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A Pure EvilThis Is Where It Ends2011
Awaken The DreamersAwaken The Dreamers2008
Better Living Through CatastropheThe Price Of Existence2006
Black Gold ReignAwaken The Dreamers2008
DeconstructionHate, Malice, Revenge2003
Divine IllusionThis Is Where It Ends2011
Embrace The CurseThis Is Where It Ends2011
EradicationThe Price Of Existence2006
For Far Too Long...Hate, Malice, Revenge2003
From So Far AwayAwaken The Dreamers2008
Gagged, Bound, Shelved And ForgottenAwaken The Dreamers2008
GreysonThe Price Of Existence2006
Herding The BrainwashedHate, Malice, Revenge2003
In This Life Of PainThis Is Where It Ends2011
Laid To RestHate, Malice, Revenge2003
Laid To Rest (Bonus Track)The Price Of Existence2006
Memories Of A Glass SanctuaryAwaken The Dreamers2008
Misery's IntroductionAwaken The Dreamers2008
My RetaliationThis Is Where It Ends2011
Never Ending WarHate, Malice, Revenge2003
Never... AgainAwaken The Dreamers2008
Nobleza en exilioThis Is Where It Ends2011
Our Own Grave. StillHate, Malice, Revenge2003
Prisoner Of WarThe Price Of Existence2006
Procession Of AshesThis Is Where It Ends2011
PromisesThe Price Of Existence2006
RebirthThis Is Where It Ends2011
Royalty Into ExileThis Is Where It Ends2011
Sever The MemoryHate, Malice, Revenge2003
Sever The Memory (Bonus Track)The Price Of Existence2006
Songs For The DamnedAwaken The Dreamers2008
SpinelessThis Is Where It Ends2011
Stabbing To Purge DissimulationAwaken The Dreamers2008
The Day Of JusticeThe Price Of Existence2006
The Death PlagueThis Is Where It Ends2011
The Last RelapseThe Price Of Existence2006
The Ones We Left BehindAwaken The Dreamers2008
The Past Will Haunt Us BothThis Is Where It Ends2011
The Spreading DiseaseHate, Malice, Revenge2003
The True BeastThe Price Of Existence2006
There Is No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet (featuring Gunface)The Price Of Existence2006
There Is Nothing LeftThis Is Where It Ends2011
Until The EndAwaken The Dreamers2008
Wage SlavesThe Price Of Existence2006
We Hold These Truths...The Price Of Existence2006

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