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99 miglia da L.A (+ Claudio Baglioni)Legend2010
99 Miles From L.A99 Miles From L.A.1975
99 Miles From L.A. (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
99 Miles From L.A. (New Version)When I Need You1977
A Job I A Home To A Homeless Man99 Miles From L.A.1975
A la feria de GranaCoplas And Songs1996
A tous les amours de ma vie (+ Jeane Manson)Legend2010
Adios a EspanaCoplas And Songs1996
Al otro lado del solAl otra lado del sol1979
Alejate (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
All Alone Am IWhen I Need You1977
Amor no me quieras tantoLegend II2013
Another Heart To BreakBody Of Work2024
AnsiedadMy Spanish Album1976
Anyone Here In The AudienceIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
Anyone Here In The Audience (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Anyone With EyesYour World And My World1981
Anything You Want Me ToBody Of Work2024
Ask Me How I FeelLegend II2013
Ay pena, penita, penaCoplas And Songs1996
Be Tender With Me BabyLegend II2013
Before You Change The WorldSomewhere In America1982
Bella BlueBody Of Work2024
Both WaysBody Of Work2024
Brand New DayIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
By The NightYour World And My World1981
Cada corazonAl otra lado del sol1979
Camino verdeCoplas And Songs1996
Candle Light, Sweet Candle LightAlbert Hammond1974
Cantare cantarasLegend II2013
Careless Heart (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Ceniza en el marAl otra lado del sol1979
Cerca del rioLegend II2013
Changing Me (+ Albert Hammond Jr.)Legend2010
Cry BabyWhen I Need You1977
Dame un beso (si llego a besarte)My Spanish Album1976
DanielaMi album de recuerdos1977
Detras del suenoAl otra lado del sol1979
Dime Queen Of NevadaAlbert Hammond1974
Doe Was The Loving KindSomewhere In America1982
Don't Turn AroundBest Of Me1989
Don't Turn AroundLegend2010
Don't Turn Around (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Don't Turn Around (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
Don't You Love Me AnymoreLegend II2013
Don?t Bother Me BabeBody Of Work2024
Down By The RiverIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
Down By The River99 Miles From L.A.1975
Down By The River (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
DreamRevolution Of The Heart2005
Echame a mi la culpaMy Spanish Album1976
Echame a mi la culpa (+ Julio Iglesias)Legend2010
El adiosCoplas And Songs1996
EllaMi album de recuerdos1977
En un bolsillo de mi corazónComprenderte1981
EnredaoMi album de recuerdos1977
Eres toda una mujerMi album de recuerdos1977
Es fácil amarAl otra lado del sol1979
Es facil amarLegend II2013
Espérame en el cieloMy Spanish Album1976
EstrellitaMi album de recuerdos1977
Estrellita (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
Everything I Want To DoThe Free Electric Band1973
Everything I Want To Do (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Everything I Want To Do (New Version)Albert Hammond1974
ExperienceYour World And My World1981
Fallaste corazonMy Spanish Album1976
For The Peace Of All MankindThe Free Electric Band1973
Fountain AvenueAlbert Hammond1974
Freedom Come Freedom GoLegend2010
Freedom Come, Freedom Go (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
From Great Britain To LIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
Gimme Dat Ding (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Give A Little Love (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Give A Little Love (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
Gonna Be AlrightBody Of Work2024
Gonna Save The WorldBody Of Work2024
Good Morning Freedom (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Goodbye LABody Of Work2024
Half A Million Miles From HomeAlbert Hammond1974
Hero On ParadeSomewhere In America1982
History Will Be My JudgeRevolution Of The Heart2005
Hot Kisses On A Hot NightBest Of Me1989
I Don't Wanna Die In An Air DisasterAlbert Hammond1974
I Don't Wanna Die In An Air Disaster (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
I Don't Wanna Live Without Your LoveLegend II2013
I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
I Don't Wanna Loose You (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
I Don't Wanna Lose YouLegend II2013
I Need To Be In LoveLegend II2013
I Need To Be In Love (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
I Think I?ll Go That WayThe Free Electric Band1973
I Want You Back Here With MeYour World And My World1981
I Was BlueRevolution Of The Heart2005
I'll Be Here For YouRevolution Of The Heart2005
I'm A CameraYour World And My World1981
I'm A TrainAlbert Hammond1974
I'm A TrainLegend2010
I'm A Train (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
I'm A Train (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
If You Gotta Break Another HeartIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
It Never Rains In Southern CaliforniaIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
It Never Rains In Southern California (+ Al Stewart)Legend2010
It Never Rains In Southern California (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
It Never Rains In Southern California (Version 1989)Best Of Me1989
It Never Rains In Southern California (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
KaleidoscopeWhen I Need You1977
Knocking On Your DoorBody Of Work2024
Lay The Music Down99 Miles From L.A.1975
Let It GoBody Of Work2024
Like They Do Across The RiverBody Of Work2024
Listen To The WorldIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
Little ArrowsLegend2010
Little Arrows (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Living In The UniverseBody Of Work2024
Looking BackBody Of Work2024
Los companillerosCoplas And Songs1996
Love Isn't Love Till You Give It Away99 Miles From L.A.1975
Make Me An Island (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Maria de la OCoplas And Songs1996
Maria DoloresCoplas And Songs1996
Mary Hot Lips ArizonaAlbert Hammond1974
Me hace falta que me quierasMi album de recuerdos1977
MemoriesYour World And My World1981
Mi album de recuerdosMi album de recuerdos1977
Mi AndaluciaCoplas And Songs1996
Mi corazon se mojaComprenderte1981
Moonlight LadyWhen I Need You1977
Muchacha solitariaComprenderte1981
Mujer de promesasAl otra lado del sol1979
My Heart Is Failing MeLegend2010
Nada le importa nadaComprenderte1981
Names, Tags, Numbers And LabelsIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
Names, Tags, Numbers And Labels (New Version)Albert Hammond1974
New York City Here I ComeAlbert Hammond1974
Nino de paloAl otra lado del sol1979
No te vayasComprenderte1981
NosotrosMy Spanish Album1976
Not In My NameRevolution Of The Heart2005
Nothing Is Gonna Stop Us Now (+ Bonnie Tyler)Legend2010
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us NowBest Of Me1989
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
Oh, What A TimeSomewhere In America1982
Ojos verdesCoplas And Songs1996
One Life99 Miles From L.A.1975
One Moment In TimeBest Of Me1989
One Moment In TimeLegend II2013
One Moment In Time (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
PhotographRevolution Of The Heart2005
Píntame con besosAl otra lado del sol1979
Plantada en mi cabezaLegend II2013
Por un poco de tu amorAl otra lado del sol1979
Por un poco de tu amorLegend II2013
Porque te quieroLegend II2013
Praise The Lord And Pass The Soap (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Put A Hold On Your HeartBest Of Me1989
Que seas felízMy Spanish Album1976
Que seas felizLegend II2013
Quiereme muchoMy Spanish Album1976
Quiereme muchoLegend II2013
RebeccaThe Free Electric Band1973
Rebecca (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
RendezvousSomewhere In America1982
Restless YearsRevolution Of The Heart2005
Revolution Of The HeartRevolution Of The Heart2005
Rio de amorMi album de recuerdos1977
Rivers Are For Boats99 Miles From L.A.1975
Rivers Are For Boats (New Version)When I Need You1977
Rock'n' Roll HeroRevolution Of The Heart2005
Ruega por nosotrosMy Spanish Album1976
Satisfy MeRevolution Of The Heart2005
Shake A BoneBody Of Work2024
Shoot 'Em Up, Shoot 'Em DownSomewhere In America1982
Si me amarasMi album de recuerdos1977
Smokey Factory BluesThe Free Electric Band1973
Smokey Factory Blues (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Sol, solo tuAl otra lado del sol1979
SoloCoplas And Songs1996
Somebody's Hapiness99 Miles From L.A.1975
Somebody?S ChildBody Of Work2024
Somewhere In AmericaSomewhere In America1982
Soy como un ninoLegend II2013
Sweet DefectorSomewhere In America1982
Take Me SailingYour World And My World1981
Tangled Up In TearsWhen I Need You1977
Tangled Up In Tears (+ Helena Paparizou)Legend2010
Tengo que olvidarComprenderte1981
TerminadoMi album de recuerdos1977
The Air That I Breath (+ Cliff Richard)Legend2010
The Air That I BreatheIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
The Air That I Breathe (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
The Air That I Breathe (Version 1989)Best Of Me1989
The Air That I Breathe (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
The American FlagBody Of Work2024
The Centre Of UniverseRevolution Of The Heart2005
The Day The British Army Lost The WarThe Free Electric Band1973
The Face Not The Image99 Miles From L.A.1975
The Free Electric BandThe Free Electric Band1973
The Free Electric Band (+ Courtney Taylor)Legend2010
The Free Electric Band (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
The Free Electric Band (Version 1989)Best Of Me1989
The Free Electric Band (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
The Girl They Call The Cool BreezeAlbert Hammond1974
The Light At The End Of The LineSomewhere In America1982
The PeacemakerThe Free Electric Band1973
The Peacemaker (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
The Right TimeSomewhere In America1982
The Road To UnderstandingIt Never Rains In Southern California1972
The Side Of MidnightRevolution Of The Heart2005
The Snows Of New YorkLegend II2013
The Sweetest ThingRevolution Of The Heart2005
The Way Of The WorldLegend II2013
There Ain't No Flies On MeRevolution Of The Heart2005
These Are The Good Old Days99 Miles From L.A.1975
Through The Eyes Of A ChildBest Of Me1989
Through The StormBest Of Me1989
To All The Girls I Loved Before99 Miles From L.A.1975
To All The Girls I Loved Before (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
To All The Girls I've Loved BeforeWhen I Need You1977
To All The Girls I've Loved Before (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Un dia mejorMi album de recuerdos1977
Una vez masAl otra lado del sol1979
Under The Christmas TreeBest Of Me1989
We're Running OutAlbert Hammond1974
When I Need YouWhen I Need You1977
When I Need You (+ Ron Sexsmith)Legend2010
When I Need You (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
When I Need You (Version 1989)Best Of Me1989
When I Need You (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
When I'm GoneYour World And My World1981
When You Tell Me That You Love MeLegend II2013
When You Tell Me That You Love Me (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
When You Tell Me That You Love Me - One Moment In Time (Medley) (Version 2016)In Symphony2016
Where Were YouBest Of Me1989
Who?s For Lunch Today The Free Electric Band1973
Woman Of The WorldThe Free Electric Band1973
World Of LoveYour World And My World1981
Yo creo en el amorMy Spanish Album1976
You And IWhen I Need You1977
You're Such A Good Looking Woman (live)Songbook 2013 - Live in Wilhelmshaven2013
Young LlewelynBody Of Work2024
Your World And My WorldYour World And My World1981

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