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37 Push UpsJulius Caesar1993
747Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
97th StreetForgotten Foundation1992
A Guiding LightSupper2003
A Jar Of SandSewn To The Sky1990
A Man Needs A Woman Or A Man To Be A ManWoke On A Whaleheart2007
All Thoughts Are Prey To Some BeastSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle2009
All Your Women ThingsThe Doctor Came At Dawn1996
AngelaShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
Baby's BreathApocalypse2011
Bad Ideas For Country Songs IForgotten Foundation1992
Bad Ideas For Country Songs IIForgotten Foundation1992
Bad InvestmentForgotten Foundation1992
Barometric PressureForgotten Foundation1992
Bathroom FloorWild Love1995
BathysphereWild Love1995
Be HitWild Love1995
Black Dog On the BeachShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
Blood Red BirdRed Apple Falls1997
BloodflowDongs Of Sevotion2000
Brown BagForgotten Foundation1992
Burning KingdomForgotten Foundation1992
Butterflies Drowned In WineSupper2003
Call Me AnythingShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
CamelsShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
Carmelite LightThe Doctor Came At Dawn1996
Chosen OneJulius Caesar1993
CirclesShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
Coconut CataractSewn To The Sky1990
Cold Blooded Old TimesKnock Knock1999
Cold DiscoveryDongs Of Sevotion2000
Confederate Bills And Pinball SlugsSewn To The Sky1990
Confederate JasmineShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
ConnectionsJulius Caesar1993
DayWoke On A Whaleheart2007
Dead RiverForgotten Foundation1992
DevotionDongs Of Sevotion2000
Diamond DancerWoke On A Whaleheart2007
Dirty PantsRain On Lens2001
DisgustSewn To The Sky1990
DistanceDongs Of Sevotion2000
Do The BedForgotten Foundation1992
Dress Sexy At My FuneralDongs Of Sevotion2000
Drinking At The DamA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
Easily LedDongs Of Sevotion2000
Eid Ma Clack ShawSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle2009
Everything You Touch Becomes A CrutchThe Doctor Came At Dawn1996
Evil TyrantForgotten Foundation1992
Ex-ConRed Apple Falls1997
FablesSewn To The Sky1990
Faith - VoidSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle2009
Feather By FeatherSupper2003
FilamentForgotten Foundation1992
Finer DaysRed Apple Falls1997
FootprintsWoke On A Whaleheart2007
Four Hearts In A CanThe Doctor Came At Dawn1996
Fried PiperSewn To The Sky1990
From The Rivers To The OceanWoke On A Whaleheart2007
Fruit BatsSewn To The Sky1990
GarbSewn To The Sky1990
GoldenJulius Caesar1993
Goldfish BowlWild Love1995
Guitar InnovatorForgotten Foundation1992
Hangman BluesThe Doctor Came At Dawn1996
Head Of Stone IForgotten Foundation1992
Head Of Stone IIForgotten Foundation1992
HeldKnock Knock1999
High School FreakForgotten Foundation1992
Hit The Ground RunningKnock Knock1999
Hollow Out CakesSewn To The Sky1990
Honeymoon ChildWoke On A Whaleheart2007
I Am Star WarsJulius Caesar1993
I Could Drive ForeverKnock Knock1999
I Feel Like The Mother Of The WorldA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
I Want To Tell You About A ManSewn To The Sky1990
I Was A StrangerRed Apple Falls1997
I'm New HereA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
I'm SmilingForgotten Foundation1992
In The PinesA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
InspirationalRed Apple Falls1997
Invocation Of RatiocinationSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle2009
It's RoughWild Love1995
Javelin UnlandingDream River2013
Jim CainSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle2009
Justice AversionDongs Of Sevotion2000
Keep Some Steady Friends AroundRain On Lens2001
Kings TongueSewn To The Sky1990
Kiss Your LipsForgotten Foundation1992
Lazy RainRain On Lens2001
Left Only With LoveKnock Knock1999
Let Me Have That Jar BackForgotten Foundation1992
Let Me See The ColtsA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
Let's Move To The CountryKnock Knock1999
Limited CapacityWild Love1995
Live As If Someone Is Always Watching YouRain On Lens2001
LizeThe Doctor Came At Dawn1996
Lonesome ValleyShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
Long Gray HairForgotten Foundation1992
Lost My KeySewn To The Sky1990
Morning Is My GodmotherShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
My FriendSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle2009
Natural DeclineRain On Lens2001
NightWoke On A Whaleheart2007
NineteenDongs Of Sevotion2000
No DancingKnock Knock1999
Olive Drab SpectreSewn To The Sky1990
One Fine MorningApocalypse2011
One Less StarJulius Caesar1993
Our AnniversarySupper2003
PalimpsestA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
Peach PitSewn To The Sky1990
Permanent SmileDongs Of Sevotion2000
Polio ShimmySewn To The Sky1990
Prince Alone In The StudioWild Love1995
Puritan Work EthicSewn To The Sky1990
Rain On Lens 1Rain On Lens2001
Rain On Lens 2Rain On Lens2001
Red Apple FallsRed Apple Falls1997
Red ApplesRed Apple Falls1997
ReleasedShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
RevanchismRain On Lens2001
Ride My ArrowDream River2013
Riding For The FeelingApocalypse2011
River GuardKnock Knock1999
Rock Bottom RiserA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
Rococo ZephyrSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle2009
Running The LopingA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
Russian WinterSewn To The Sky1990
Say Valley MakerA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
SeagullDream River2013
Shepherd's WelcomeShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
Short DriveRain On Lens2001
Sleepy JoeWild Love1995
Small PlaneDream River2013
SmogSewn To The Sky1990
Somewhere In The NightThe Doctor Came At Dawn1996
Son Of The SeaShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
SongRain On Lens2001
Souped Up IISewn To The Sky1990
Spread Your Bloody WingsThe Doctor Came At Dawn1996
SpringDream River2013
Stalled On The TracksJulius Caesar1993
Stick In The MudJulius Caesar1993
Strawberry RashJulius Caesar1993
StrayedDongs Of Sevotion2000
Summer PainterDream River2013
Sweet Smog ChildrenWild Love1995
Sweet TreatKnock Knock1999
SycamoreWoke On A Whaleheart2007
Teenage SpaceshipKnock Knock1999
The Ballad Of The HulkShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
The BeastShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
The CandleWild Love1995
The EmperorWild Love1995
The Hard RoadDongs Of Sevotion2000
The Morning PaperRed Apple Falls1997
The SingDream River2013
The WeightlifterSewn To The Sky1990
The WellA River Ain't Too Much To Love2005
The WheelWoke On A Whaleheart2007
The Wind And The DoveSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle2009
This Insane CopForgotten Foundation1992
To Be Of UseRed Apple Falls1997
Too Many BirdsSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle2009
Truth SerumSupper2003
Tugboats And TumbleweedsShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
Universal ApplicantApocalypse2011
Vessel In VainSupper2003
Watch Me Get MarriedShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
What Comes After CertaintyShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
What Kind Of AngelJulius Caesar1993
When The Power Goes OutJulius Caesar1993
When We Let GoShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
When You WalkJulius Caesar1993
Whistling Teapot (Rag)The Doctor Came At Dawn1996
Wild LoveWild Love1995
Winter RoadDream River2013
With A Green ComplexionForgotten Foundation1992
WritingShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
You Moved InThe Doctor Came At Dawn1996
Young IcarusShepherd In A Sheepskin Vest2019
Your DressForgotten Foundation1992
Your WeddingJulius Caesar1993

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