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4 Am BreakdownSchlacht2007
A Secret DoorHunter Gatherer2020
A Statue Of The KingAvatar Country2018
All Hail The QueenSchlacht2007
All Which Is BlackSchlacht2007
And I Bid You FarewellThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
As It IsSchlacht2007
Black WatersFeathers And Flesh2016
Bloody AngelHail The Apocalpyse2014
Bound To The WallThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
ChildHunter Gatherer2020
Chimp Mosh PitDance Evil Dance2023
Clouds Dipped In ChromeDance Evil Dance2023
ColossusHunter Gatherer2020
Dance Devil DanceDance Evil Dance2023
Death Of SoundHail The Apocalpyse2014
Deeper DownAvatar2009
Det är alldeles försentFeathers And Flesh2016
Die With MeSchlacht2007
Do You Feel In ControlDance Evil Dance2023
Fiddler's FarewellFeathers And Flesh2016
For The SwarmFeathers And Flesh2016
Get In LineHail The Apocalpyse2014
Glory To Our KingAvatar Country2018
God Of Sick DreamsHunter Gatherer2020
Gotta Wanna RiotDance Evil Dance2023
GunHunter Gatherer2020
Hail The ApocalypseHail The Apocalpyse2014
Hazmat SuitDance Evil Dance2023
House Of Eternal HuntFeathers And Flesh2016
I Still Hate YouSchlacht2007
I've Got Something In My Front Pocket For YouFeathers And Flesh2016
JusticeHunter Gatherer2020
King After KingAvatar Country2018
King's HarvestAvatar Country2018
Last One StandingThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
Legend Of The KingAvatar Country2018
Letters From NeverendSchlacht2007
Lullaby (Death All Over)Avatar2009
MurdererHail The Apocalpyse2014
My LieThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
My Shining StarThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
New LandFeathers And Flesh2016
Night Never EndingFeathers And Flesh2016
On The BeachDance Evil Dance2023
One - One - One - ThreeSchlacht2007
One More HillFeathers And Flesh2016
Out Of Our MindsAvatar2009
Pray The Sun AwayFeathers And Flesh2016
Puppet ShowHail The Apocalpyse2014
Queen Of BladesAvatar2009
Raven WineFeathers And Flesh2016
RegretFeathers And Flesh2016
Revolution Of TwoAvatar2009
SaneThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
Scream Until You WakeHunter Gatherer2020
Shattered WingsAvatar2009
Silence In The Age Of ApesHunter Gatherer2020
Silent Songs Of The King, Pt. 1: Winter Comes When The King Dreams Of SnowAvatar Country2018
Silent Songs Of The King, Pt. 2: The King's PalaceAvatar Country2018
Sky BurialFeathers And Flesh2016
Slave Hive MeltdownThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
Something In The WayHail The Apocalpyse2014
StrangerThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
The Dirt I'M Buried InDance Evil Dance2023
The Eagle Has LandedFeathers And Flesh2016
The End Of Our RideSchlacht2007
The Great PretenderAvatar2009
The King SpeaksAvatar Country2018
The King Welcomes You To Avatar CountryAvatar Country2018
The SkinnerThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
The WillyThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
Tooth, Beak And ClawFeathers And Flesh2016
TowerHail The Apocalpyse2014
TrainDance Evil Dance2023
Tsar BombaHail The Apocalpyse2014
Valley Of DiseaseDance Evil Dance2023
Violence No Matter What (+ Lzzy Hale)Dance Evil Dance2023
Vultures FlyHail The Apocalpyse2014
War SongThoughts Of No Tomorrow2006
What I Don't KnowHail The Apocalpyse2014
When All But Force Has FailedHunter Gatherer2020
When The Snow Lies RedFeathers And Flesh2016
When Your Darkest Hour ComesSchlacht2007
Wild FlowerSchlacht2007
WormholeHunter Gatherer2020

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