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2000 ShoesTighten Up, Vol. 881988
A PartyThis Is Big Audio Dynamite1985
All Mink And No MannersMegatop Phoenix1989
ApplecartTighten Up, Vol. 881988
Around The Girl In 80 WaysMegatop Phoenix1989
Baby, Don't ApologiseMegatop Phoenix1989
BadThis Is Big Audio Dynamite1985
Badrock CityNo. 10, Upping St.1986
Beyond The PaleNo. 10, Upping St.1986
C'mon Every BeatboxNo. 10, Upping St.1986
Can't Wait - LiveThe Globe1991
ChampagneTighten Up, Vol. 881988
ContactMegatop Phoenix1989
Dial A HitmanNo. 10, Upping St.1986
Dragon TownMegatop Phoenix1989
E=MC2This Is Big Audio Dynamite1985
EndMegatop Phoenix1989
EsqueritaTighten Up, Vol. 881988
Everybody Needs A HolidayMegatop Phoenix1989
Funny NamesTighten Up, Vol. 881988
Get It All From My TVF-Punk1995
Gonna TryF-Punk1995
Got To Set Her FreeF-Punk1995
Got To Wake UpHigher Power1994
Green GrassThe Globe1991
Harrow RoadHigher Power1994
Hip, Neck And ThighTighten Up, Vol. 881988
Hollywood BoulevardNo. 10, Upping St.1986
HopeHigher Power1994
House ArrestMegatop Phoenix1989
I Can't Go On Like ThisF-Punk1995
I Don't KnowThe Globe1991
I Turned Out A PunkF-Punk1995
In My DreamsThe Globe1991
Innocent ChildThe Globe1991
Is Yours Working YetMegatop Phoenix1989
It's A Jungle Out ThereF-Punk1995
James BrownMegatop Phoenix1989
Just Play MusicTighten Up, Vol. 881988
Kool-AidThe Globe1991
Light Up My LifeHigher Power1994
Limbo The LawNo. 10, Upping St.1986
London BridgeMegatop Phoenix1989
Looking For A SongHigher Power1994
LucanHigher Power1994
Medicine ShowThis Is Big Audio Dynamite1985
Melancholy MaybeHigher Power1994
Mick's A Hippie BurningMegatop Phoenix1989
Modern Stoneage BluesHigher Power1994
MoonHigher Power1994
Mr. Walker SaidTighten Up, Vol. 881988
Other 99Tighten Up, Vol. 881988
Over The RiseHigher Power1994
Psycho WingF-Punk1995
Push Those Blues AwayF-Punk1995
RewindMegatop Phoenix1989
Rock Non Stop (All Night Long)Tighten Up, Vol. 881988
RushThe Globe1991
SambadromeNo. 10, Upping St.1986
Sightsee M.C.No. 10, Upping St.1986
Slender LorisHigher Power1994
Some PeopleHigher Power1994
SonyThis Is Big Audio Dynamite1985
Stalag 123Megatop Phoenix1989
StartMegatop Phoenix1989
Stone ThamesThis Is Big Audio Dynamite1985
Sudden ImpactThis Is Big Audio Dynamite1985
Suffragette City (Hidden Track)F-Punk1995
The Battle Of All Saints RoadTighten Up, Vol. 881988
The Big VNo. 10, Upping St.1986
The Bottom LineThis Is Big Audio Dynamite1985
The GlobeThe Globe1991
The Green LadyMegatop Phoenix1989
The Tea PartyThe Globe1991
TicketNo. 10, Upping St.1986
Tighten Up, Vol. 88Tighten Up, Vol. 881988
Union, JackMegatop Phoenix1989
V. ThirteenNo. 10, Upping St.1986
Vitamin CF-Punk1995
What About LoveF-Punk1995
When The Time ComesThe Globe1991
Why Is ItHigher Power1994

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