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... And Their Eulogies Sang Me To SleepLullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
A Devil Made Me Do ItOrphans2019
A Gentle DiseaseEye Of Providence2015
A Necessary EvilEye Of Providence2015
Anxious DarwiniansPrisoners2012
Architects HallucinateEye Of Providence2015
As Above, So BelowEye Of Providence2015
As One We SurviveOrphans2019
Birds Elope With The SunLullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
Blood As My GuideOrphans2019
Born Dead, Buried AliveOnce Only Imagined2007
Burn It All DownOrphans2019
Business Suits And Combat BootsOnce Only Imagined2007
ChiaroscuroOnce Only Imagined2007
ChlorpromazineLullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
Danse MacabreEye Of Providence2015
Dead OceanPrisoners2012
Disconnect MeEye Of Providence2015
Dust To DustOrphans2019
Everybody Wants You 'Dead'Prisoners2012
Faceless MessengerEye Of Providence2015
Follow The Crossed LineEye Of Providence2015
Forget TomorrowOnce Only Imagined2007
Gates Of Horn And IvoryEye Of Providence2015
Globus HystericusLullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
I EndeavorEye Of Providence2015
In VertigoOrphans2019
Lonely SolipsistPrisoners2012
Martyr ArtLullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
Memento MoriOnce Only Imagined2007
Mr. ColdOrphans2019
My Witness, Your VictimEye Of Providence2015
Perpetual NotionEye Of Providence2015
Predator And PrayerPrisoners2012
Revenge Of The DadaistsPrisoners2012
Rise And FallOnce Only Imagined2007
SerendipityOnce Only Imagined2007
Swan Lake (A Cappella)Lullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
SynopsisOnce Only Imagined2007
Take A BowOnce Only Imagined2007
Take Me To Church (Bonus Track)Five2016
Thank You, Pain.Lullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
The Anchor And The SailFive2016
The ChainFive2016
The EscapePrisoners2012
The GameFive2016
The Gift Of SilenceOrphans2019
The HuntFive2016
The Killing IOrphans2019
The Man Who Fell To EarthFive2016
The Mass Of The EarthPrisoners2012
The MomentFive2016
The OceanFive2016
The Perfect EmbodimentEye Of Providence2015
The Pursuit Of EmptinessFive2016
The Raven EyesFive2016
The ResurrectionFive2016
The SentientLullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
The Tempest (The Siren's Song - The Banshee's Cry)Lullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
The TrialFive2016
The VillainFive2016
The WakeFive2016
Trophy KillOnce Only Imagined2007
Void Of SympathyOnce Only Imagined2007
Waiting Out The WinterLullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
When The Bough BreaksLullabies For The Dormant Mind2009
You're Coming With MePrisoners2012

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