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20-20 HindsightFake Nudes2017
AMaybe You Should Drive1994
AdriftBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Alternative GirlfriendMaybe You Should Drive1994
Alternative GirlfriendDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
AluminumEverything To Everyone2003
Am I The Only OneMaybe You Should Drive1994
Angry People (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Another HeartbreakAll In Good Time2010
Another PostcardEverything To Everyone2003
Another PostcardHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
Another Postcard (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)Everything To Everyone2003
Another Spin (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Baby SeatMaroon2000
Bag Of BonesFake Nudes2017
Bank JobBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Be My Yoko OnoGordon1992
Be My Yoko OnoDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
Beautiful (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Big Bang Theory ThemeHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
Big Bang Theory Theme (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Blame It On MeGordon1992
Box SetGordon1992
Break Your HeartBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
Brian WilsonGordon1992
Brian WilsonDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
Brian Wilson (live)Hits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
Brian Wilson (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Bringing It HomeFake Nudes2017
Bull In A China ShopBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Call And AnswerStunt1998
Call And AnswerDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
Call And AnswerHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
Call Me CalmlyBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
Canada DryFake Nudes2017
CelebrityEverything To Everyone2003
Clearly LostIn Flight2023
Down To Earth (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Drawing (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Duct Tape Heart (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Dusty RoomsFake Nudes2017
EasyBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
EasyHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
EnidDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
Enough TimeIn Flight2023
Every Subway CarAll In Good Time2010
Everything Had ChangedBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Everything Old Is New AgainMaybe You Should Drive1994
Falling For The First TimeMaroon2000
Falling For The First TimeDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
Falling For The First TimeHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
Falling For The First Time (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Fifty For A WhileIn Flight2023
Flying DreamsFake Nudes2017
For YouEverything To Everyone2003
Four SecondsAll In Good Time2010
Fun And Games (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Get Back Up (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Get In LineDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
Go HomeMaroon2000
Golden BoyAll In Good Time2010
Gonna Walk (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Grade 9Gordon1992
Great ProviderMaybe You Should Drive1994
Half A Heart (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Have You Seen My LoveEverything To Everyone2003
Hello CityGordon1992
HomeBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
How LongAll In Good Time2010
I Am Asking You ToIn Flight2023
I Can I Will I Do (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
I Have LearnedAll In Good Time2010
I KnowBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
I Live With It Every DayBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
I Love YouGordon1992
I Saw ItAll In Good Time2010
I'll Be That GirlStunt1998
If I Had $ 1.000.000Hits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
If I Had $ 1000000Born On A Pirate Ship1996
If I Had $1.000.000 (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
If I Had $1000000Gordon1992
If I Had $1000000Disc One: All Their Gretest2001
In The CarStunt1998
In The DrinkBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
IntermittentlyMaybe You Should Drive1994
Invisible FenceFake Nudes2017
It's All Been DoneStunt1998
It's All Been DoneDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
It's All Been DoneHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
It's Only Me (The Wizard Of Magicland)Disc One: All Their Gretest2001
JaneMaybe You Should Drive1994
JaneDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
JeromeAll In Good Time2010
Just A ToyBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
Just WaitIn Flight2023
Life, In A NutshellMaybe You Should Drive1994
Light Up My RoomStunt1998
Light Up My Room (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Little Tiny SongMaybe You Should Drive1994
Long Way Back Home (Bonus Track)Stunt1998
Lookin' UpFake Nudes2017
Lovers In A Dangerous TimeDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
Lovin' LifeIn Flight2023
Maybe KatieEverything To Everyone2003
Maybe Katie (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)Everything To Everyone2003
Maybe Not (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Maybe You're RightBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
NavigateFake Nudes2017
Never Do AnythingMaroon2000
Never Is EnoughStunt1998
New Kid (On The Block)Gordon1992
Next TimeEverything To Everyone2003
Nobody BetterFake Nudes2017
Odds Are (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Off The HookMaroon2000
On The LookoutAll In Good Time2010
One And Only (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
One NightIn Flight2023
One WeekStunt1998
One WeekDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
One WeekHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
One Week (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
OrdinaryAll In Good Time2010
Passcode (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Peterborough And The KawarthasBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Pinch MeMaroon2000
Pinch MeDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
Pinch Me (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Pinch Me (Radio Version)Hits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
Quality (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Rock And Roll (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Rule The World With LoveBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Running Out Of Ink (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Same ThingBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
Second BestEverything To Everyone2003
Second Best (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)Everything To Everyone2003
See The TowerIn Flight2023
Sell Sell SellMaroon2000
Serendipity (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
She's On Time (Bonus Track)Stunt1998
Shoe BoxBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
Shoe BoxDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
ShoppingEverything To Everyone2003
Some FantasticStunt1998
Something You'll Never Find (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Sound Of Your VoiceBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Spider In My RoomBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
Stomach Vs. HeartBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
Straw Hat And Old Dirty HankBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
SummertimeAll In Good Time2010
SunshineFake Nudes2017
Take It BackBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Take It OutsideEverything To Everyone2003
Testing 1, 2, 3Hits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
Testing 1,2,3Everything To Everyone2003
Thanks That Was FunDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
The Dream HotelIn Flight2023
The FlagGordon1992
The Humour Of The SituationMaroon2000
The King Of Bedside ManorGordon1992
The Love We're InAll In Good Time2010
The New Sad (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
The Old ApartmentBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
The Old ApartmentDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
The Old ApartmentHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
The Old Apartment (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
The Peace LadyIn Flight2023
The Township Of KingFake Nudes2017
The Wrong Man Was ConvictedMaybe You Should Drive1994
These ApplesMaybe You Should Drive1994
This Is Where It EndsBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
Told You SoStunt1998
Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The WheelMaroon2000
Too Little Too LateMaroon2000
Too Little Too LateDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
Too Little Too LateHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
Too OldIn Flight2023
UnfinishedEverything To Everyone2003
Upside DownEverything To Everyone2003
VanishingBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Wake UpIn Flight2023
Waning MoonIn Flight2023
War On DrugsEverything To Everyone2003
We Took The NightFake Nudes2017
What A Good BoyGordon1992
What A Good BoyDisc One: All Their Gretest2001
What A Letdown (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
What Do We NeedIn Flight2023
When I FallBorn On A Pirate Ship1996
When You DreamStunt1998
Who Can It Be Now (+ Colin Hay) (live)BNL Rocks Red Rocks2016
Who Needs SleepStunt1998
Why Say Anything Nice (Bonus Track)Barenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Wind It UpBarenaked Ladies Are Me2006
Wrap Your Arms Around MeGordon1992
You And Me Vs. The WorldFake Nudes2017
You Run AwayAll In Good Time2010
You Run AwayHits From Yesterday And The Day Before2011
You Will Be WaitingMaybe You Should Drive1994

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