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A Fortune Tellers DreamAt The End Of The Sea2010
A Night Like ThisSkeleton Dreams2020
A Thousand Lakes (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
A Thousand LakesWondersMinor Sun2016
AgainFlying With The Owl2018
All Those Days (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Another DeathMinor Sun2016
Another Death (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
ApologiseSkeleton Dreams2020
BadlandsIscariot Blues2012
Bitter Sweet Good-ByeMinor Sun2016
Bitter Sweet Good-Bye (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Black Cat NightsAt The End Of The Sea2010
Close To The FireMinor Sun2016
Close To The Fire (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Colours Of MindA Stranger To Tears2008
Counting TearsAt The End Of The Sea2010
CrossroadsMinor Sun2016
Crossroads (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Dark RainAt The End Of The Sea2010
Dark Rain (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Dark RevolutionIscariot Blues2012
Dark SuzanneSkeleton Dreams2020
Darkness (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Down On The LaneMinor Sun2016
Down On The Lane (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
EndMinor Sun2016
End (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
End Of AllAt The End Of The Sea2010
Endless SleepAt The End Of The Sea2010
Endless Time To SeeMinor Sun2016
Endless Time To See (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Essai NoirA Stranger To Tears2008
Fight SongDiary Of A Lost2007
ForgivenessDiary Of A Lost2007
Friends Of MineSkeleton Dreams2020
Galilee SongA Stranger To Tears2008
GhostsFlying With The Owl2018
Golden AgeIscariot Blues2012
Haddon HallIscariot Blues2012
Haddon Hall (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Heart Of A GunA Stranger To Tears2008
Hold On To This NightSkeleton Dreams2020
HuntersDiary Of A Lost2007
Hunters (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
I Come To GriefSkeleton Dreams2020
I Pray For YouFlying With The Owl2018
In SilenceAt The End Of The Sea2010
In The DarkFlying With The Owl2018
In Your EyesA Stranger To Tears2008
Into BlackA Stranger To Tears2008
Into My ArmsFlying With The Owl2018
Isle Of DesireDiary Of A Lost2007
June 2ndIscariot Blues2012
King's Men Come (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Kingdoms Of CancerDiary Of A Lost2007
Kingdoms Of Cancer (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Kings Men ComeAt The End Of The Sea2010
La reve de l'infideleDiary Of A Lost2007
Last KissA Stranger To Tears2008
Last Night HomeIscariot Blues2012
LovehateDiary Of A Lost2007
Maybe God KnowsSkeleton Dreams2020
MonstersFlying With The Owl2018
Monsters In MeDiary Of A Lost2007
NakedSkeleton Dreams2020
NarcissusA Stranger To Tears2008
NarcoticaAt The End Of The Sea2010
NevertimeDiary Of A Lost2007
Nine While NineSkeleton Dreams2020
ObscuraAt The End Of The Sea2010
One DayA Stranger To Tears2008
One Step To HeavenDiary Of A Lost2007
ProphecyIscariot Blues2012
Psycho FloodA Stranger To Tears2008
Rainbow ManSkeleton Dreams2020
ResurgenceSkeleton Dreams2020
RiverFlying With The Owl2018
RumoursAt The End Of The Sea2010
Rumours (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Sacrificed To The GodsAt The End Of The Sea2010
Seven - Day Wonder (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Seven-Day WonderIscariot Blues2012
Shades Of SummerFlying With The Owl2018
Shadow DancerA Stranger To Tears2008
Silent LandMinor Sun2016
Simple DeathA Stranger To Tears2008
StairsIscariot Blues2012
Suicide DayFlying With The Owl2018
Suicide LandscapeDiary Of A Lost2007
Suicide Landscape (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Tell Me WhyA Stranger To Tears2008
The Lonesome Death Of A Goth DJA Stranger To Tears2008
The Lonesome Death Of A Goth DJ (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
The World Is Going OnSkeleton Dreams2020
This TimeA Stranger To Tears2008
This Time (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
TrappedDiary Of A Lost2007
Tunnel Of PainFlying With The Owl2018
Victims Of Love (Qui tollis)Diary Of A Lost2007
Voices Of WinterIscariot Blues2012
Waiting In The ForestMinor Sun2016
Waiting In The Forest (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Wednesday RadioMinor Sun2016
Where Has It All GoneSkeleton Dreams2020
Where Has It all Gone (Desert Mix)Skeleton Dreams2020
Whisful PromiseA Stranger To Tears2008
Winter SongMinor Sun2016
WondersMinor Sun2016
Wonders (live)Minor Sun - Live In Zurich2017
Wood Song (Instrumental)Flying With The Owl2018

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