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25 Cromwell St.71996
64KWelcome To Earth2000
A Strange DaySonic Diary2006
All Tommorow's Parties (Nico Vs. Apb Remix)Sonic Diary2006
All Tomorrow's Parties (Version '93)Sonic Diary2006
All Tomorrows PartiesSoli Deo Gloria1993
All Tomorrows PartiesThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
APB Goes C-64 (Intro)The Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Apollo (Live On Your TV)Rocket Science2009
ArpThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Ashes To Ashes '93Soli Deo Gloria1993
Ashes To Ashes (12'' Version)Singles Collection2003
Ashes To Ashes (German Slam Version)The Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Ashes To Ashes (German Slam Version)Singles Collection2003
Ashes To Ashes (Original 12'' Version)The Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Asleep Or AwakeRocket Science2009
Asleep Or Awake (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
Back On TrackYou And Me Against The World2005
Back On Track (Northern Lite Remix)Sonic Diary2006
BackdraftSoli Deo Gloria1993
BackdraftThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
BackdraftSingles Collection2003
Barrowed Time (Levitated Demo Version)Singles Collection2003
BeatboxSingles Collection2003
Bend And BreakSonic Diary2006
BitchSoli Deo Gloria1993
BitchThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Bizarre Love TriangleSonic Diary2006
Black Vs. WhiteRocket Science2009
BlitchSingles Collection2003
Burnin' HereticSoli Deo Gloria1993
Burnin' HereticThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Burnin' Heretic (Album Version)Soli Deo Gloria1993
Burnin' Heretic (live)Singles Collection2003
Burning Heretics (Crisp Version)The Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Burning Heretics (Gathic Version)Singles Collection2003
Butterfly DefectRocket Science2009
CambodiaYou And Me Against The World2005
CambodiaSonic Diary2006
Coma WhiteSonic Diary2006
Deep Red71996
Deep RedThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Deep RedSingles Collection2003
Deep Red (Blackmail Version)Sonic Diary2006
Detroit TicketsHarmonizer2002
Dust To DustSingles Collection2003
EclipseWelcome To Earth2000
EclipseSingles Collection2003
Eclipse (Dimension D Remix)Singles Collection2003
Eclipse (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
Eclipse (Radio Edit)Singles Collection2003
ElectricitySonic Diary2006
Electronic WarfareThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Electronic WarfareSingles Collection2003
Everything We Know Is WrongWelcome To Earth2000
Fade To BlackWelcome To Earth2000
Fade To BlackSonic Diary2006
Green QueenRocket Science2009
Half Asleep71996
Help MeWelcome To Earth2000
I BackdraftSDGXXV2019
I Burning HereticSDGXXV2019
I Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 1)SDGXXV2019
I StitchSDGXXV2019
I The SentinelSDGXXV2019
II BackdraftSDGXXV2019
II BitchSDGXXV2019
II Borrowed TimeSDGXXV2019
II Spiritual RealitySDGXXV2019
II StitchSDGXXV2019
II Walk With MeSDGXXV2019
III All Tomorrow's PartiesSDGXXV2019
III Ashes To AshesSDGXXV2019
III Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 2)SDGXXV2019
III SkyscrapingSDGXXV2019
III StitchSDGXXV2019
III The SentinelSDGXXV2019
In This TogetherYou And Me Against The World2005
In This Together (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
IncompatibleRocket Science2009
Into The UnknownYou And Me Against The World2005
Kathy's Song (Beborn Beton Remix)Singles Collection2003
Kathy's Song (C-64 Version)Singles Collection2003
Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next To Me)Welcome To Earth2000
Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten Remix)Singles Collection2003
Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten Remix) (12'' Version)Singles Collection2003
Kathy's Song (Single Version)Singles Collection2003
Kathy's Song (Victoria Mix)Singles Collection2003
Lidelsens MeningThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 1)Soli Deo Gloria1993
Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 2)Soli Deo Gloria1993
LNDP3Welcome To Earth2000
Lost In TranslationYou And Me Against The World2005
Lost In Translation (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
Love Never Dies (Part 1)71996
Love Never Dies (Part 2)71996
Love To BlameYou And Me Against The World2005
Love To Blame (Pelton Trashy Remix)Sonic Diary2006
Love To Blame (Sono Remix)Sonic Diary2006
MazeYou And Me Against The World2005
Maze (Zombie Girls Remix)Sonic Diary2006
Mercy KillYou And Me Against The World2005
Mercy Kill (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
Moment Of TranquilityWelcome To Earth2000
More Serotonin...PleaseHarmonizer2002
Mourn (Mesh Remix)Sonic Diary2006
Near (Banilla Dream Version)Singles Collection2003
Non-Stop Violence71996
Non-Stop Violence (Cnn Version)Singles Collection2003
Non-Stop Violence (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
Nothing Else Matters (Extended Version)Singles Collection2003
Nothing Else Matters (Hidden Track)Sonic Diary2006
O.K. Amp ? Let Me OutHarmonizer2002
Ohm Sweet OhmSonic Diary2006
Our Souls Will Remain (Outro)Singles Collection2003
ParanoiaWelcome To Earth2000
ParanoiaSingles Collection2003
Paranoia (Haunted Club Version)Singles Collection2003
Photoshop SucksHarmonizer2002
Pikachu (Darkdream Mix By Soni Code)Sonic Diary2006
Pitchblack - Heat DeathRocket Science2009
Rap (808 Edit)Soli Deo Gloria1993
RightRocket Science2009
Rocket CalculatorRocket Science2009
Seven SignsSingles Collection2003
ShadowRocket Science2009
Shadow (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
Shine OnSonic Diary2006
Shine On (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
Skyscraping (Schizophreniac)Soli Deo Gloria1993
Something I Should KnowHarmonizer2002
SoultakerWelcome To Earth2000
Spiritual RealitySoli Deo Gloria1993
Spiritual RealityThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Spiritual RealitySingles Collection2003
StarsignWelcome To Earth2000
Starsign (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
StitchSoli Deo Gloria1993
StitchThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
Suffer In SilenceHarmonizer2002
The Approach Of DeathThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
The Approach Of Death (Intro)Singles Collection2003
The Damned Don't CrySonic Diary2006
The SentinelSoli Deo Gloria1993
The State Of Your Heart - Shit End Of The DealRocket Science2009
Time To Move OnWelcome To Earth2000
Tuning In AgainYou And Me Against The World2005
Tuning In To The Frequency Of Your SoulYou And Me Against The World2005
Tuning In To The Frequency Of Your Soul (Cyberpunk Remix)Sonic Diary2006
Unicorn (Duet Version)Harmonizer2002
United States Of CreditRocket Science2009
Until The End Of The WorldHarmonizer2002
Until The End Of The World (Ladytron De-Shape Remix)Sonic Diary2006
Until The End Of The World (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
Untitled 3Welcome To Earth2000
Walk With MeSoli Deo Gloria1993
Weight Of The WorldRocket Science2009
Weight Of The World (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild HorsesSonic Diary2006
Wrack 'Em To PiecesSingles Collection2003
Wrack' Em To PiecesThe Apocalyptic Manifesto1998
You Keep Me From Breaking ApartYou And Me Against The World2005
You Keep Me From Breaking Apart (live)Imagine There's No Lennon2010

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