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21 Things I Want In A LoverUnder Rug Swept2002
8 Easy StepsThe Collection2005
A ManUnder Rug Swept2002
AblazeSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
All I Really WantJagged Little Pill1995
All I Really Want (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
An Emotion AwayNow Is The Time1992
Are You Still MadSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
Awakening - In Between ThoughtsThe Storm Before The Calm2022
BabaSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
Big Bad LoveNow Is The Time1992
Can't DenyNow Is The Time1992
Can't NotSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
CelebrityHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Citizen Of The PlanetFlavors Of Entanglement2008
CrazyThe Collection2005
DiagnosisSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
Doth I Protest Too MuchSo-Called Chaos2004
Edge Of EvolutionHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Eight Easy StepsSo-Called Chaos2004
EmpathyHavoc And Bright Lights2012
EverythingSo-Called Chaos2004
EverythingThe Collection2005
ExcusesSo-Called Chaos2004
Explore - The Other Side Of StillnessThe Storm Before The Calm2022
Feel Your LoveAlanis1991
FlinchUnder Rug Swept2002
ForgivenJagged Little Pill1995
Forgiven (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
Front RowSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
Giggling Again For No ReasonFlavors Of Entanglement2008
Give What You GotNow Is The Time1992
Ground - I Want To Live.The Storm Before The Calm2022
GuardianHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Hand In My PocketJagged Little Pill1995
Hand In My PocketThe Collection2005
Hand In My Pocket (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
Hands CleanUnder Rug Swept2002
Hands CleanThe Collection2005
HavocHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Head Over FeetJagged Little Pill1995
Head Over FeetThe Collection2005
Head Over Feet (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
Head Over Feet (live)MTV Unplugged1999
Heart - Power Of A Soft HeartThe Storm Before The Calm2022
Heart Of The HouseSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
HerSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
Human TouchAlanis1991
I Was HopingSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
I Was Hoping (live)MTV Unplugged1999
In Praise Of The Vulnerable ManFlavors Of Entanglement2008
IncompleteFlavors Of Entanglement2008
IronicJagged Little Pill1995
IronicThe Collection2005
Ironic (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
Ironic (live)MTV Unplugged1999
Joining YouSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
Joining You (live)MTV Unplugged1999
King Of Pain (live)MTV Unplugged1999
Knees oO My BeesSo-Called Chaos2004
LensHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Let's Do ItThe Collection2005
Light - The Lightworker's LamentThe Storm Before The Calm2022
Losing The PlotSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
Magical ChildHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Mania - Resting In The FireThe Storm Before The Calm2022
Mary JaneJagged Little Pill1995
Mary Jane (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
MercyThe Collection2005
Missing The MiracleSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
MoratoriumFlavors Of Entanglement2008
NarcissusUnder Rug Swept2002
NemesisSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
Never A Waste Of TimeNow Is The Time1992
No ApologiesNow Is The Time1992
No Pressure Over Cappuccino (live)MTV Unplugged1999
Not All MeSo-Called Chaos2004
Not As WeFlavors Of Entanglement2008
Not The DoctorJagged Little Pill1995
Not The Doctor (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
NumbHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Oh YeahAlanis1991
On My OwnAlanis1991
OneSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
Out Is ThroughSo-Called Chaos2004
Party BoyAlanis1991
PedestalSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
PerfectJagged Little Pill1995
Perfect (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
Precious IllusionsUnder Rug Swept2002
Princes Familiar (live)MTV Unplugged1999
Princes Familiar (live)The Collection2005
Purification - The Alchemical CrunchThe Storm Before The Calm2022
RainNow Is The Time1992
Real WorldNow Is The Time1992
Reasons I DrinkSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
ReceiveHavoc And Bright Lights2012
ReckoningSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
Restore - Calling Generation XThe Storm Before The Calm2022
Right Through YouJagged Little Pill1995
Right Through You (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
Safety - Empath In ParadiseThe Storm Before The Calm2022
Sandbox LoveSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
Simple TogetherThe Collection2005
Sister BlisterThe Collection2005
SmilingSuch Pretty Forks In The Road2020
So PureSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
So UnsexyUnder Rug Swept2002
So-Called ChaosSo-Called Chaos2004
Space - Pause On ViolenceThe Storm Before The Calm2022
SpinelessSo-Called Chaos2004
SpiralHavoc And Bright Lights2012
StillThe Collection2005
StraitjacketFlavors Of Entanglement2008
SurrenderingUnder Rug Swept2002
Sympathetic CharacterSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
TapesFlavors Of Entanglement2008
Thank USupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
Thank YouThe Collection2005
That I Would Be GoodSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
That I Would Be GoodThe Collection2005
That I Would Be Good (live)MTV Unplugged1999
That Particular TimeUnder Rug Swept2002
The CouchSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
The Time Of Your LifeNow Is The Time1992
These R The Thoughts (live)MTV Unplugged1999
This GrudgeSo-Called Chaos2004
Til YouHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Too HotAlanis1991
TorchFlavors Of Entanglement2008
UnderneathFlavors Of Entanglement2008
UninvitedThe Collection2005
Uninvited (live)MTV Unplugged1999
UnsentSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
URSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
UtopiaUnder Rug Swept2002
Vapor - Amplified In StillnessThe Storm Before The Calm2022
Versions Of ViolenceFlavors Of Entanglement2008
Wake UpJagged Little Pill1995
Wake Up (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
Walk AwayAlanis1991
When We Meet AgainNow Is The Time1992
Will You Be My GirlfriendHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Win And WinHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Woman DownHavoc And Bright Lights2012
Would Not ComeSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
You LearnJagged Little Pill1995
You LearnThe Collection2005
You Learn (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
You Learn (live)MTV Unplugged1999
You Oughta KnowJagged Little Pill1995
You Oughta KnowThe Collection2005
You Oughta Know (Acoustic)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005
You Oughta Know (live)MTV Unplugged1999
You Owe Me Nothing In ReturnUnder Rug Swept2002
Your CongratulationsSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998
Your House (Acoustic) (Hidden Track)Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005

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