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9:15 Nueve y QuinceWe Broke the Rules2002
9:15 Nueve y Quince (live)Unplugged2004
Alexandra Es Un TrucoGeneration Next1999
All Up 2 YouThe Last2009
Amor BonitoGeneration Next1999
Amor de MadreWe Broke the Rules2002
Amor de Madre (live)Unplugged2004
AngelitoGod's Project2005
Angelito (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Audition SkitGod's Project2005
AventuraLove And Hate2003
Bar SkitGod's Project2005
ConcienciaLove And Hate2003
Controversia (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Cuando VolverasGeneration Next1999
Cuando Volveras (English Remix)Generation Next1999
Cuando Volveras (live)Unplugged2004
Cuando Volveras (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Deja VuLove And Hate2003
Dile Al AmorThe Last2009
Dime Si Te GustoGeneration Next1999
Don't Waste My TimeLove And Hate2003
El Coro DominicanoGeneration Next1999
El DespricioThe Last2009
El MaloThe Last2009
El Perdedor (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Ella y Yo (feat. Don Omar)God's Project2005
Ensename a OlvidarWe Broke the Rules2002
Ensename a Olvidar (live)Unplugged2004
GoneWe Broke the Rules2002
Gone (live)Unplugged2004
GraciasThe Last2009
HermanitaLove And Hate2003
Hermanita And Romeo Skit (live)K.O.B. Live2006
I Believe (Yo Creo)We Broke the Rules2002
I'm SorryLove And Hate2003
IntroLove And Hate2003
IntroGod's Project2005
Jose (live)K.O.B. Live2006
La BodaGod's Project2005
La CuritaThe Last2009
La GuerraLove And Hate2003
La NinaGod's Project2005
La NovelitaGeneration Next1999
La PeliculaLove And Hate2003
La TormentaThe Last2009
LlorarLove And Hate2003
Llorar (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Los Infieles (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Los Reyes de La Bachata Moderna (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Me VoyLove And Hate2003
Mi Corazoncito (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Mi Nina CambioLove And Hate2003
Mi Puerto RicoWe Broke the Rules2002
Mi Puerto Rico (live)Unplugged2004
MujeriegoGeneration Next1999
No Lo Perdona DiosGeneration Next1999
No Lo Perdona Dios (live)Unplugged2004
ObsesionWe Broke the Rules2002
Obsesion (English Remix)We Broke the Rules2002
Obsesion (English Remix) (live)Unplugged2004
Our SongGod's Project2005
Papi DijoLove And Hate2003
PeligroThe Last2009
Perdi el ControlWe Broke the Rules2002
Perdi el Control (live)Unplugged2004
Por Tu OrgulloGod's Project2005
Por Un SegundoThe Last2009
PrincesitaThe Last2009
Pueblo por PuebloLove And Hate2003
Si Me Dejas, MueroGeneration Next1999
SkitThe Last2009
Skit Anthony, Pt. 1 (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Skit Lenny (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Soy HombreThe Last2009
Spanish FlyThe Last2009
Su VenenoThe Last2009
Su VidaThe Last2009
The Last (Intro)The Last2009
Todavia Me AmasWe Broke the Rules2002
Tu JueguitoThe Last2009
Un BesoGod's Project2005
Un Beso (live)K.O.B. Live2006
Un Chi ChiGod's Project2005
Un Poeta EnamoradoGeneration Next1999
Volvio la TraicioneraGod's Project2005
Voy MalacostrumbradoGod's Project2005
Yo Quisiera AmarlaThe Last2009
You're Lying (feat. Nina Sky)/We Got the Crown (live)God's Project2005

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