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A Little Piece Of HeavenAvenged Sevenfold2007
Acid RainHail To The King2013
AfterlifeAvenged Sevenfold2007
Almost EasyAvenged Sevenfold2007
An Epic Of Time WastedSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
And All Things Will EndWaking The Fallen2003
AngelsThe Stage2016
Bat CountryCity Of Evil2005
Beast And The HarlotCity Of Evil2005
BetrayedCity Of Evil2005
Blinded In ChainsCity Of Evil2005
Breaking Their HoldSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
Brompton CocktailAvenged Sevenfold2007
Buried AliveNightmare2010
Burn It DownCity Of Evil2005
Chapter FourWaking The Fallen2003
Clairvoyant DiseaseWaking The Fallen2003
Coming HomeHail To The King2013
Creating GodThe Stage2016
Crimson DayHail To The King2013
Critical AcclaimAvenged Sevenfold2007
Danger LineNightmare2010
Darkness SurroundingSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
Dear GodAvenged Sevenfold2007
Desecrate Through ReveranceWaking The Fallen2003
Doing TimeHail To The King2013
Eternal RestWaking The Fallen2003
ExistThe Stage2016
Fermi ParadoxThe Stage2016
Forgotten FacesSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
God DamnThe Stage2016
God Hates UsNightmare2010
GunslingerAvenged Sevenfold2007
Hail To The KingHail To The King2013
HereticHail To The King2013
HigherThe Stage2016
I Won't See You Tonight (Part 1)Waking The Fallen2003
I Won't See You Tonight (Part 2)Waking The Fallen2003
Lips Of DeceitSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
LostAvenged Sevenfold2007
M.I.A.City Of Evil2005
Natural Born KillerNightmare2010
ParadigmThe Stage2016
PlanetsHail To The King2013
Radiant EclipseWaking The Fallen2003
RemenissionsWaking The Fallen2003
RequiemHail To The King2013
Roman SkyThe Stage2016
Save MeNightmare2010
ScreamAvenged Sevenfold2007
Second HeartbeatWaking The Fallen2003
Seize The DayCity Of Evil2005
Shattered By Broken DreamsSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
Shepherd Of FireHail To The King2013
SidewinderCity Of Evil2005
SimulationThe Stage2016
So Far AwayNightmare2010
StreetsSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
Strength Of The WorldCity Of Evil2005
Sunny DispositionThe Stage2016
The Art Of Subconscious IllusionSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
The StageThe Stage2016
The Wicked EndCity Of Evil2005
Thick And ThinSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
This Means WarHail To The King2013
To End The RaptureSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
Tonight The World DiesNightmare2010
Trashed And ScatteredCity Of Evil2005
Turn The Other WaySounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
Unbound (The Wild Ride)Avenged Sevenfold2007
Unholy ConfessionsWaking The Fallen2003
Waking The FallenWaking The Fallen2003
Warmness On The SoulSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
We Come Out At NightSounding The Seventh Trumpet2001
Welcome To The FamilyNightmare2010

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