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.44 Caliber Love LetterAlexisonfire2002
A Dagger Through The Heart Of St. AngelesAlexisonfire2002
Accept CrimeOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
AccidentsWatch Out!2004
Blue SpadeOtherness2022
Boiled FrogsCrisis2006
Born And RaisedOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
BurialOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
Committed To The ConOtherness2022
Conditional LoveOtherness2022
ControlWatch Out!2004
Counterparts And Number ThemAlexisonfire2002
Dark Night Of The SoulOtherness2022
Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And SaintsCrisis2006
Emerald StreetOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
Get FightedWatch Out!2004
Happiness By The KilowattWatch Out!2004
Heading For The SunOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama'Watch Out!2004
It Was Fear Of Myself That Made Me OddWatch Out!2004
Keep It On WaxCrisis2006
Little Girls Pointing And LaughingAlexisonfire2002
Mailbox ArsonCrisis2006
Midnight RegulationsOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
Mistaken InformationOtherness2022
My God Is A Reasonable Man (Bonus Track)Crisis2006
No RestOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
No TransitoryWatch Out!2004
Old CrowsOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
Polaroids Of Polar BearsAlexisonfire2002
Pulmonary ArcheryAlexisonfire2002
Reverse The CurseOtherness2022
Rough HandsCrisis2006
Sans SoleilOtherness2022
Sharks And DangerWatch Out!2004
Sharks And Danger (Extended Version) (Bonus Track)Watch Out!2004
Side Walk When She WalksWatch Out!2004
Sons Of PrivilegeOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
Survivor'S GuiltOtherness2022
Sweet Dreams Of OthernessOtherness2022
That Girl PossessedWatch Out!2004
The Kennedy CurseAlexisonfire2002
The NorthernOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009
This Could Be Anywhere In The WorldCrisis2006
Thrones (Bonus Track)Crisis2006
To A FriendCrisis2006
Waterwings (And Other Pool Side Fashion Faux Pas)Alexisonfire2002
Wayfarer Youth (Bonus Tracks)Old Crows, Young Cardinals2009
We Are The EndCrisis2006
We Are The SoundCrisis2006
Where No One KnowsAlexisonfire2002
White DevilWatch Out!2004
World Stops TurningOtherness2022
You Burn FirstCrisis2006
Young CardinalsOld Crows, Young Cardinals2009

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