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Alatar - Forgotten Wizards IIThird Age Of The Sun2005
Attack Of The OrcsSword's Song2003
AwakeningThe Last Alliance2008
Beneath The WavesEvernight2007
Bow And HelmDoombound2011
Buccaneers InnSword's Song2003
Cloaked In Her UnlightThird Age Of The Sun2005
Daughter Of The SunThe Last Alliance2008
Doom And Oblivion (Bonus Track)Evernight2007
DragonslayerSword's Song2003
Dwimmerlaik (Bonus Track)Third Age Of The Sun2005
Elessar's Call (Bonus Track)Third Age Of The Sun2005
Elves Of LuvaThird Age Of The Sun2005
Epic DreamsThe Last Alliance2008
Exile The DaystarThe Last Alliance2008
FangornWhere The Shadows Lie2002
Fate Of The BetrayedDoombound2011
Feast For The Wanderer (Hidden Track)Where The Shadows Lie2002
Forked HeightSword's Song2003
Ghan Of The WoodsThird Age Of The Sun2005
Gollum's CryThird Age Of The Sun2005
Green DragonThe Last Alliance2008
GuardiansThe Last Alliance2008
Gwaith-I-MirdainThird Age Of The Sun2005
Horns Of GondorSword's Song2003
House Of HeroesEvernight2007
Into The New WorldEvernight2007
Iron Of DeathDoombound2011
Journey To Undying LandsWhere The Shadows Lie2002
Khazad-Dum Pt. 1 (Ages Of Mithril)Where The Shadows Lie2002
Khazad-Dum Pt. 2 (Silent Caverns)Sword's Song2003
Last Of The LordsDoombound2011
Longing HorizonEvernight2007
Mask Of FliesEvernight2007
Men As WolvesDoombound2011
MoontowerThe Last Alliance2008
Ocean's ElysiumEvernight2007
Of Orcs And ElvesThird Age Of The Sun2005
Olden GodsDoombound2011
Pallando - Forgotten Wizards IThird Age Of The Sun2005
Raging GoblinWhere The Shadows Lie2002
Ride With The DragonsWhere The Shadows Lie2002
ShadowgateWhere The Shadows Lie2002
Sons Of RiddermarkSword's Song2003
Starlight KingdomSword's Song2003
Storm Of The BladesThird Age Of The Sun2005
Summon The WolvesEvernight2007
Sword's SongSword's Song2003
SwordmasterWhere The Shadows Lie2002
The Cloak And The DaggerEvernight2007
The Curse Of The Kings (Bonus Track)Sword's Song2003
The Great GatheringThe Last Alliance2008
The Green MaidWhere The Shadows Lie2002
The Grey WizardWhere The Shadows Lie2002
The Mark Of The BearSword's Song2003
The Star Of High HopeThe Last Alliance2008
The Tale Of The Downfall (Bonus Track)Evernight2007
The War Of WrathSword's Song2003
Third ImmortalThe Last Alliance2008
Thousand CavesThird Age Of The Sun2005
Touch Of Green And GoldThird Age Of The Sun2005
TrollshawsThird Age Of The Sun2005
Usvainen RhunThird Age Of The Sun2005
Valier - Queens Of The ValarThird Age Of The Sun2005
Voice Of The FallenThe Last Alliance2008
We Are The LegionsEvernight2007

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