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1741 (The Battle Of Cartagena)Sunset On The Golden Age2014
AlestormNo Grave But The Sea2017
Back Through TimeBack Through Time2011
Bar ünd ImbissNo Grave But The Sea2017
Barrett's PrivateersBack Through Time2011
Black Sails At MidnightBlack Sails At Midnight2009
Buckfast PowersmashBack Through Time2011
Captain Morgan's RevengeCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
Chronicles Of VengeanceBlack Sails At Midnight2009
Death Before The MastCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
Death Throes of the TerrorsquidBack Through Time2011
DrinkSunset On The Golden Age2014
Flower Of ScotlandCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
Fucked With An AnchorNo Grave But The Sea2017
HangoverSunset On The Golden Age2014
I Am A Cider Drinker (Bonus Track)Back Through Time2011
KeelhauledBlack Sails At Midnight2009
LeviathanBlack Sails At Midnight2009
Magnetic NorthSunset On The Golden Age2014
Man The PumpsNo Grave But The Sea2017
Mead From HellSunset On The Golden Age2014
MexicoNo Grave But The Sea2017
Midget SawBack Through Time2011
Nancy The Tavern WenchCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
No Grave But The SeaNo Grave But The Sea2017
No QuarterBlack Sails At Midnight2009
Of TreasureCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
Over The SeasCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
P Is For PirateBlack Sails At Midnight2009
Pegleg PotionNo Grave But The Sea2017
Pirate SongBlack Sails At Midnight2009
Quest For ShipsSunset On The Golden Age2014
Rage Of The PentahookNo Grave But The Sea2017
RumBack Through Time2011
RumpelkomboBack Through Time2011
Scraping The BarrelBack Through Time2011
Set Sail And ConquerCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
ShipwreckedBack Through Time2011
Sunset On The Golden AgeSunset On The Golden Age2014
Surf Squid WarfareSunset On The Golden Age2014
SwashbuckledBack Through Time2011
Terror On The High SeasCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
That Famous Ol' SpicedBlack Sails At Midnight2009
The HuntmasterCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
The QuestBlack Sails At Midnight2009
The Sunk'n NorwegianBack Through Time2011
To The End Of Our DaysBlack Sails At Midnight2009
To The End Of The WorldNo Grave But The Sea2017
Treasure IslandNo Grave But The Sea2017
Walk The PlankSunset On The Golden Age2014
Wenches And MeadCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008
Wolves Of The SeaBlack Sails At Midnight2009
Wooden Leg!Sunset On The Golden Age2014
You Are A Pirate (Bonus Track)Back Through Time2011

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