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1952 Vincent Black LightningYou Got Me Singing2016
A Grand Theft IntermissionTheatre Is Evil2012
AgainYou Got Me Singing2016
All I Could DoYou Got Me Singing2016
AmpersandWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
Another Year: A Short History Of Almost SomethingWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
Astronaut: A Short History Of Nearly NothingWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
BerlinTheatre Is Evil2012
Beyond the BeachI Can Spin A Rainbow2017
Black Boys On MopedsYou Got Me Singing2016
Blake SaysWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
BottomfeederTheatre Is Evil2012
Do It With A RockstarTheatre Is Evil2012
GlacierYou Got Me Singing2016
Grown Man CryTheatre Is Evil2012
Guitar HeroWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
Have To DriveWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
I Love You So MuchYou Got Me Singing2016
In The Heat Of The SummerYou Got Me Singing2016
Leeds UnitedWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
LostTheatre Is Evil2012
Louise Was Not Half BadYou Got Me Singing2016
Massachusetts AvenueTheatre Is Evil2012
Melody DeanTheatre Is Evil2012
Meow Meow Introduces The Grand Theft OrchestraTheatre Is Evil2012
OasisWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
Olly Olly Oxen FreeTheatre Is Evil2012
Pink Emerson RadioYou Got Me Singing2016
Point Of It AllWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
Prithee - Liquidation DayI Can Spin A Rainbow2017
Pulp FictionI Can Spin A Rainbow2017
Rainbow's EndI Can Spin A Rainbow2017
Runs In The FamilyWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
Shahla's Missing PageI Can Spin A Rainbow2017
Skye Boat SongYou Got Me Singing2016
Smile (Pictures Or It Didn't Happen)Theatre Is Evil2012
Strength Through MusicWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
The Bed SongTheatre Is Evil2012
The Changing RoomI Can Spin A Rainbow2017
The Clock At The Back Of The CageI Can Spin A Rainbow2017
The Jack Of HandsI Can Spin A Rainbow2017
The Killing TypeTheatre Is Evil2012
The Shock Of KontaktI Can Spin A Rainbow2017
Trout Heart ReplicaTheatre Is Evil2012
Want It BackTheatre Is Evil2012
What's The Use Of Wond'rinWho Killed Amanda Palmer2008
Wynken, Blynken And NodYou Got Me Singing2016
You Got Me SingingYou Got Me Singing2016

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