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A Minor DanceAltitude2009
AlloyCold Comfort2011
Along Ethereal LevelsWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
Angel Of DesireMy New Time2007
Answers Never QuestionedAltitude2009
Behind The Walls Of Her DesireWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
Black Stars In A Blue SkyCold Comfort2011
Blue WineMy New Time2007
Cascade (For A Day)Altitude2009
Changes For The BitterCold Comfort2011
Closest Friends ConspireMy New Time2007
Cold ComfortCold Comfort2011
Communication On OpiumMy New Time2007
Crown Of ThoughtsWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
End Of SorrowCold Comfort2011
Epilogue (What's Done Is Done)My New Time2007
Floating Towards DistressWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
For Those Who Are Left BehindWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
Forget To Remember (Sunday Mornings)My New Time2007
Gallery Of RealitySummer's End2004
Gospels In DuskSummer's End2004
Horizon LineAltitude2009
LifelineSummer's End2004
Liquid Under Film NoirAltitude2009
Mirrors Magic SightsWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
My New TimeMy New Time2007
NaeonCold Comfort2011
One Word ReminderAltitude2009
Paradise NoxAltitude2009
Quiet FriendWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
RetrospectCold Comfort2011
SatellitesMy New Time2007
ShadowmancerMy New Time2007
Solar WakeSummer's End2004
State Of MindMy New Time2007
Sulphur RodentsAltitude2009
Summer?s EndSummer's End2004
The CovenSummer's End2004
The Green AngelSummer's End2004
The Heart DemandsAltitude2009
The Mute (Inhale)Cold Comfort2011
The Rest Of My DaysWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
The ScarecrowCold Comfort2011
The Silent MadnessSummer's End2004
The VenamouredCold Comfort2011
The Witch In MeWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
This NightSummer's End2004
Truth Be Told (Exhale)Cold Comfort2011
Twisted And TurnedMy New Time2007
Vision RedSummer's End2004
When Lust Evokes The CurseWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002
Whispering SecretsSummer's End2004
Who Has Seen Her Wave Her HandWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002

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