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... And Soon The World Will Cease To BeVersus The World2002
A Beast Am ISurtur Rising2011
A Dream That Cannot Be (+ Doro)Jomsviking2016
A Dream That Cannot Be (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
A Fury DivineThe Crusher2001
AbandonedOnce Sent From The Golden Hall1997
Across The Rainbow BridgeVersus The World2002
Amon AmarthOnce Sent From The Golden Hall1997
An Ancient Sign Of Coming StormFate Of Norns2004
Annihilation Of HammerfestThe Crusher2001
ArsonFate Of Norns2004
As Loke FallsDeceiver Of The Gods2013
As Loke Falls (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
As Long As The Raven FliesThe Crusher2001
AsatorWith Oden On Our Side2006
Asator (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
At Dawn's First LightJomsviking2016
At Dawn's First Light (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
AvengerThe Avenger1999
Back On Northern ShoresJomsviking2016
Bastards Of A Lying BreedThe Crusher2001
Bleed For Ancient GodsThe Avenger1999
Blood EagleDeceiver Of The Gods2013
BloodshedVersus The World2002
Coming Of The TideDeceiver Of The Gods2013
Crack The SkyBerserker2019
Cry Of The BlackbirdsWith Oden On Our Side2006
Cry Of The Blackbirds (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Dawn Of NorsemenThe Great Heathen Army2022
Death In FireVersus The World2002
Death In Fire (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Deceiver Of The GodsDeceiver Of The Gods2013
Deceiver Of The Gods (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Destroyer Of The UniverseSurtur Rising2011
Destroyer Of The Universe (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Doom Over Dead ManSurtur Rising2011
Down The Slopes Of DeathVersus The World2002
Embrace The Endless OceanTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
Eyes Of HorrorThe Crusher2001
Fafner's GoldBerserker2019
Fate Of Norns (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Father Of The WolfDeceiver Of The Gods2013
Father Of The Wolf (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Find A Way Or Make OneThe Great Heathen Army2022
First KillJomsviking2016
First Kill (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
For The Stabwounds In Our BacksVersus The World2002
For The Stabwounds In Our Backs (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
For Victory Or DeathSurtur Rising2011
Free Will SacrificeTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
Free Will Sacrifice (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Friends Of The SuncrossOnce Sent From The Golden Hall1997
Get In The RingThe Great Heathen Army2022
God, His Son And Holy WhoreThe Avenger1999
Gods Of War AriseWith Oden On Our Side2006
Gods Of War Arise (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Guardians Of AsgaardTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
Guardians Of Asgaard (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
HeidrunThe Great Heathen Army2022
HelDeceiver Of The Gods2013
Hermod's Ride To Hel - Lokes Trachery Part 1With Oden On Our Side2006
Into The DarkBerserker2019
Legend Of A Banished ManThe Avenger1999
Live For The KillTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
Live For The Kill (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Live Without RegretsSurtur Rising2011
Masters Of WarThe Crusher2001
MetalwrathThe Avenger1999
Mjolner, Hammer Of ThorBerserker2019
No Fear For The Setting SunTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
North Sea StormThe Avenger1999
Oden Owns You AllThe Great Heathen Army2022
On A Sea Of BloodJomsviking2016
Once Sealed In BloodFate Of Norns2004
Once Sent From The Golden HallOnce Sent From The Golden Hall1997
One Against AllJomsviking2016
One Thousand Burning ArrowsJomsviking2016
Prediction Of WarfareWith Oden On Our Side2006
Raise Your HornsJomsviking2016
Raise Your Horns (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Raven's FlightBerserker2019
Releasing Surtur's FireThe Crusher2001
Ride For VengeanceOnce Sent From The Golden Hall1997
Risen From The Sea (2000)The Crusher2001
Runes To My MemoryWith Oden On Our Side2006
Runes To My Memory (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Saxons And VikingsThe Great Heathen Army2022
ShapeshifterDeceiver Of The Gods2013
Shield WallBerserker2019
Skagul Rides With MeThe Great Heathen Army2022
Skoll And HatiBerserker2019
Slaves Of FearSurtur Rising2011
Tattered Banners And Bloody FlagsTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
The Beheading Of A KingFate Of Norns2004
The Berserker At Stamford BridgeBerserker2019
The Dragon's Flight Across The WavesOnce Sent From The Golden Hall1997
The Fall Through GinnungagapThe Crusher2001
The Fate Of NornsFate Of Norns2004
The Great Heathen ArmyThe Great Heathen Army2022
The HeroTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
The Last Stand Of FrejSurtur Rising2011
The Last With Pagan BloodThe Avenger1999
The Last With The Pagan Blood (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
The Pursuit Of VikingsFate Of Norns2004
The Pursuit Of Vikings (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
The Serpent's TrailThe Great Heathen Army2022
The Sound Of Eight HoovesThe Crusher2001
The Way Of VikingsJomsviking2016
The Way Of Vikings (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Thousand Years Of OppressionVersus The World2002
Thousand Years Of Oppression (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Töck's Taunt - Loke's Treachery Part IISurtur Rising2011
Twilight Of The Thunder GodTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
Twilight Of The Thunder God (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Twilight Of The Thunder God (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Under SiegeDeceiver Of The Gods2013
Under The Northern StarWith Oden On Our Side2006
Under The Northern Star (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Valhalle Awaits MeWith Oden On Our Side2006
Valkyries RideFate Of Norns2004
Varyags Of MiklagaardTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
Varyags Of Miklagaard (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Vengeance Is My NameJomsviking2016
Versus The World (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Victorious MarchOnce Sent From The Golden Hall1997
Victorious March (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Vs The WorldVersus The World2002
War Of The GodsSurtur Rising2011
War Of The Gods (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Warriors Of The NorthDeceiver Of The Gods2013
We Shall DestroyDeceiver Of The Gods2013
When Once Again We Can Set Our SailsBerserker2019
Where Death Seems To DwellFate Of Norns2004
Where Is Your GodTwilight Of The Thunder God2008
Where Silent Gods Stand GuardVersus The World2002
Wings Of EaglesBerserker2019
With Oden On Our SideWith Oden On Our Side2006
With Oden On Our Side (live)The Pursuit Of Vikings2018
Without FearOnce Sent From The Golden Hall1997
Wrath Of The NorsemenSurtur Rising2011

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