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11th CommandmentThere Will Be A Light2004
11th Commandment (live)Live At The Apollo2005
8 MinutesWide Open Light2023
A House Is A HomeChildhood Home2014
All That Has GrownCall It What It Is2016
All That Matters NowGet Up!2013
AloneBurn To Shine1999
Alone (live)Live From Mars2001
Altar Of LoveChildhood Home2014
Amen OmenDiamonds From The Inside2003
Angel From MontgomeryPleasure And Pain1992
Another Lonely DayFight For Your Mind1995
Another Lonely Day (live)Live From Mars2001
AshesThe Will To Live1997
Bad HabitsNo Mercy In This Land2018
Beloved OneBurn To Shine1999
Beloved OneBy My Side2012
Beloved One (live)Live From Mars2001
Below Sea LevelBloodline Maintenance2022
Better WayBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
BizanetWinter Is For Lovers2020
Black RainBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Blessed To Be A WitnessDiamonds From The Inside2003
Blood Side OutGet Up!2013
BonesCall It What It Is2016
Boots Like TheseWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
Born To Love YouChildhood Home2014
Both Sides Of The GunBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Break Your HeartChildhood Home2014
Breakin' DownWelcome To The Cruel World1994
Bring The FunkDiamonds From The Inside2003
BrittanyWinter Is For Lovers2020
Brown Eyed BluesDiamonds From The Inside2003
Burn One DownFight For Your Mind1995
Burn One Down (live)Live From Mars2001
Burn To ShineBurn To Shine1999
By My SideFight For Your Mind1995
By My SideBy My Side2012
Call It What It IsCall It What It Is2016
Church House StepsThere Will Be A Light2004
Church House Steps (live)Live At The Apollo2005
Church On TimeThere Will Be A Light2004
Church On Time (live)Live At The Apollo2005
City Of DreamsChildhood Home2014
Clearly SeverelyGive Till It's Gone2011
Click Yo' HeelsPleasure And Pain1992
Crazy AmazingBy My Side2012
Cryin' Won't Help You NowBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Dance Like FireCall It What It Is2016
Deeper And DeeperCall It What It Is2016
Diamonds On The InsideDiamonds From The Inside2003
Diamonds On The InsideBy My Side2012
Dirty Little LoverGive Till It's Gone2011
Do It For You, Do It For UsGive Till It's Gone2011
Don't Give Up On Me NowGive Till It's Gone2011
Don't Look TwiceGet Up!2013
Don't Take That Attitude To Your GraveWelcome To The Cruel World1994
Dust My BroomPleasure And Pain1992
Engraved InvitationBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
EverythingDiamonds From The Inside2003
Excuse Me Mr.Fight For Your Mind1995
Excuse Me Mr. (live)Live From Mars2001
FadedThe Will To Live1997
Faded - Whole Lotta Love (live)Live From Mars2001
Faithfully RemainWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
Farmer's DaughterChildhood Home2014
Feel LoveGive Till It's Gone2011
Feel LoveBy My Side2012
Fight For Your MindFight For Your Mind1995
Fight Outta YouLifeline2007
Finding Our WayCall It What It Is2016
Fly One TimeWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
Fool For A Lonesome TrainLifeline2007
ForeverWelcome To The Cruel World1994
ForeverBy My Side2012
ForgivenBurn To Shine1999
Forgiven (live)Live From Mars2001
Found The OneNo Mercy In This Land2018
Gather 'round The StoneBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Get It Like You Like ItBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Get There From HereGive Till It's Gone2011
Get UpGet Up!2013
Give A Man A HomeFight For Your Mind1995
Give A Man A Home (live)Live At The Apollo2005
Giving GhostsWide Open Light2023
Glory And ConsequenceThe Will To Live1997
Glory And Consequence (live)Live From Mars2001
God Fearing ManFight For Your Mind1995
Gold To MeFight For Your Mind1995
Gold To MeBy My Side2012
GoneWide Open Light2023
Goodbye To YouCall It What It Is2016
Ground On DownFight For Your Mind1995
Ground On Down (live)Live From Mars2001
Growing GrowingWide Open Light2023
Happy Everafter In Your EyesBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Happy Everafter In Your EyesBy My Side2012
HarlemWinter Is For Lovers2020
Having WingsLifeline2007
Heart And CrownWide Open Light2023
Heart Of MattersLifeline2007
Heavyhearted WorldChildhood Home2014
Homeless ChildThe Will To Live1997
Honey, HoneyBloodline Maintenance2022
How Could We Not BelieveChildhood Home2014
How Dark Is GoneCall It What It Is2016
How Many Miles Must We MarchWelcome To The Cruel World1994
I Don't Believe A Word You SayGet Up!2013
I Ride At DawnGet Up!2013
I Shall Not Walk AloneThe Will To Live1997
I Shall Not Walk Alone (live)Live At The Apollo2005
I Want To Be ReadyThe Will To Live1997
I Want To Be Ready (live)Live At The Apollo2005
I Will Not Be BrokenGive Till It's Gone2011
I'll RiseWelcome To The Cruel World1994
I'm In I'm Out And I'm GoneGet Up!2013
In The ColorsLifeline2007
In The ColorsBy My Side2012
In The Lord's ArmsBurn To Shine1999
In The Lord's Arms (live)Live From Mars2001
Inland EmpireWinter Is For Lovers2020
IslipWinter Is For Lovers2020
IstanbulWinter Is For Lovers2020
It Ain't No UseBloodline Maintenance2022
Jah WorkThe Will To Live1997
Jesus On The MainlinePleasure And Pain1992
Joshua TreeWinter Is For Lovers2020
Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)White Lies For Dark Times2009
Knew The Day Was Comin'Bloodline Maintenance2022
Lay There And Hate MeWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
Learn It All Again TomorrowChildhood Home2014
LebanonWinter Is For Lovers2020
LessBurn To Shine1999
Like A KingWelcome To The Cruel World1994
Like A King - I'll Rise (live)Live From Mars2001
LondonWinter Is For Lovers2020
Love After LoveWide Open Light2023
Love And TrustNo Mercy In This Land2018
Mama's Got A Girlfriend (live)Live From Mars2001
Mama's Got A Girlfriend NowPleasure And Pain1992
Mama's Got A Girlfriend NowWelcome To The Cruel World1994
Mama's Trippin'The Will To Live1997
ManhattanWinter Is For Lovers2020
MasterpieceWide Open Light2023
Maybe I Can'tBloodline Maintenance2022
Memories Of GoldChildhood Home2014
MontrealWinter Is For Lovers2020
More Than LoveBloodline Maintenance2022
More Than SorryBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Morning YearningBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Morning YearningBy My Side2012
Mother PrayThere Will Be A Light2004
Mother Pray (live)Live At The Apollo2005
Movin' OnNo Mercy In This Land2018
Need To Know BasisBloodline Maintenance2022
Needed You TonightLifeline2007
Never Leave Lonely AloneBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
No Mercy In This LandNo Mercy In This Land2018
No Mercy In This Land (live)No Mercy In This Land2018
Not Fire Not IceBy My Side2012
Not Fire, Not Ice (live)Live From Mars2001
Nothing At AllNo Mercy In This Land2018
Number ThreeThe Will To Live1997
Number Three (live)Live From Mars2001
Number With No NameWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
One More ChangeWide Open Light2023
One Road To FreedomFight For Your Mind1995
OppressionFight For Your Mind1995
ParisWinter Is For Lovers2020
Paris Sunrise #7Lifeline2007
Pay The ManPleasure And Pain1992
People LeadFight For Your Mind1995
Picture In A FrameBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Picture Of JesusDiamonds From The Inside2003
Picture Of JesusThere Will Be A Light2004
Picture Of Jesus (live)Live At The Apollo2005
Pink BalloonCall It What It Is2016
Please BleedBurn To Shine1999
Please Bleed (live)Live From Mars2001
Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm EatingBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Please Me Like You Want ToFight For Your Mind1995
Pleasure And PainPleasure And Pain1992
Pleasure And PainWelcome To The Cruel World1994
Pleasure And Pain (live)Live From Mars2001
Power Of The GospelFight For Your Mind1995
Power Of The Gospel (live)Live From Mars2001
Pray That Our Love Sees The DawnGive Till It's Gone2011
Problem ChildBloodline Maintenance2022
Put It On MeLifeline2007
Quarter Of A ManPleasure And Pain1992
Reason To MournBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Rock'n' Roll Is FreeGive Till It's Gone2011
Roses From My FriendsThe Will To Live1997
Roses From My Friends (live)Live From Mars2001
Satisfied MindThere Will Be A Light2004
Satisfied Mind (live)Live At The Apollo2005
Say You WillLifeline2007
Serve Your SoulBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Sexual Healing (live)Live From Mars2001
She Got KickGet Up!2013
She's Only Happy In The SunDiamonds From The Inside2003
Shimmer And ShineWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
ShineCall It What It Is2016
Show Me A Little ShameBurn To Shine1999
Skin ThinWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
Smile At The MentionBloodline Maintenance2022
So High So LowDiamonds From The Inside2003
Spilling FaithGive Till It's Gone2011
Steal My KissesBurn To Shine1999
Steal My Kisses (live)Live From Mars2001
Suzie BlueBurn To Shine1999
Sweet Home ChicagoPleasure And Pain1992
Sweet Nothing SerenadeBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Take My HandThere Will Be A Light2004
Take My Hand (live)Live At The Apollo2005
Temporary RemedyDiamonds From The Inside2003
Thank You Pat BrayerWide Open Light2023
The Bottle Wins AgainNo Mercy In This Land2018
The Bottle Wins Again (live)No Mercy In This Land2018
The Drugs Don't Work (live)Live From Mars2001
The Three Of UsWelcome To The Cruel World1994
The Way You Found MeBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
The Will To LiveThe Will To Live1997
The Woman In YouBurn To Shine1999
The Word SuicideWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
There Will Be A LightThere Will Be A Light2004
There Will Be A Light (live)Live At The Apollo2005
TorontoWinter Is For Lovers2020
Toronto (Reprise)Winter Is For Lovers2020
Touch From Your LustDiamonds From The Inside2003
Trust You To Dig My GraveNo Mercy In This Land2018
Trust You To Dig My Grave (live)No Mercy In This Land2018
Trying Not To Fall In Love With YouWide Open Light2023
Two Hands Of A PrayerBurn To Shine1999
Up Tp You NowWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
VeronaWinter Is For Lovers2020
Waiting For YouBoth Sides Of The Gun2006
Waiting On A SignGive Till It's Gone2011
Waiting On An AngelWelcome To The Cruel World1994
Waiting On An AngelBy My Side2012
Waiting On An Angel (live)Live From Mars2001
Walk AwayWelcome To The Cruel World1994
Walk Away (live)Live From Mars2001
We Can't End This WayGet Up!2013
We Need To Talk About ItBloodline Maintenance2022
Welcome To The Cruel WorldWelcome To The Cruel World1994
Welcome To The Cruel World (live)Live From Mars2001
Well, Well, WellThere Will Be A Light2004
Well, Well, Well (live)Live At The Apollo2005
When I GoNo Mercy In This Land2018
When It's GoodDiamonds From The Inside2003
When Love Is Not EnoughNo Mercy In This Land2018
When Sex Was DirtyCall It What It Is2016
When She BelievesDiamonds From The Inside2003
Where Could I GoThere Will Be A Light2004
Where Could I Go (live)Live At The Apollo2005
Where Did We Go WrongBloodline Maintenance2022
Whipping BoyPleasure And Pain1992
Whipping BoyWelcome To The Cruel World1994
Why Must You Always Dress In BlackWhite Lies For Dark Times2009
Wicked ManThere Will Be A Light2004
Wicked Man (live)Live At The Apollo2005
Wide Open LightWide Open Light2023
Widow Of A Living ManThe Will To Live1997
With My Own Two HandsDiamonds From The Inside2003
Woman In You (live)Live From Mars2001
Yard SaleWide Open Light2023
You Found Another Lover (I Lost Another Friend)Get Up!2013
You Should Have Come To MePleasure And Pain1992
Younger Than TodayLifeline2007

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