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09.02.2005Strength Of Steel1987
666Metal On Metal1982
666Anthology Of Anvil2000
666 (2009) (Bonus Track)This Is Thirteen2007
AC - DCHard 'n' Heavy1980
AmbushedAnvil Is Anvil2016
American RefugeeThis Is Thirteen2007
Another Gun FightImpact Is Imminent2022
At The ApartmentHard 'n' Heavy1980
Axe To GrindThis Is Thirteen2007
AZ #85Worth The Weight1992
Bad Side Of TownImpact Is Imminent2022
Badass Rock N RollHope In Hell2013
Ball Of FirePlenty Of Power2001
Beat The LawPlenty Of Power2001
Bedroom GameHard 'n' Heavy1980
Big BusinessThis Is Thirteen2007
Bitch In The BoxPounding The Pavement2018
Black Or WhiteAbsolutely No Alternative1997
Black SmokePounding The Pavement2018
Blind RageOne And Only2024
Blood In The PlaygroundSpeed Of Sound1999
Blood On The IcePound For Pound1988
Blood On The IceAnthology Of Anvil2000
Bombs AwayThis Is Thirteen2007
Bondage (Bonus Track)Hard 'n' Heavy1980
Bottom FeederBack To Basics2004
Bottom LineLegal At Last2020
Brain BurnPound For Pound1988
BullshitSpeed Of Sound1999
Burning BridgesThis Is Thirteen2007
BushpigWorth The Weight1992
BushpigAnthology Of Anvil2000
Butter-Bust JerkyForged In Fire1983
Butter-Bust JerkyBackwaxed1985
Call Of DutyHope In Hell2013
Can't Catch MeBack To Basics2004
ChainsawBack To Basics2004
ChemtrailsLegal At Last2020
Computer DronePlenty Of Power2001
Concrete JungleStrength Of Steel1987
Condemned LibertyOne And Only2024
ConspiracyJuggernaut Of Justice2011
Corporate PreacherPound For Pound1988
CrampsPound For Pound1988
Cruel WorldBack To Basics2004
Cut LooseStrength Of Steel1987
Daggers And RumAnvil Is Anvil2016
Dead Man ShoesOne And Only2024
Deadbeat DadSpeed Of Sound1999
DefiantStill Going Strong2002
Destined For DoomPlugged In Permanent1996
Die For A LieAnvil Is Anvil2016
Dirty Dorothy (Bonus Track)Plenty Of Power2001
DisgruntledPlenty Of Power2001
Doctor KevorkianPlugged In Permanent1996
Doing What I WantPounding The Pavement2018
Don't Ask MeStill Going Strong2002
Don't Look BackImpact Is Imminent2022
Don't Tell Me (Bonus Track)Pounding The Pavement2018
Dr. KevorkianAnthology Of Anvil2000
Eat Your WordsHope In Hell2013
EgoPounding The Pavement2018
EmbalmerWorth The Weight1992
Explosive EnergyImpact Is Imminent2022
Face PullPlugged In Permanent1996
Fast DriverBack To Basics2004
Feed The GreedThis Is Thirteen2007
Feed Your FantasyOne And Only2024
Fight For Your RightsOne And Only2024
Fire At Will (Bonus Track)Hope In Hell2013
Fire In The NightPound For Pound1988
Fire On The HighwayAnvil Is Anvil2016
Fire RainImpact Is Imminent2022
Five Knuckle ShufflePlugged In Permanent1996
Flight Of The Bumble BeastStrength Of Steel1987
FlyingHope In Hell2013
Flying BlindThis Is Thirteen2007
Food For The VultureLegal At Last2020
Forged In FireForged In Fire1983
Forged In FireAnthology Of Anvil2000
Forgive Don't ForgetAnvil Is Anvil2016
Free As The WindForged In Fire1983
Free As The WindAnthology Of Anvil2000
Fryin' Cryin'Backwaxed1985
Fuel For The FireBack To Basics2004
FukenehJuggernaut Of Justice2011
Future WarsForged In Fire1983
Game OverThis Is Thirteen2007
GasolineLegal At Last2020
Ghost ShadowImpact Is Imminent2022
Glass HouseLegal At Last2020
Go AwayBack To Basics2004
Gold And DiamondsOne And Only2024
GomezImpact Is Imminent2022
Green JesusAbsolutely No Alternative1997
Groove SciencePlenty Of Power2001
GuiltyPlugged In Permanent1996
Gun ControlAnvil Is Anvil2016
Hair PieAbsolutely No Alternative1997
Hard Times-Fast LadiesForged In Fire1983
Hard Wired (Bouns Track)Hope In Hell2013
HeartbrokenOne And Only2024
Heat SinkMetal On Metal1982
Hero By DeathAbsolutely No Alternative1997
Holy WoodStill Going Strong2002
Hope In HellHope In Hell2013
Hot ChildHard 'n' Heavy1980
I Dreamed It Was The End Of The WorldStrength Of Steel1987
I Want You Both (With Me)Hard 'n' Heavy1980
I'm AliveLegal At Last2020
I'm Trying To SleepPlugged In Permanent1996
In HellStill Going Strong2002
InfanticideWorth The Weight1992
Its Your MoveAnvil Is Anvil2016
JackhammerMetal On Metal1982
JackhammerAnthology Of Anvil2000
Juggernaut Of JusticeJuggernaut Of Justice2011
Keep It UpBack To Basics2004
Killer HillPlugged In Permanent1996
Kiss Of DeathStrength Of Steel1987
Left Behind (Bonus Track)Plenty Of Power2001
Legal At LastLegal At Last2020
Let It GoPounding The Pavement2018
Life To LeadSpeed Of Sound1999
LockdownImpact Is Imminent2022
Machine GunPound For Pound1988
Mad DogStrength Of Steel1987
Make It Up To YouForged In Fire1983
Man Over BoardSpeed Of Sound1999
Mankind MachineHope In Hell2013
March Of The CrabsAnthology Of Anvil2000
March Of The Crabs (Instrumental)Metal On Metal1982
Matress MamboSpeed Of Sound1999
Metal On MetalMetal On Metal1982
Metal On MetalBackwaxed1985
Metal On MetalAnthology Of Anvil2000
Metal On Metal (2009) (Bonus Track)This Is Thirteen2007
MothraMetal On Metal1982
MothraAnthology Of Anvil2000
MotormountForged In Fire1983
MotormountAnthology Of Anvil2000
Nabbed In NebraskaLegal At Last2020
Nanook Of The NorthPounding The Pavement2018
Never Deceive MeForged In Fire1983
Never Gonna To Stop (Bonus Track)Anvil Is Anvil2016
New Orleans VoodooJuggernaut Of Justice2011
No EvilSpeed Of Sound1999
No One To FollowAbsolutely No Alternative1997
No TimeLegal At Last2020
Not AfraidJuggernaut Of Justice2011
Oh JaneHard 'n' Heavy1980
Old SchoolAbsolutely No Alternative1997
Old SchoolAnthology Of Anvil2000
On FireJuggernaut Of Justice2011
On The Way To HellWorth The Weight1992
One And OnlyOne And Only2024
Oooh BabyHard 'n' Heavy1980
Paint It, BlackHard 'n' Heavy1980
Paper GeneralStrength Of Steel1987
Paper GeneralAnthology Of Anvil2000
ParanomalJuggernaut Of Justice2011
Park That TruckSpeed Of Sound1999
Pay The TollHope In Hell2013
Piss TestAbsolutely No Alternative1997
Plastic In ParadiseLegal At Last2020
Plenty Of PowerPlenty Of Power2001
Pounding The PavementPounding The Pavement2018
Pow WowWorth The Weight1992
Pro WrestlingPlenty Of Power2001
Pussy PoisonBackwaxed1985
Race Against TimeStill Going Strong2002
Racial HostilityPlugged In Permanent1996
Ready To FightThis Is Thirteen2007
Real MetalPlenty Of Power2001
Red LightAbsolutely No Alternative1997
Rock That ShitPounding The Pavement2018
Rocking The WorldOne And Only2024
Room #9This Is Thirteen2007
Rubber NeckAbsolutely No Alternative1997
Run AwayOne And Only2024
Run Like HellAnvil Is Anvil2016
Runaway TrainAnvil Is Anvil2016
RunningJuggernaut Of Justice2011
Sadness - Love Me When I'm DeadWorth The Weight1992
Safe SexPound For Pound1988
Said And DoneLegal At Last2020
SativaStill Going Strong2002
SceneryMetal On Metal1982
School LoveHard 'n' Heavy1980
School LoveBackwaxed1985
School LoveAnthology Of Anvil2000
Secret AgentSpeed Of Sound1999
Senile KingPound For Pound1988
Shadow ZoneForged In Fire1983
ShockwaveImpact Is Imminent2022
Should' A Would' A Could' AThis Is Thirteen2007
Show Me Your TitsAbsolutely No Alternative1997
Shut The Fuck UpHope In Hell2013
Sins Of The FleshWorth The Weight1992
Siren Of The SeaPlenty Of Power2001
Smash Your FacePounding The Pavement2018
Smokin GreenPlugged In Permanent1996
Smokin' GreenAnthology Of Anvil2000
Someone To HateImpact Is Imminent2022
Song Of PainBack To Basics2004
Speed Of SoundSpeed Of Sound1999
Speed Of SoundAnthology Of Anvil2000
Still Going StrongStill Going Strong2002
StolenAnthology Of Anvil2000
Stop MeMetal On Metal1982
Straight Between The EyesStrength Of Steel1987
Strength Of SteelStrength Of Steel1987
Swing ThingJuggernaut Of Justice2011
Tag TeamMetal On Metal1982
Take A LessonImpact Is Imminent2022
Talking To The WallLegal At Last2020
TeabagImpact Is Imminent2022
Tease Me, Please MeMetal On Metal1982
The CreepPlenty Of Power2001
The Fight Is Never WonHope In Hell2013
The Rabbit HoleImpact Is Imminent2022
The RideJuggernaut Of Justice2011
The Station (Bonus Track)Juggernaut Of Justice2011
This Is ThirteenThis Is Thirteen2007
Through With YouHope In Hell2013
Thumb Hang (Bonus TracK)This Is Thirteen2007
Time Shows No MercyHope In Hell2013
Toe JamPound For Pound1988
Tonight Is Coming (Bonus Track)Juggernaut Of Justice2011
Truth Is DyingOne And Only2024
Truth Or ConsequencePlugged In Permanent1996
Turn It UpJuggernaut Of Justice2011
Up, Down, SidewaysAnvil Is Anvil2016
WaitingStill Going Strong2002
Warming UpPounding The Pavement2018
What I'm AboutStill Going Strong2002
When All Hell Breaks LooseJuggernaut Of Justice2011
Where Does All The Money GoPound For Pound1988
White Rhino (instrumental)Still Going Strong2002
Wild Eyes-Stampeders CoverStrength Of Steel1987
Winged AssasinsAnthology Of Anvil2000
Winged AssassinsForged In Fire1983
Wizard's WandImpact Is Imminent2022
World Of FoolsOne And Only2024
World Of TomorrowPounding The Pavement2018
WorryThis Is Thirteen2007
You Get What You Pay ForBack To Basics2004
You're A LiarBackwaxed1985
Zombie ApocalypseAnvil Is Anvil2016

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