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AbyssDarkness Of Eternity2017
Agonizing NightMagic Forest2014
AnyoneDarkness Of Eternity2017
Au revoirLooking For You2020
Breathe AgainDarkness Of Eternity2017
ButterflyLooking For You2020
Chamber Of Dreadful DreamsInnuendo2015
Cherish My MemoryMagic Forest2014
Cherish My MemoryLooking For You2020
Dance Of LifeMagic Forest2014
Dance Of Life (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track)Magic Forest2014
DragonfliesDarkness Of Eternity2017
Endless SilenceMagic Forest2014
Eternal Fire BurningLooking For You2020
Fame And GloriaInnuendo2015
Fame And Gloria (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track)Innuendo2015
GhostwomanDarkness Of Eternity2017
Go For A RideLooking For You2020
Golden CoinsDarkness Of Eternity2017
Green?EyedMagic Forest2014
I'm Still HereMagic Forest2014
I'm The OneDarkness Of Eternity2017
Knock Knock Who's ThereInnuendo2015
Lay All Your Love On MeLooking For You2020
Looking For YouLooking For You2020
Luna My DarlingDarkness Of Eternity2017
Magic ForestMagic Forest2014
MaybeDarkness Of Eternity2017
MemorialMagic Forest2014
Rise Of The EvilInnuendo2015
Sky Is FallingDarkness Of Eternity2017
Son Of RainbowMagic Forest2014
Sunrise (Re-Recording)Innuendo2015
Symphony Nr 1, Part 1 - The WitchcraftInnuendo2015
Symphony Nr. 1, Pt. 2 - Darkness Of EternityDarkness Of Eternity2017
Symphony Nr.1 Part 3 - AwakeningLooking For You2020
The Court Of Mirror HallInnuendo2015
Two BladesLooking For You2020
UnitedLooking For You2020
UniverseLooking For You2020
WarningMagic Forest2014
Warning (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track)Magic Forest2014
Your Time - My TimeInnuendo2015

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