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A New DayCircle2013
A New LandHalo2022
A ServantSilent Waters2007
Against WidowsElegy1996
Against WidowsMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
Against Widows (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
AloneAm Universum2001
Amongst StarsQueen Of Time2018
As Mountains CrumbleQueen Of Time2018
Bad BloodUnder The Red Cloud2015
Bad Blood (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
Battle For LightThe Beginning Of Times2011
Better UnbornElegy1996
Black EmbraceThe Karelian Isthmus1992
Black Embrace (Bonus Track)The Karelian Isthmus1992
Black RiverSilent Waters2007
Black Winter DayTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Black Winter DayMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
Black Winter Day (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
Born From FireEclipse2005
Brother And SisterQueen Of Time2018
Brother MoonEclipse2005
Captured StateAm Universum2001
Come The Spring (Bonus Track)Under The Red Cloud2015
Course Of FateSkyforger2009
Crimson WaveAm Universum2001
Dark PathUnder The Red Cloud2015
Daughter Of HateQueen Of Time2018
Daughter Of Hate (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
Day Of Your BeliefsFar From The Sun2003
Dead Man's DreamCircle2013
Death Of A KingUnder The Red Cloud2015
Drifting MemoriesAm Universum2001
Drowned MaidTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Drowned MaidMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
Empty OpeningEclipse2005
Enchanted By The MoonCircle2013
Enemy At The GatesUnder The Red Cloud2015
EnigmaSilent Waters2007
Ethereal SolitudeFar From The Sun2003
Evil InsideFar From The Sun2003
Excursing From Existence (Bonus Track)The Karelian Isthmus1992
Exile Of The Sons Of UisliuThe Karelian Isthmus1992
Exile Of The Sons Of UisliuMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
Far From The SunFar From The Sun2003
First DoomTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Folk Of The North (Bonus Track)Tales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Forever MoreAm Universum2001
Forgotten SunriseTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
From Earth I RoseSkyforger2009
From The Heaven Of My HeartSkyforger2009
God Of DeceptionFar From The Sun2003
Goddess (Of The Sad Man)Am Universum2001
Grail's MysteriesThe Karelian Isthmus1992
Grain Of SandQueen Of Time2018
Grieve Stricken HeartAm Universum2001
Heart Of The GiantQueen Of Time2018
Heart Of The Giant (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
Her AloneSilent Waters2007
Higher GroundFar From The Sun2003
Highest StarSkyforger2009
Hopeless DaysCircle2013
House Of SleepEclipse2005
House Of Sleep (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
I Of Crimson BloodSilent Waters2007
In The BeginningTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Into HidingTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Into HidingMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
Into Hiding (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
Into The AbyssCircle2013
Intro - The Bee (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
KareliaThe Karelian Isthmus1992
Killing GoodnessFar From The Sun2003
Leaves ScarEclipse2005
Light My FireMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
Light My Fire (Bonus Track)Tales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Magic And MayhemTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Magic And MayhemMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
Majestic BeastSkyforger2009
MermaidThe Beginning Of Times2011
Message In The AmberQueen Of Time2018
Misery PathThe Karelian Isthmus1992
Misery Path (Bonus Track)The Karelian Isthmus1992
Moon And Sun (Bonus Track)Tales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Moon And Sun Part II: North's Son (Bonus Track)Tales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Morning StarTuonela1999
Mourning SoilFar From The Sun2003
My EnemyThe Beginning Of Times2011
My KanteleElegy1996
My KanteleMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise)Elegy1996
My Kantele (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
My Name Is Night (+ Petronella Nettermalm)Halo2022
My SunSkyforger2009
Narrow PathCircle2013
Nightbird's SongCircle2013
Northern Lights (Bonus Track)Tuonela1999
On A Stranded ShoreThe Beginning Of Times2011
On Rich And PoorElegy1996
On Rich And PoorMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
On The Dark WatersHalo2022
Perkele (The God Of Fire)Eclipse2005
Pilgrimage From Darkness (Bonus Track)The Karelian Isthmus1992
Planetary MisfortuneFar From The Sun2003
Privilege Of Evil (Bonus Track)The Karelian Isthmus1992
Pyres On The CoastQueen Of Time2018
Pyres On The Coast (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
ReformationThe Beginning Of Times2011
Rusty MoonTuonela1999
SacrificeUnder The Red Cloud2015
Same FleshEclipse2005
Sampo (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
Seven Roads Come TogetherHalo2022
Shades Of GreyCircle2013
ShamanSilent Waters2007
Shatters WithinAm Universum2001
Sign (Bonus Track)Silent Waters2007
Sign From The North SideThe Karelian Isthmus1992
Sign From The North SideMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
Silent WatersSilent Waters2007
Silver Bride ReinhörenSkyforger2009
Sky Is MineSkyforger2009
Skyforger Intro - Silver Bride (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
SmithereensFar From The Sun2003
Song Of The SageThe Beginning Of Times2011
Song Of The Troubled OneElegy1996
Song Of The Troubled OneMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
SoothsayerThe Beginning Of Times2011
Stone Woman (Bonus Track)Eclipse2005
Summer's EndTuonela1999
The BeeQueen Of Time2018
The CastawayTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
The CastawayMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
The Four Wise OnesUnder The Red Cloud2015
The Four Wise Ones (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
The GatheringThe Karelian Isthmus1992
The Golden ElkQueen Of Time2018
The Golden Elk (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
The Lost Name Of GodThe Karelian Isthmus1992
The MoonHalo2022
The Night Is OverAm Universum2001
The OrphanElegy1996
The PilgrimageThe Karelian Isthmus1992
The SkullUnder The Red Cloud2015
The SmokeEclipse2005
The WandererCircle2013
The WayTuonela1999
The White SwanSilent Waters2007
The WolfHalo2022
Thousand LakesTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Three WordsThe Beginning Of Times2011
To Fathers CabinTales From The Thousand Lakes1994
Too Much To See (Bonus Track)Am Universum2001
Towards And AgainstSilent Waters2007
Tree Of AgesUnder The Red Cloud2015
Two MoonsEclipse2005
Under A Soil And Black StoneEclipse2005
Under The Red CloudUnder The Red Cloud2015
Veil Of SinAm Universum2001
Vulgar NecrolatryThe Karelian Isthmus1992
Vulgar NecrolatryMagic And Mayhem (Tales From The Early Years)2010
Vulgar Necrolatry (Bonus Track)The Karelian Isthmus1992
Warriors TrialThe Karelian Isthmus1992
We AccursedQueen Of Time2018
Weaving The IncantationSilent Waters2007
Weeper On The ShoreElegy1996
When The Gods CameHalo2022
White NightUnder The Red Cloud2015
Winter's Sleep (Bonus Track)Under The Red Cloud2015
Wrong DirectionQueen Of Time2018
Wrong Direction (live)Live At Helsinki Ice Hall2021
You I NeedThe Beginning Of Times2011

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