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AeonThe Crying Light2009
Another WorldThe Crying Light2009
Another World (live)Cut The World2012
AtrocitiesAnthony And The Johnsons1998
Bird GerhlI Am A Bird Now2005
Bird Gerhl (live)Turning2014
Blue AngelAnthony And The Johnsons1998
Christina's FarmSwanlights2010
Cripple And The StarfishAnthony And The Johnsons1998
Cripple And The Starfish (live)Cut The World2012
Cripple And The Starfish (live)Turning2014
Cut The World (live)Cut The World2012
Daylight And The SunThe Crying Light2009
Daylight And The Sun (live)Turning2014
Deeper Than LoveAnthony And The Johnsons1998
DivineAnthony And The Johnsons1998
Dust And WaterThe Crying Light2009
Epilepsy Is DancingThe Crying Light2009
Epilepsy Is Dancing (live)Cut The World2012
EvergladeThe Crying Light2009
Everything Is NewSwanlights2010
Everything Is New (live)Turning2014
Find The Rhythm Of Your Love (live)Turning2014
Fistful Of LoveI Am A Bird Now2005
For Today I Am A BoyI Am A Bird Now2005
For Today I Am A Boy (live)Turning2014
Free At LastI Am A Bird Now2005
Future Feminism (live)Cut The World2012
Her Eyes Are Underneath The GroundThe Crying Light2009
Hitler In My HeartAnthony And The Johnsons1998
Hope There's SomeoneI Am A Bird Now2005
Hope There's Someone (live)Turning2014
I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy (live)Cut The World2012
I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy (live)Turning2014
I'm In LoveSwanlights2010
Kiss My NameThe Crying Light2009
Kiss My Name (live)Cut The World2012
Kiss My Name (live)Turning2014
Man Is The BabyI Am A Bird Now2005
My Lady StoryI Am A Bird Now2005
My Lord, My Love (live)Turning2014
One DoveThe Crying Light2009
One Dove (live)Turning2014
RaptureAnthony And The Johnsons1998
Rapture (live)Cut The World2012
River Of SorrowAnthony And The Johnsons1998
Salt Silver OxygenSwanlights2010
SpirallingI Am A Bird Now2005
Spiralling (live)Turning2014
Swanlights (live)Cut The World2012
Tears, Tears, Tears (live)Turning2014
Thank You For Your LoveSwanlights2010
The Crying LightThe Crying Light2009
The Crying Light (live)Cut The World2012
The Great White OceanSwanlights2010
The Spirit Was GoneSwanlights2010
TwilightAnthony And The Johnsons1998
Twilight (live)Turning2014
What Can I DoI Am A Bird Now2005
Where Is My Power (live)Turning2014
Whose Are These (live)Turning2014
You Are My SisterI Am A Bird Now2005
You Are My Sister (live)Cut The World2012
You Are My Sister (live)Turning2014

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