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10.000 FeetPainting It Red2000
101% ManGaze2003
36DCarry On Up The Charts1994
36D (Beautiful South)Soup2007
36D (live)The BBC Sessions2007
A Little Piece Of AdvicePainting It Red2000
A Little TimeChoke1990
A Little TimeCarry On Up The Charts1994
A Little TimeSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
A Little Time (Beautiful South)Soup2007
A Little Time (live)The BBC Sessions2007
AloneBlue Is The Colour1996
Angels And DevilsGaze2003
Artificial FlowersBlue Is The Colour1996
Baby Please GoPainting It Red2000
Bed Of NailsSuperbi2006
Bell Bottomed Tear08981992
Bell Bottomed TearCarry On Up The Charts1994
Big CoinQuench1998
Blackbird On The WireBlue Is The Colour1996
Blackbird On The WireSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Blitzkrieg BopGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
Build (Housemartins)Soup2007
But 'til Then (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Caravan Of Love (Housemartins)Soup2007
Cat Loves The MouseSuperbi2006
Chicken WingsPainting It Red2000
CiaoGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
Closer Than MostPainting It Red2000
Closer Than MostSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Danielle Steele (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Diamonds (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Don'r Marry HerSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Don't Marry HerBlue Is The Colour1996
Don't Marry Her (Beautiful South)Soup2007
Don't Stop MovingGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
Dream A Little DreamSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
DumbSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Dumb (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Especially For YouMiaow1994
Especially For You (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Everybody's Talkin'Solid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Everybody's Talkin' (Beautiful South)Soup2007
Everybody's Talkin' (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Everybody's Talkin' (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Everybody's Talkin' (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Everybodys Talkin'Miaow1994
Everybodys Talkin'Carry On Up The Charts1994
Final SparkPainting It Red2000
Five Get Over Excited (Housemartins)Soup2007
Flag Day (Housemartins)Soup2007
FoundationsBlue Is The Colour1996
Frank And Delores (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
From Now OnSuperbi2006
From Under The CoversWelcome To The Beautiful South1989
From Under The Covers (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Get HereGaze2003
GirlfriendWelcome To The Beautiful South1989
Girlfriend (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Good As GoldMiaow1994
Good As GoldCarry On Up The Charts1994
Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud)Solid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) (Beautiful South)Soup2007
Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Half Hearted Get (Is Second Best)Painting It Red2000
Half Of HimGaze2003
Happy Hour (Housemartins)Soup2007
Have FunBlue Is The Colour1996
Have You Ever Been AwayWelcome To The Beautiful South1989
Here It Is Again08981992
Hidden JukeboxMiaow1994
His Time Ran Out (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Hit ParadePainting It Red2000
Hold Me Close (Underground)Miaow1994
Hold On To WhatMiaow1994
Hooligans Don't Fall In LoveMiaow1994
Hot On The Heels Of HeartbreakPainting It Red2000
How Long's A Tear Take To DryQuench1998
How Long's A Tear Take To DrySolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
How Long's A Tear Take To Dry (Beautiful South)Soup2007
I Hate You (But You're Interesting)Choke1990
I Love You (But You're Boring)Welcome To The Beautiful South1989
I May Be UglyQuench1998
I Started A Joke (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
I Think The Answer's YesChoke1990
I'll Sail This Ship AloneWelcome To The Beautiful South1989
I'll Sail This Ship AloneCarry On Up The Charts1994
I'll Sail This Ship Alone (Beautiful South)Soup2007
I'll Sail This Ship Alone (live)The BBC Sessions2007
I'm Your No. 1 Fan08981992
I've Come For My AwardChoke1990
If We CrawlPainting It Red2000
Im Stone In Love With YouGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
In Other Words I Hate You (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Just A Few Things That I Ain'tGaze2003
Just A Few Things That I Ain't (Beautiful South)Soup2007
Just Checkin'Painting It Red2000
Let Go With The FlowGaze2003
Let Love Speak Up ItselfChoke1990
Let Love Speak Up ItselfCarry On Up The Charts1994
Let Love Speak Up Itself (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Liars BarBlue Is The Colour1996
Life Vs. The LifelessGaze2003
Little BlueBlue Is The Colour1996
Livin' ThingGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
Loneliness (Hidden Track)Gaze2003
Look What I Found In My BeerQuench1998
Losing ThingsQuench1998
Love IsWelcome To The Beautiful South1989
Love Wars (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Lure Of The SeaQuench1998
Masculine EclipsePainting It Red2000
Me And The Farmer (Housemartins)Soup2007
MirrorBlue Is The Colour1996
Mothers PrideChoke1990
My BookChoke1990
My BookCarry On Up The Charts1994
Never Lost A Chicken To A FoxSuperbi2006
Next VerseSuperbi2006
Oh BlackpoolWelcome To The Beautiful South1989
Old Red Eyes Is Back08981992
Old Red Eyes Is BackCarry On Up The Charts1994
Old Red Eyes Is BackSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Old Red Eyes Is Back (Beautiful South)Soup2007
Old Red Eyes Is Back (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Old Red Eyes Is Back (live)The BBC Sessions2007
One GodBlue Is The Colour1996
One Last Love SongCarry On Up The Charts1994
One Last Love SongSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
One Last Love Song (Beautiful South)Soup2007
One Last Love Song (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Perfect 10Quench1998
Perfect 10Solid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Perfect 10 (Beautiful South)Soup2007
Perfect 10 (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Pretenders To The ThroneSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Prettiest EyesMiaow1994
Prettiest EyesCarry On Up The Charts1994
Prettiest Eyes (Beautiful South)Soup2007
Property QuizPainting It Red2000
Rebel PrinceGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
RotterdamBlue Is The Colour1996
Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)Solid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) (Beautiful South)Soup2007
Sailing SoloGaze2003
Should've Kept My Eyes ShutChoke1990
Size (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Something That You Said08981992
Song For WhoeverWelcome To The Beautiful South1989
Song For WhoeverCarry On Up The Charts1994
Song For WhoeverSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
Song For Whoever (Beautiful South)Soup2007
Song For Whoever (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Spit It All OutGaze2003
Straight In At 37Welcome To The Beautiful South1989
The Domino Man08981992
The GatesGaze2003
The Last WaltzGaze2003
The Lure Of The Sea (live)The BBC Sessions2007
The MediterraneanPainting It Red2000
The Mediterranean (Morcheeba Mix)Solid Bronze - Great Hits2001
The ReaperGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
The Rising Of Grafton StreetChoke1990
The RiverPainting It Red2000
The RiverSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
The Rocking Chair08981992
The Root Of All EvilSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
The Rose Of My CologneSuperbi2006
The SlideQuench1998
The Sound Of North AmericaBlue Is The Colour1996
The TableQuench1998
The Table (live)The BBC Sessions2007
There Is SongSuperbi2006
They Used To Wear Black (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Think For A Minute (Housemartins)Soup2007
This Old SkinGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
This Will Be Our YearGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
Throw His Song Away (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Til' You Can't Tuck It In AnymorePainting It Red2000
Till I Can't Take It AnymoreGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
Tonight I Fancy MyselfChoke1990
Tonight I Fancy Myself (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Trevor You're Bizarre (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Tupperware QueenPainting It Red2000
Use It Up And Wear It Out (live)The BBC Sessions2007
ValentineGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
We Are Each Other08981992
We Are Each OtherCarry On Up The Charts1994
We'll Deal With You Later08981992
What You See Is What You Get (Bonus Track)Choke1990
When I'm 8408981992
When Romance Is DeadSuperbi2006
White Teeth (Bonus Track)Painting It Red2000
Who's Gonna TellPainting It Red2000
Window Shopping For BlindsQuench1998
Woman In The WallWelcome To The Beautiful South1989
Woman In The Wall (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
Woman In The Wall (live)The BBC Sessions2007
Worthless LieMiaow1994
You Can Call Me LeisurePainting It Red2000
You Just Can't Smile It Away (Bonus Track)Carry On Up The Charts1994
You Keep It All InWelcome To The Beautiful South1989
You Keep It All InCarry On Up The Charts1994
You Keep It All InSolid Bronze - Great Hits2001
You Keep It All In (Beautiful South)Soup2007
You Keep It All In (live)The BBC Sessions2007
You Keep It All In (live)The BBC Sessions2007
You Keep It All In (live)The BBC Sessions2007
You Keep It All In (live)The BBC Sessions2007
You Play Glockenspiel, I'll Play Drums08981992
You're The One That I WantGolddiggas, Headnodders And Pholk Songs2004
Your Father And IQuench1998

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