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A Fathers First SpringThe Carpenter2012
Ain't No ManTrue Sadness2016
And It SpreadI And Love And You2009
Another Is WaitingMagpie And The Dandelion2013
Apart From MeMagpie And The Dandelion2013
Ballad False Start (live)Live, Volume 32010
Bang BangCloser Than Together2019
Better HereCloser Than Together2019
Bleeding WhiteCloser Than Together2019
Bring Your Love To MeMagpie And The Dandelion2013
C Sections And Railway TrestlesCloser Than Together2019
Colorshow (live)Live, Volume 32010
Distraction #74 (live)Live, Volume 32010
Divorce Separation BluesTrue Sadness2016
Down With The ShineThe Carpenter2012
February SevenThe Carpenter2012
Fisher Road To HollywoodTrue Sadness2016
GeraldineThe Carpenter2012
Good To YouMagpie And The Dandelion2013
Head Full Of Doubt - Road Full Of PromiseI And Love And You2009
Head Full Of Doubt - Road Full Of Promise (live)Live, Volume 32010
High Steppin'Closer Than Together2019
I And Love And YouI And Love And You2009
I And Love And You (live)Live, Volume 32010
I Killed Sally's Lover (live)Live, Volume 32010
I Never Knew YouThe Carpenter2012
I Wish I WasTrue Sadness2016
Ill With WantI And Love And You2009
Incomplete And InsecureI And Love And You2009
It Goes On And OnI And Love And You2009
It's Raining TodayCloser Than Together2019
January WeddingI And Love And You2009
Kick Drum HeartI And Love And You2009
Kick Drum Heart (live)Live, Volume 32010
Laundry RoomI And Love And You2009
LifeThe Carpenter2012
Live And DieThe Carpenter2012
Locked UpCloser Than Together2019
Long Story ShortCloser Than Together2019
Mama, I Don't BelieveTrue Sadness2016
May It LastTrue Sadness2016
Morning SongMagpie And The Dandelion2013
Murder in the City (live)Live, Volume 32010
Never Been AliveMagpie And The Dandelion2013
New Woman's WorldCloser Than Together2019
No Hard FeelingsTrue Sadness2016
Open Ended LifeMagpie And The Dandelion2013
Paranoia In B Flat Major (live)Live, Volume 32010
Paul Newman Vs. The DemonsThe Carpenter2012
Pretty Girl From Matthews (live)Live, Volume 32010
Pretty Girl From MichiganThe Carpenter2012
Salvation Song (live)Live, Volume 32010
Satan Pulls The StringsTrue Sadness2016
Shame (live)Live, Volume 32010
Skin And BonesMagpie And The Dandelion2013
Slight Figure Of SpeechI And Love And You2009
SmithsonianTrue Sadness2016
Souls Like The WheelsMagpie And The Dandelion2013
Talk On Indolence (live)Live, Volume 32010
Tell The TruthCloser Than Together2019
Ten Thousand WordsI And Love And You2009
The Ballad Of Love And Hate (live)Live, Volume 32010
The Clearness Is GoneMagpie And The Dandelion2013
The Once And Future CarpenterThe Carpenter2012
The Perfect SpaceI And Love And You2009
The Perfect Space (live)Live, Volume 32010
Through My PrayersThe Carpenter2012
Tin ManI And Love And You2009
True SadnessTrue Sadness2016
VanityMagpie And The Dandelion2013
Victims Of LifeTrue Sadness2016
We AmericansCloser Than Together2019
When I Drink (live)Live, Volume 32010
When You LearnCloser Than Together2019
Who Will I HoldCloser Than Together2019
Winter In My HeartThe Carpenter2012
You Are MineTrue Sadness2016

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