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A Cosmic QuestionFragments Of Form And Function2010
A Path DisclosedFormshifter2012
Accelerated EvolutionFragments Of Form And Function2010
Across The Folded LineFragments Of Form And Function2010
All Hail ScienceProponent For Sentience2016
Atrophy Of HippocratesFragments Of Form And Function2010
Bastards Of The EarthDamnum2022
Behold (God I Am)Formshifter2012
Biomech - Vals No. 666Fragments Of Form And Function2010
Called HomeDamnum2022
Cognitive ComputationsProponent For Sentience2016
Colors Of The CurrentsApoptosis2019
Demons Of An Intricate DesignProponent For Sentience2016
Exothermic Chemical CombustionApoptosis2019
Extremophiles (A)Apoptosis2019
Extremophiles (B)Apoptosis2019
From NothingProponent For Sentience2016
From Seed To ThroneFragments Of Form And Function2010
From The Stars Death CameFormshifter2012
Gray Matter Mechanics - Apassionata Ex MachineaProponent For Sentience2016
Iconic ImagesFormshifter2012
In MourningDamnum2022
Interphase - MeiosisApoptosis2019
Into EmbersDamnum2022
Of Beasts And WormsDamnum2022
Of Mind And MatrixProponent For Sentience2016
Only LossDamnum2022
Point Of DisfigurementFragments Of Form And Function2010
Proponent For Sentience I - The ConceptionProponent For Sentience2016
Proponent For Sentience II - The AlgorithmProponent For Sentience2016
Proponent For Sentience III - The ExterminationProponent For Sentience2016
Secrets Of The SequenceFormshifter2012
Stellar Tidal DisruptionApoptosis2019
SubdivisionsProponent For Sentience2016
Tartessos: The Hidden XenocrystFormshifter2012
Terrathaw And The QuakeProponent For Sentience2016
The ArbitersProponent For Sentience2016
The Azrael TriggerFormshifter2012
The CleansingFragments Of Form And Function2010
The Dopamine Void, Pt. IDamnum2022
The Dopamine Void, Pt. IIDamnum2022
The God ParticleFragments Of Form And Function2010
The RenewalFragments Of Form And Function2010
The Secular AgeApoptosis2019
Timeline DissonanceFormshifter2012
To Carry My Grief Through Torpor And SilenceDamnum2022
Tsunami And SubmergenceApoptosis2019

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