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94 HoursFrail Worlds Collapse2003
A Breath In The Eyes Of EternityBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
A Greater FoundationAwakened2012
A Long MarchBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
A Thousand StepsFrail Worlds Collapse2003
An Ocean Between UsAn Ocean Between Us2007
Anger And ApathyThe Powerless Rise2010
Anodyne SeaThe Powerless Rise2010
Behind Me Lies Another Fallen SoldierBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
Behind Me Lies Another Fallen SoldierFrail Worlds Collapse2003
Beneath the Encasing (Re-Recorded Medley)Decas2011
Beneath The Encasing Of AshesBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
Beyond Our SufferingThe Powerless Rise2010
BlindedShaped By Fire2019
Blood Turned To TearsBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
Burn To EmergeShaped By Fire2019
Bury Us AllAn Ocean Between Us2007
Coffee MugDecas2011
CollisionFrail Worlds Collapse2003
Comfort BetraysAn Ocean Between Us2007
CondemnedThe Powerless Rise2010
ConfinedShadows Are Security2005
Confined (Kelly -Carnage- Cairns Remix)Decas2011
Control Is DeadShadows Are Security2005
DepartedAn Ocean Between Us2007
Distance Is DarknessFrail Worlds Collapse2003
Electric EyeDecas2011
ElegyFrail Worlds Collapse2003
Elegy (Big Chocolate Remix)Decas2011
Empty HeartsShadows Are Security2005
Falling Upon Deaf EarsFrail Worlds Collapse2003
Forced To DieBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
ForeverFrail Worlds Collapse2003
ForsakenAn Ocean Between Us2007
From Shapeless To BreakableDecas2011
GatekeeperShaped By Fire2019
I Never WantedAn Ocean Between Us2007
IllusionsShadows Are Security2005
Losing SightShadows Are Security2005
Meaning In TragedyShadows Are Security2005
Morning WaitsShadows Are Security2005
Moving ForwardDecas2011
My Only HomeAwakened2012
My Own GraveShaped By Fire2019
No Lungs To BreatheAwakened2012
Nothing LeftAn Ocean Between Us2007
Only After We've FallenShaped By Fire2019
ParallelsThe Powerless Rise2010
RedefinedShaped By Fire2019
Refined By Your EmbraceBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
ReflectionShadows Are Security2005
Repeating YesterdayShadows Are Security2005
SeparationAn Ocean Between Us2007
Shaped By FireShaped By Fire2019
Song 10Frail Worlds Collapse2003
SurroundedBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
Take What's LeftShaped By Fire2019
Tear Out My EyesAwakened2012
The BeginningFrail Worlds Collapse2003
The Blinding Of False LightThe Powerless Rise2010
The Blinding of False Light (Innerpartysystem Remix)Decas2011
The Darkest NightsShadows Are Security2005
The Innocence SpilledBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
The Only Constant Is ChangeThe Powerless Rise2010
The Pain Of SeparationFrail Worlds Collapse2003
The PlagueThe Powerless Rise2010
The Sound Of TruthAn Ocean Between Us2007
The Toll It TakesShaped By Fire2019
The Truth Of My PerceptionShadows Are Security2005
The Voices That Betray MeBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
The WreckageShaped By Fire2019
This Is Who We AreAn Ocean Between Us2007
Through StruggleShadows Are Security2005
Torn BetweenShaped By Fire2019
Torn WithinBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
UndefinedFrail Worlds Collapse2003
UndertowShaped By Fire2019
Upside Down KingdomThe Powerless Rise2010
VacancyThe Powerless Rise2010
War EnsembleDecas2011
Washed AwayAwakened2012
Wasted WordsAwakened2012
When This World FadesBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes2001
Whispering SilenceAwakened2012
Within DestructionAn Ocean Between Us2007
Without ConclusionThe Powerless Rise2010
Wrath Upon OurselvesAn Ocean Between Us2007
Wrath Upon Ourselves (Benjamin Weinman Remix)Decas2011

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