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36 HoursMagnetic North2010
7 KeysStill Life2003
7 KeysWords And Music2008
Another Little HoleStill Life2003
Another Little HoleStrange And Beautiful2005
ArrivalsWords And Music2008
Black HoleMemory Man2007
Breaking My HeartStrange And Beautiful2005
Breaking My Heart AgainStill Life2003
Brighter Than SunshineStill Life2003
Brighter Than SunshineStrange And Beautiful2005
Broken BonesMemory Man2007
CaliforniaMagnetic North2010
Can't Get You Out Of My MindAqualung2002
Can't Get You Out of My MindWords And Music2008
CinderellaMemory Man2007
Easier To LieStill Life2003
Easier To LieStrange And Beautiful2005
Everything ChangedAqualung2002
Everything ChangedWords And Music2008
Extra Ordinary ThingStill Life2003
Extra Ordinary ThingStrange And Beautiful2005
Falling Out Of LoveAqualung2002
Falling Out Of LoveStrange And Beautiful2005
FingertipMagnetic North2010
Garden Of Love (feat. Paul Buchanan)Memory Man2007
GlimmerMemory Man2007
Good GoodnightStill Life2003
Good GoodnightWords And Music2008
Good Times Gonna ComeAqualung2002
Good Times Gonna ComeStrange And Beautiful2005
Halfway To The BottomAqualung2002
HummingbirdMagnetic North2010
If I FallAqualung2002
If I FallStrange And Beautiful2005
Just For A MomentAqualung2002
Left BehindStill Life2003
Left BehindStrange And Beautiful2005
LostMagnetic North2010
Magnetic NorthMagnetic North2010
Mr. UniverseWords And Music2008
New FriendMagnetic North2010
Nothing Else MattersWords And Music2008
On My KneesWords And Music2008
Outside (Hales, Oliver)Memory Man2007
Pressure SuitMemory Man2007
Reel Me InMagnetic North2010
Remember UsMagnetic North2010
Rolls So DeepMemory Man2007
Slip-Sliding AwayWords And Music2008
Something To Believe InMemory Man2007
Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)Aqualung2002
Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)Strange And Beautiful2005
SundowningMagnetic North2010
Take Me HomeStill Life2003
The LakeMemory Man2007
Thin AirMagnetic North2010
Time Moves SlowMagnetic North2010
Tongue-TiedStrange And Beautiful2005
Vapour TrailMemory Man2007
When I Finally Get My Own PlaceWords And Music2008
You Turn Me AroundStill Life2003
You Turn Me RoundStrange And Beautiful2005

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