kill All2018
Shadow WalkerDust To Ashes2001
Shadow WalkerThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
She's GoneThe Truth2006
Sister CharlatanDeclaration2008
SlaveLove Will Kill All2018
Slow Your RollBleeding Through2010
Sweet VampirousThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
The PainkillerThe Truth2006
The TruthThe Truth2006
There Was A FloodDeclaration2008
This Is Love, This Is MurderousThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
This Time Nothing Is SacredBleeding Through2010
Thrones Of AgonyDust To Ashes2001
Tragedy Of Empty StreetsThe Truth2006
Turns Cold To The TouchDust To Ashes2001
Turns Cold To The TouchPortrait Of The Goddess2002
Wake Of OrionPortrait Of The Goddess2002
What I Bleed Without YouThis Is Love, This Is Murderous2003
Your AbandonmentBleeding Through2010

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