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A Match Made In HeavenAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
A Portrait For The DeceasedNightmares2006
A Wasted HymnHoly Hell2018
All Love Is LostAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
Alpha OmegaDaybreaker2012
An Open Letter To MyselfThe Here And Now2011
Behind The ThroneDaybreaker2012
Borrowed TimeHollow Crown2009
Broken ClocksRuin2007
Broken CrossLost Forever/Lost Together2014
BTNThe Here And Now2011
Buried At SeaRuin2007
C.A.N.C.E.RLost Forever/Lost Together2014
Castles In The AirLost Forever/Lost Together2014
Colony CollapseLost Forever/Lost Together2014
DamnationHoly Hell2018
Day In Day OutThe Here And Now2011
Day In Day Out (Big Chocolate Remix)The Here And Now2011
Dead Man TalkingLost Forever/Lost Together2014
Dead MarchHollow Crown2009
Death Is Not DefeatHoly Hell2018
DeathwishAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
Delete, RewindThe Here And Now2011
DethronedHollow Crown2009
Devil's IslandDaybreaker2012
DoomsdayHoly Hell2018
DownfallAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
Dying To HealHoly Hell2018
Early GraveHollow Crown2009
Even If You Win, You're Still A RatDaybreaker2012
Every Last BreathHollow Crown2009
Feather Of LeadDaybreaker2012
Follow The WaterHollow Crown2009
From The WildernessAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
Gone With The WindAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
GravediggerLost Forever/Lost Together2014
GravityAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
HeartburnThe Here And Now2011
HereafterHoly Hell2018
Hollow CrownHollow Crown2009
Holy HellHoly Hell2018
Hunt Them DownRuin2007
I Can't See The LightRuin2007
In EleganceHollow Crown2009
In The DesertNightmares2006
Learn To LiveThe Here And Now2011
Left With A Last MinuteHollow Crown2009
Memento MoriAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
Modern MiseryHoly Hell2018
Mortal After AllHoly Hell2018
NaysayerLost Forever/Lost Together2014
NihilistAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
North LaneRuin2007
Numbers Count For NothingHollow Crown2009
One Of These DaysHollow Crown2009
Outsider HeartDaybreaker2012
Phantom FearAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
Red EyesThe Here And Now2011
Red HypergiantLost Forever/Lost Together2014
Royal BeggarsHoly Hell2018
Running From The SunRuin2007
Sail This Ship AloneRuin2007
Save MeRuin2007
Stay Young ForeverThe Here And Now2011
The Bitter EndDaybreaker2012
The BluesThe Here And Now2011
The Darkest TombNightmares2006
The Devil Is NearLost Forever/Lost Together2014
The Distant BlueLost Forever/Lost Together2014
The Empty HourglassAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us2016
The Seventh CircleHoly Hell2018
These Colours Don't RunDaybreaker2012
They'll Be Hanging Us TonightNightmares2006
This Confession Means NothingNightmares2006
To The DeathNightmares2006
Truth, Be ToldDaybreaker2012
We're All AloneHollow Crown2009
Year In Year Out/Up And AwayThe Here And Now2011
You Don't Walk Away From DismembermentNightmares2006
You'll Find SafetyRuin2007
Youth Is Wasted On The YoungLost Forever/Lost Together2014

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