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Afraid Of The DarkSongs Of Love And Death2015
Against The WorldLost In Forever2016
Beautiful LiesLost In Forever2016
Beneath A Blackened SkyHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Beyond The MirrorLost In Forever2016
BreezeHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Burning In FlamesLost In Forever2016
Coming HomeHorizons2020
Dear DeathHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Dies IraeLost In Forever2016
Drowning In DarknessSongs Of Love And Death2015
Echo From The PastHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Escape From The EarthHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Fairytale Of DoomHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Fall Into The FlamesSongs Of Love And Death2015
Forget My NameLost In Forever2016
FreedomHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Golden PariahsHorizons2020
HallelujahSongs Of Love And Death2015
Halo Of The DarkLost In Forever2016
Heart Of The HurricaneHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Heaven In HellLost In Forever2016
HysteriaHeart Of The Hurricane2018
I Won't Surrender (+ Tina Guo)Horizons2020
In The ShadowsSongs Of Love And Death2015
Lost In ForeverLost In Forever2016
Love Me ForeverSongs Of Love And Death2015
Love's A BurdenLost In Forever2016
Marching OnHorizons2020
Million LightyearsHeart Of The Hurricane2018
My God Is DeadHeart Of The Hurricane2018
NevermoreLost In Forever2016
NumbSongs Of Love And Death2015
Out Of The AshesHorizons2020
ParadeHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Pearl In A World Of DirtSongs Of Love And Death2015
Running To The EdgeSongs Of Love And Death2015
Scream For MeHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Shine And ShadeLost In Forever2016
Some Kind Of MonsterHorizons2020
Song For The GodlessHeart Of The Hurricane2018
Songs Of Love And DeathSongs Of Love And Death2015
Through The MirrorHeart Of The Hurricane2018
UnbrokenSongs Of Love And Death2015
Welcome To My WastelandHorizons2020
When Angels FallSongs Of Love And Death2015
Wounded Healer (+ Elize Ryd)Horizons2020
Written In BloodLost In Forever2016
You're Not AloneHorizons2020

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