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A Fight I Must WinWill To Power2017
Aces HighCovered In Blood2019
AngelclawBurning Bridges1999
AnthemAnthems Of Rebellion2003
Armed RevolutionCovered In Blood2019
As The Pages BurnWar Eternal2014
As The Pages Burn (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
AvalancheWar Eternal2014
Avalanche (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
Back To BackCovered In Blood2019
Beast Of ManStigmata1998
Beast Of ManThe Root Of All Evil2009
Behind The SmileWages Of Sin2001
Black EarthStigmata1998
Blood In The WaterWill To Power2017
Blood On Your HandsRise Of The Tyrant2007
Bloodstained CrossKhaos Legions2011
Bloodstained Cross (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
Breaking The LawCovered In Blood2019
Bridge Of DestinyStigmata1998
Bridge Of DestinyThe Root Of All Evil2009
Bridge Of Destiny (live) (Bonus Track)Doomsday Machine2005
Bridge Of Destiny (live) (Bonus Track)The Root Of All Evil2009
Burning AngelWages Of Sin2001
Burning BridgesBurning Bridges1999
Bury Me An AngelBlack Earth1996
Bury Me An AngelThe Root Of All Evil2009
Bury Me An Angel (live) (Bonus Track)The Root Of All Evil2009
Carry The CrossDoomsday Machine2005
City Baby Attacked By RatsWill To Power2017
City Baby Attacked By RatsCovered In Blood2019
City Of The DeadKhaos Legions2011
Cosmic RetributionBlack Earth1996
Cruelty Without BeautyKhaos Legions2011
Cult Of ChaosKhaos Legions2011
Dark InsanityBlack Earth1996
Dark InsanityThe Root Of All Evil2009
Dark Of The SunStigmata1998
Dead Bury Their DeadWages Of Sin2001
Dead Eyes See No FutureAnthems Of Rebellion2003
Dead Eyes See No Future (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
Dead InsideBurning Bridges1999
Dead InsideThe Root Of All Evil2009
Deceiver, DeceiverDeceivers2022
DehumanizationAnthems Of Rebellion2003
DemonialityBlack Earth1996
Demoniality (Instrumental)The Root Of All Evil2009
Demonic ScienceBurning Bridges1999
Demonic ScienceThe Root Of All Evil2009
Despicable HeroesAnthems Of Rebellion2003
Diva SatanicaThe Root Of All Evil2009
Down To NothingWar Eternal2014
Dreams Of RetributionWill To Power2017
End Of The LineAnthems Of Rebellion2003
Enemy WithinWages Of Sin2001
Enter The MachineDoomsday Machine2005
EurekaBlack Earth1996
Exiled From EarthDeceivers2022
Exist To ExitAnthems Of Rebellion2003
Fields Of DesolationBlack Earth1996
Fields Of Desolation (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
First Day In HellWill To Power2017
Graveyard Of DreamsWar Eternal2014
Handshake With HellDeceivers2022
Heart Of DarknessWages Of Sin2001
Heart Of Darkness (live) (Bonus Track)Doomsday Machine2005
House Of MirrorsDeceivers2022
Hybrids Of SteelDoomsday Machine2005
I Am Legend - Out For BloodDoomsday Machine2005
I Will Live AgainRise Of The Tyrant2007
IdolatressBlack Earth1996
In The Eye Of The StormDeceivers2022
In This Shallow GraveRise Of The Tyrant2007
Incarnated Solvent AbuseCovered In Blood2019
InstinctAnthems Of Rebellion2003
Intermezzo LiberteRise Of The Tyrant2007
Khaos Overture (instrumental)Khaos Legions2011
Khaos Overture (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
Kill With PowerCovered In Blood2019
Lament Of A Mortal Soul (Bonus Track)Wages Of Sin2001
Leader Of The RatsAnthems Of Rebellion2003
Let The Killing BeginStigmata1998
MachtkampfDoomsday Machine2005
Marching On A Dead End RoadAnthems Of Rebellion2003
Mechanic God CreationDoomsday Machine2005
Mourning StarDeceivers2022
Murder SceneWill To Power2017
My ApocalypseDoomsday Machine2005
My Apocalypse (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
My Shadow And IWill To Power2017
NemesisDoomsday Machine2005
Nemesis (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
Never Forgive, Never ForgetWar Eternal2014
Night Falls FastRise Of The Tyrant2007
NitadCovered In Blood2019
No Gods, No MastersKhaos Legions2011
No Gods, No Masters (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
No More RegretsWar Eternal2014
Not Long For This WorldWar Eternal2014
On And OnWar Eternal2014
One Last TimeDeceivers2022
PilgrimBurning Bridges1999
PilgrimThe Root Of All Evil2009
Poisoned ArrowDeceivers2022
RavenousWages Of Sin2001
Ravenous (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
Reason To BelieveWill To Power2017
Revolution BeginsRise Of The Tyrant2007
Rise Of The TyrantRise Of The Tyrant2007
Saints And SinnersAnthems Of Rebellion2003
SaturnineWill To Power2017
Savage MessiahWages Of Sin2001
Scream Of AngerCovered In Blood2019
SecretsKhaos Legions2011
Seed Of HateBurning Bridges1999
Set Flame To The NightWill To Power2017
Shadow On The WallCovered In Blood2019
Shadow On The Wall (Bonus Track)War Eternal2014
Shadows And DustWages Of Sin2001
ShoutCovered In Blood2019
Silent WarsAnthems Of Rebellion2003
SilverwingBurning Bridges1999
SilverwingThe Root Of All Evil2009
Sinister MephistoStigmata1998
Skeleton DanceDoomsday Machine2005
Slaves Of YesterdayDoomsday Machine2005
Snow BoundWages Of Sin2001
Spräckta SnutskallarCovered In Blood2019
Spreading Black WingsDeceivers2022
StarbreakerCovered In Blood2019
Stolen LifeWar Eternal2014
Stolen Life (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
Sunset Over The EmpireDeceivers2022
Symphony Of DestructionCovered In Blood2019
Taking Back My SoulDoomsday Machine2005
Tear Down The Walls (Intro)Anthems Of Rebellion2003
Tears Of The DeadStigmata1998
Tempore Nihil Sanat (Prelude In F Minor)War Eternal2014
The Book Of Heavy MetalCovered In Blood2019
The Day You DiedRise Of The Tyrant2007
The Eagle Flies Alone (Edit)Will To Power2017
The First Deadly SinWages Of Sin2001
The Great DarknessRise Of The Tyrant2007
The Ides Of MarchCovered In Blood2019
The ImmortalBurning Bridges1999
The ImmortalThe Root Of All Evil2009
The Immortal (live) (Bonus Track)The Root Of All Evil2009
The Last EnemyRise Of The Tyrant2007
The Leader (Of The Fuckin' Assholes)Covered In Blood2019
The OathCovered In Blood2019
The Oath (Bonus Track)Rise Of The Tyrant2007
The RaceWill To Power2017
The Root Of All Evil (Intro)The Root Of All Evil2009
The WatcherDeceivers2022
The World Is YoursWill To Power2017
The ZooCovered In Blood2019
Thorns In My FleshKhaos Legions2011
Through The Eyes Of A RavenKhaos Legions2011
Time CapsuleBlack Earth1996
Time Is BlackWar Eternal2014
Transmigration MacabreBlack Earth1996
Transmigration MacabreThe Root Of All Evil2009
Turn To Dust (Instrumental)Khaos Legions2011
Under Black Flags We MarchKhaos Legions2011
Under Black Flags We March (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
Vengeance Is MineKhaos Legions2011
Vox StellarumStigmata1998
VulturesRise Of The Tyrant2007
Walk In The ShadowsCovered In Blood2019
War EternalWar Eternal2014
War Eternal (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
WarningCovered In Blood2019
WarsystemCovered In Blood2019
We Are A Godless Entity (Instrumental)Khaos Legions2011
We Will RiseAnthems Of Rebellion2003
We Will Rise (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
Web Of LiesWages Of Sin2001
When The Innocent DieCovered In Blood2019
Wings Of TomorrowCovered In Blood2019
Yesterday Is Dead And GoneKhaos Legions2011
Yesterday Is Dead And Gone (live)As The Stages Burn!2017
You Will Know My NameWar Eternal2014
You Will Know My Name (live)As The Stages Burn!2017

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