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20th CenturyAfternoons In Utopia1986
A Handful Of DarknessStrange Attractor2017
A Victory Of LoveForever Young1984
A Victory Of LoveFirst Harvest1992
A Victory Of Love (Jab Mix)Forever Pop2001
A Victory Of Love (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
A Victory Of Love (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Afternoons In UtopiaAfternoons In Utopia1986
Ain't It StrangeProstitute1994
All In The Golden AfternoonProstitute1994
AnywayThe Breathtaking Blue1989
Apollo (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
Apollo (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
ArianaThe Breathtaking Blue1989
Around The UniverseStrange Attractor2017
Around The Universe (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Ascension DayProstitute1994
Beyond The Laughing SkyStrange Attractor2017
Big In JapanForever Young1984
Big In JapanFirst Harvest1992
Big In Japan (Culture Mix)First Harvest1992
Big In Japan (Eiffel 65 Mix)Forever Pop2001
Big In Japan (Extended Instrumental Mix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Big In Japan (Extended Re-Mix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Big In Japan (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
Big In Japan (Remix '88)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Big In Japan (Roland Spremberg Mix)Forever Pop2001
Big In Japan (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Big In Japan (Symphonic Version) (Single Edit)Eternally Yours2022
Big In Japan (Torsten Fenslau Remix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Call MeCatching Rays On Giant2010
Call Me DownCatching Rays On Giant2010
Carol MastersAfternoons In Utopia1986
Carry Your FlagCatching Rays On Giant2010
Concrete Soundtraxx For Imaginary Films ISo80s Presents Alphaville2014
Cosmopolitician (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
Dance With MeAfternoons In Utopia1986
Dance With MeFirst Harvest1992
Dance With Me (Empire Remix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Dance With Me (Paul Van Dyk Mix)Forever Pop2001
Dance With Me (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Dangerous PlacesSalvation1997
Diamonds Are Forever (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Dream Machine (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Elegy (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
End Of The WorldCatching Rays On Giant2010
EnigmaStrange Attractor2017
Eternally Yours (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Fallen AngelForever Young1984
Fantastic DreamAfternoons In Utopia1986
FeverStrange Attractor2017
Flame (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
Flame (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
For A MillionThe Breathtaking Blue1989
For A MillionFirst Harvest1992
Forever YoungForever Young1984
Forever YoungFirst Harvest1992
Forever Young (F.A.F. Mix)Forever Pop2001
Forever Young (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
Forever Young (Special Dance Version)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Forever Young (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Forever Young (Symphonic Version) (Single Edit)Eternally Yours2022
GiantsStrange Attractor2017
Golden FeelingSo80s Presents Alphaville2014
Gravitation BreakdownCatching Rays On Giant2010
Guardian AngelSalvation1997
Guardian Angel (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
HeadlinesSo80s Presents Alphaville2014
Heartbreak CityStrange Attractor2017
Heaven On Earth (The Things We?ve Got To Do)Catching Rays On Giant2010
Heaven Or HellThe Breathtaking Blue1989
House Of GhostsStrange Attractor2017
I Die For You TodayCatching Rays On Giant2010
I.A.OAfternoons In Utopia1986
In The MoodForever Young1984
Inside OutSalvation1997
Iron JohnProstitute1994
Ivory TowerProstitute1994
JerusalemAfternoons In Utopia1986
Jerusalem (Georg Kaleve Mix)Forever Pop2001
Jerusalem (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
Jerusalem (The Palace Version)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Jet Set (Dub Mix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Jet Set (Jellybean Mix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Lady Bright - Faster Than LightAfternoons In Utopia1986
Lassie Come HomeAfternoons In Utopia1986
Lassie Come HomeFirst Harvest1992
Lassie Come Home (@Home Mix)Forever Pop2001
Lassie Come Home (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
LiesForever Young1984
Like ThunderSo80s Presents Alphaville2014
Mafia IslandStrange Attractor2017
Marionettes With HalosStrange Attractor2017
Middle Of The RiddleThe Breathtaking Blue1989
Miracle HealingCatching Rays On Giant2010
Monkey In The MoonSalvation1997
Monkey In The Moon (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
MoonGirl (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Mysteries Of Love (Remix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
NevermoreStrange Attractor2017
New HorizonsSalvation1997
New Horizons (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
New Horizons (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
Next GenerationSo80s Presents Alphaville2014
Oh PattiProstitute1994
Pandora's LullabySalvation1997
Patricia's ParkThe Breathtaking Blue1989
PhantomsCatching Rays On Giant2010
Point Of Know ReturnSalvation1997
Red RoseAfternoons In Utopia1986
Red RoseFirst Harvest1992
Red Rose (Mark Plati Mix)Forever Pop2001
Red Rose (The 12'' Remix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
RendezvoyeurStrange Attractor2017
RomeosThe Breathtaking Blue1989
RomeosFirst Harvest1992
Romeos (Extended Mix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Romeos (Reward Mix)Forever Pop2001
Romeos (Tribal Mix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
SeedsSo80s Presents Alphaville2014
SensationsAfternoons In Utopia1986
SensationsFirst Harvest1992
Sensations (Club Mix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
SexylandStrange Attractor2017
She Fades AwayThe Breathtaking Blue1989
Sister SunSo80s Presents Alphaville2014
Some PeopleProstitute1994
Song For No OneCatching Rays On Giant2010
Soul MessiahSalvation1997
Sound Like A MelodyFirst Harvest1992
Sounds Like A MelodyForever Young1984
Sounds Like A Melody (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000
Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Sounds Like A Melody (Staggman Mix)Forever Pop2001
Sounds Like A Melody (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Sounds Like A Melody (Symphonic Version) (Single Edit)Eternally Yours2022
Spirit Of The AgeSalvation1997
Summer In BerlinForever Young1984
Summer In Berlin (Christian Fleps Mix)Forever Pop2001
Summer In Berlin (Demo Version)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Summer In Berlin (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Summer RainThe Breathtaking Blue1989
Summer RainFirst Harvest1992
Summer RainFirst Harvest1992
Summer Rain (De-Phazz Mix)Forever Pop2001
Summer Rain (Extended Version)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Summer Rain (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
The DeepCatching Rays On Giant2010
The Impossible DreamProstitute1994
The Jet SetForever Young1984
The Jet SetFirst Harvest1992
The Jet Set (Saunaclub Mix)Forever Pop2001
The Mysteries Of LoveThe Breathtaking Blue1989
The Mysteries Of LoveFirst Harvest1992
The Nelson Highrise (Sector One: The Elevator)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
The Nelson Highrise (Sector Two: The Mirror)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
The One ThingProstitute1994
The One ThingProstitute1994
The Paradigm ShiftProstitute1994
The Things I Didn't DoCatching Rays On Giant2010
The VoyagerAfternoons In Utopia1986
To Germany With LoveForever Young1984
Universal DaddyAfternoons In Utopia1986
Universal Daddy (Aquarian Dance Mix)So80s Presents Alphaville2014
Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les MersSo80s Presents Alphaville2014
Welcome To The SunSo80s Presents Alphaville2014
Welcome To The Sun (Symphonic Version)Eternally Yours2022
Wishful ThinkingSalvation1997
Wishful Thinking (live)Stark Naked And Absouletly Live2000

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