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Ain't Gonna WinTales Of The Crown2008
Ain't Gonna WinBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
All Along The Watchtower (Bonus Track)Game Of Sins2016
All The Rest Of My LifeShadow Zone2002
All The Rest Of My LifeThe Ballads III2004
Angel EyesTales Of The Crown2008
AnkhaiaRisen Symbol2024
Aqua SolutionBlack Moon Pyramid1996
Aquarious DanceBlack Moon Pyramid1996
As Blind As A Fool Can BeSign Of The Times2020
As Blind As A Fool Can BeThe Ballads VI2023
Ashes From The OathOceans Of Time1998
Ashes From The OathThe Ballads II1999
Aus und vorbeiThe Crest2010
Bad ReputationSign Of The Times2020
Beautiful DayDiamonds Unlocked2007
Beautiful DayBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
Before I DieCircle Of The Oath2012
Before I Die (live)Live On Fire2013
Between The WallsBetween The Walls1994
Beyond The LightKnights Call2018
Beyond The LightThe Ballads VI2023
Black Cat WomanDiamonds Unlocked II2021
Black Moon PyramidBlack Moon Pyramid1996
Black Night (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Breaking The RulesGame Of Sins2016
Bridges To NowhereCircle Of The Oath2012
Broken DreamsThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Broken HeartWild Obsession1989
Broken HeartThe Ballads II1999
Broken Heart (Demo Version)The Ballads1993
Broken Heart (Guitar Version)The Ballads1993
Buried AliveTales Of The Crown2008
Burn - Purple Haze - Call Her PrincessThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Burning ChainsInto The Storm2014
Burning Chains (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Burning RainThe Crest2010
Call Her PrincessWild Obsession1989
Call Her Princess (live)Made in Germany - Live1995
Call Her Princess (live)Knights Live2002
Call Of The Wild DogsWild Obsession1989
CarouselOceans Of Time1998
CarouselThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
CarouselBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
Carousel (live)Knights Live2002
CasbahBetween The Walls1994
CasbahThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Casbah (incl. Eternal Prisoner) (live)Made in Germany - Live1995
Casbah (live)Knights Live2002
Casbah (live)Knights Live2002
Changing TimesInto The Storm2014
Circle Of The OathCircle Of The Oath2012
Circle Of The Oath (live)Live On Fire2013
Cold As IceWild Obsession1989
Cold HeavenKings And Queens2004
Come Back To MeThe Ballads II1999
Come Back To MeThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Coming HomeShadow Zone2002
CrossfireTales Of The Crown2008
Cry Of The GypsyBetween The Walls1994
Crying In PainRisen Symbol2024
Dark Waves Of The Sea (Oceans Of Time Pt. II: The Dark Side)The Crest2010
Darkest HourRisen Symbol2024
Der schwarze Abt (Intro)Diamonds Unlocked II2021
Desert FireBetween The Walls1994
Devil ZoneThe Crest2010
Diamonds And RustThe Ballads VI2023
Don't Say GoodbyeThe Ballads III2004
Down On The StreetsLost XXIII2022
Dreaming DeadThe Crest2010
Dreams Of PassionEternal Prisoner1992
Dreams Of PassionThe Ballads1993
Drum Battle (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Drum Solo (live)Live On Fire2013
Drumsolo (live)Knights Live2002
Dust In The WindThe Ballads VI2023
EagleDiamonds Unlocked II2021
Earls Of BlackThe Masquerade Ball2000
Edge Of The WorldShadow Zone2002
Edge Of The WorldBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
Edge Of The World (live)Knights Live2002
Emotional EchoesTales Of The Crown2008
Eternal PrisonerEternal Prisoner1992
Eternal PrisonerThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Falling StarGame Of Sins2016
Falling TearsThe Ballads1993
Fighting The LawNasty Reputation1991
FireGame Of Sins2016
Fire On The Mountain (live)Made in Germany - Live1995
FirewallNasty Reputation1991
Fly To The MoonMystica2006
Fly With MeLost XXIII2022
Fly With MeThe Ballads VI2023
Flyin' HighKings And Queens2004
Follow The BeastLost XXIII2022
Follow The SignShadow Zone2002
Follow The Sign (live)Knights Live2002
Follow The SunKnights Call2018
Fool FoolBlack Moon Pyramid1996
Fool FoolThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Fool Fool (live)Knights Live2002
Fool Fool (live)Live On Fire2013
Fool Fool (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Fools GameDiamonds Unlocked2007
Forever AngelThe Ballads III2004
Forever AngelKings And Queens2004
Forever Angel (Accoustic)The Ballads III2004
Forever Angel (Acoustic)Best Of - Anniversary Edition2009
Forever FreeGame Of Sins2016
Forever FreeThe Ballads V2017
Forever StrongRisen Symbol2024
Forever YoungThe Ballads1993
Fortunes Of WarCircle Of The Oath2012
Freight TrainLost XXIII2022
Game Of SinsGame Of Sins2016
Gates Of The Seven SealsOceans Of Time1998
Gettin' DangerousBlack Moon Pyramid1996
Ghost In The BlackCircle Of The Oath2012
Ghost In The Black (live)Live On Fire2013
GhosthunterThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Glory NightThe Crest2010
Glory NightThe Ballads IV2011
Gone With The WindLost XXIII2022
Gone With The WindThe Ballads VI2023
Guardian AngelRisen Symbol2024
GunfireSign Of The Times2020
HallelujahThe Ballads IV2011
Haunted Castle SerenadeMystica2006
Haunted Castle Serenade (Opus #4 Grazioso E Agresso)The Ballads IV2011
Hear You Calling MeWild Obsession1989
Hear You Calling MeThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
HeartbreakerShadow Zone2002
HeartbreakerThe Ballads III2004
HeartbreakerDiamonds Unlocked2007
Hell's On FireRisen Symbol2024
Hey Hey My MyInto The Storm2014
Hey Hey My MyThe Ballads V2017
Hey Hey My My (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Hey JoeThe Ballads1993
Hey JoeThe Ballads II1999
Hidden SecretsThe Ballads VI2023
High AboveInto The Storm2014
HigherTales Of The Crown2008
Hold On To Your DreamsCircle Of The Oath2012
Hole In The SkyBlack Moon Pyramid1996
Holy CreaturesOceans Of Time1998
Holy DiverThe Ballads IV2011
Hot WheelsThe Masquerade Ball2000
I Believe In YouThe Ballads II1999
I Put A Spell On YouDiamonds Unlocked II2021
I Put A Spell On YouThe Ballads VI2023
I See FireThe Ballads V2017
I Will SurviveNasty Reputation1991
Immigrant SongRisen Symbol2024
In The Air TonightDiamonds Unlocked2007
In The Air TonightBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
In The Air TonightThe Ballads IV2011
Innocent ChildBetween The Walls1994
Innocent ChildThe Ballads II1999
Into The FireSign Of The Times2020
Into The StormInto The Storm2014
Into The Storm (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
July MorningThe Masquerade Ball2000
Keyboard Solo - Carousel - Jam - Carousel (live)Live On Fire2013
Lady Of The LakeDiamonds Unlocked II2021
Land Of The GiantsNasty Reputation1991
Land Of The GiantsThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Legions Of HellKings And Queens2004
Lenta Fortuna (Intro)Game Of Sins2016
Light In The SkyMagic1997
Like A Child AgainDiamonds Unlocked2007
Like A Child AgainThe Ballads IV2011
Live For The KingShadow Zone2002
Lived Our Lives BeforeCircle Of The Oath2012
Lived Our Lives BeforeThe Ballads V2017
Living A LieMystica2006
Living In A DreamSign Of The Times2020
Living On The WildsideOceans Of Time1998
Long Live RockKnights Call2018
Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Long TimeEternal Prisoner1992
Long Way To GoInto The Storm2014
Long Way To Go (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Losing The GameMystica2006
Lost In LoveGame Of Sins2016
Lost In LoveThe Ballads V2017
Lost XXIIILost XXIII2022
Lost XXIII Prequel (Intro)Lost XXIII2022
Love GunDiamonds Unlocked2007
Love GunThe Ballads IV2011
Love's Holding OnThe Ballads V2017
Love's Holding On (Radio Edit)The Ballads V2017
MagicThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Masquerade Ball (live)Knights Live2002
Mistreated (live)Made in Germany - Live1995
Mistreated (live)The Wizards Chosen Few2000
Mistreated (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Mistreated (live)The Ballads V2017
Morning StarThe Ballads VI2023
MysticaBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
Mystica (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Mystica - Mistreated - Mystica (live)Live On Fire2013
Nasty ReputationNasty Reputation1991
Nasty ReputationThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Nasty Reputation (live)Made in Germany - Live1995
Nasty Reputation (live)Knights Live2002
Nasty Reputation (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Night And RainThe Masquerade Ball2000
No Chance To LiveMystica2006
No Chance To LiveThe Ballads IV2011
No CompromiseLost XXIII2022
Noblesse Oblige (Opus #5 Adagio Contabile)The Crest2010
Noblesse Oblige (Opus #5 Adagio Contabile)The Ballads IV2011
Northern LightsTales Of The Crown2008
Northern LightsThe Ballads IV2011
Oceans Of TimeOceans Of Time1998
Oceans Of TimeThe Ballads II1999
Oceans Of TimeThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Oceans Of TimeBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
Oceans Of Time (live)Live On Fire2013
On The Edge Of Our TimeThe Ballads V2017
Only The Strong Will SurviveKings And Queens2004
Open Doors Pt. I - ExperienceNasty Reputation1991
Open Doors Pt. II - The JourneyNasty Reputation1991
Open Doors Pt. II - The JourneyThe Ballads1993
Open Doors Pt. III - Sugar Bid DaddyNasty Reputation1991
OutlawBetween The Walls1994
Paint It BlackDiamonds Unlocked II2021
Pay The PriceOceans Of Time1998
Playing With FireMagic1997
Prelude Of Doom (Intro)The Crest2010
Prelude To The MoonOceans Of Time1998
Prisoner Of LoveThe Crest2010
Prisoners Of The SeaMagic1997
PromisedWild Obsession1989
Quarantined 1The Ballads VI2023
Return Of The Calyph FromWild Obsession1989
Return Of The Pharaoh (Intro)Black Moon Pyramid1996
RevelationsThe Ballads VI2023
Ride The BulletEternal Prisoner1992
Ride The RainbowOceans Of Time1998
Riding On An ArrowTales Of The Crown2008
Right On TrackRisen Symbol2024
Rock And Roll QueenDiamonds Unlocked II2021
Rock The NationMystica2006
Rock The NationDiamonds Unlocked2007
Rock The NationBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
Rock The Nation (live)Live On Fire2013
Rock The Nation (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Room With A ViewDiamonds Unlocked II2021
Room With A ViewThe Ballads VI2023
Run With The WindCircle Of The Oath2012
Sailing AwayKings And Queens2004
Saint Of FoolsShadow Zone2002
Sarah (You Take My Breath Away)Diamonds Unlocked II2021
Sea Of EvilThe Ballads III2004
Sea Of EvilKings And Queens2004
Serenade Of Darkness (Opus #1 Adagio Con Agresso)Black Moon Pyramid1996
She's A LadyDiamonds Unlocked II2021
She's A LadyThe Ballads VI2023
Shoot Her To The MoonEternal Prisoner1992
Sign Of The TimesSign Of The Times2020
Silent AngelBlack Moon Pyramid1996
Silent AngelThe Ballads II1999
Silent Angel (Guitar Version)Black Moon Pyramid1996
Silent Angel (Guitar Version)The Ballads II1999
Since You Been Gone (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Slave Of LoveWild Obsession1989
Slaves Of TwilightOceans Of Time1998
Slaves On The RunKnights Call2018
Smoke On The Water (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Snake EyesWild Obsession1989
Snake Eyes (live)Made in Germany - Live1995
Snake Eyes (live)The Wizards Chosen Few2000
Snake Eyes (live)Knights Live2002
Sons In The NightGame Of Sins2016
Sphinx' RevengeBlack Moon Pyramid1996
Stargazer (live)Knights Live2002
Steeler Call Her Princess (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Steeler Night After Night (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Steeler Rockin'the City (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Steeler Undercover Animal (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Still I'm SadThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
StoneDiamonds Unlocked2007
Streets Of FireEternal Prisoner1992
Strong As A RockKings And Queens2004
Strong As A RockBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
Strong As A Rock (live)Live On Fire2013
Strong As A Rock (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
SurviveLost XXIII2022
Swamp Castle Overture (Intro)Magic1997
Sweet Lil' SuzieEternal Prisoner1992
Sympathy (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Take The CrownKings And Queens2004
Taken By StormRisen Symbol2024
Tales Of The CrownTales Of The Crown2008
Talk Of The GunsBetween The Walls1994
Talk Of The Guns (live)Made in Germany - Live1995
Tear Down The WallsThe Masquerade Ball2000
Tear Down The WallsBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
Tear Down The Walls (live)Knights Live2002
Tear Down The Walls (live)Live On Fire2013
Tearin' Out My HeartThe Ballads1993
The Arrival (Intro)The Masquerade Ball2000
The Black Serenade (Intro)Sign Of The Times2020
The Clown Is DeadMagic1997
The Clown Is DeadThe Ballads II1999
The Clown Is DeadThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
The Clown Is Dead (live)Knights Live2002
The Crusaders Of DoomKnights Call2018
The CurseBetween The Walls1994
The Curse Of The ChainsThe Ballads III2004
The Curse Of The Chains (Intro)Shadow Zone2002
The Curse Of The DamnedMystica2006
The Curse Of The DamnedThe Ballads IV2011
The Diamond OvertureDiamonds Unlocked2007
The End Of Our TimeThe Crest2010
The End Of The LineSign Of The Times2020
The Eyes Of The LostMagic1997
The Eyes Of The LostThe Ballads II1999
The Gate (Intro)Kings And Queens2004
The Guillotine Suite (Intro)Circle Of The Oath2012
The Guillotine Suite (Intro) (live)Live On Fire2013
The Inquisitorial ProcedureInto The Storm2014
The King Of FoolsGame Of Sins2016
The LineThe Masquerade Ball2000
The LineThe Ballads III2004
The Line (live)The Ballads V2017
The Masquerade BallThe Masquerade Ball2000
The Masquerade BallThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
The Masquerade BallBest Of - Anniversary Edition2009
The Masquerade Ball - Casbah (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
The Masquerade Ball - Casbah - Dreaming Dead - Whole Lotta Love - Dr (live)Live On Fire2013
The Medieval Overture (Intro)Knights Call2018
The Mysterious Return (Intro)Mystica2006
The Resurrection (Intro)Risen Symbol2024
The Rise Of AnkhoorLost XXIII2022
The Temple Of The HolyThe Ballads III2004
The Temple Of The Holy GhostThe Masquerade Ball2000
The Temple Of The KingThe Ballads III2004
The Wild And The YoungKnights Call2018
There's Only One Way To RockDiamonds Unlocked II2021
Till The World Says GoodbyeGame Of Sins2016
Time Of The TruthShadow Zone2002
Too LateThe Crest2010
Too Late - Eternal Prisoner - Too Late (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Total EclipseThe Wizards Chosen Few2000
Touch The RainbowBlack Moon Pyramid1996
Touching HeavenInto The Storm2014
Touching My SoulTales Of The Crown2008
Touching My SoulThe Ballads IV2011
Tower Of BabylonKnights Call2018
Tower Of LiesInto The Storm2014
Truth And LiesKnights Call2018
Turned To StoneMagic1997
Tush (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Unchain The ThunderNasty Reputation1991
Under The GunShadow Zone2002
Under The GunThe Ballads III2004
Valley Of SinMystica2006
Visions Of The NightBlack Moon Pyramid1996
Voodoo NightsThe Masquerade Ball2000
Waiting For Your CallSign Of The Times2020
Wanted ManNasty Reputation1991
WarriorBetween The Walls1994
WarriorDiamonds Unlocked2007
Warrior (live)Made in Germany - Live1995
Warrior (live)Knights Live2002
Warrior (live)Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show2015
Way To Mandalay (Bonus Track)Into The Storm2014
Wheels Rolling OnEternal Prisoner1992
When A Blind Man CriesNasty Reputation1991
When A Blind Man CriesThe Ballads1993
When Truth HurtsInto The Storm2014
When Truth HurtsThe Ballads V2017
Where The Wild Waters FlowThe Ballads IV2011
White Cats (Opus #6 Scivolare)(Bonus Track)Into The Storm2014
Wild CatWild Obsession1989
Wildest DreamsKnights Call2018
Wings Of The StormSign Of The Times2020
Wishing WellBetween The Walls1994
Won't Get Fooled AgainDiamonds Unlocked2007
World Of Confusion (The Masquerade Ball Pt. II)Circle Of The Oath2012
You And IBlack Moon Pyramid1996
You Want LoveThe Ballads1993
Your Life (Not Close Enough)Eternal Prisoner1992
Your Life (Not Close Enough)The Ballads1993

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